How to Clean a Camping Tent?

Canvas camping tents are very elastic and make exotic shelters for camping trips. Over the time, you might see filth on your tent, your tent will show grime from your camping adventures but a little care from your side will keep your tent fresh and clean.  The good news is that canvas tents are easy to clean with the help of a few common household tools. Follow the simple steps below.

How to clean tent?

Step 1 – Remove Dust from Your Tent

You can easily clean dust from your canvas camping tents, if your canvas camping tent has accumulated lots of dust, dirt, and debris. Starting with unfolding your tent and aggressively shaking it to remove as much dust as possible and then lay the unfurled tent on a clean surface. Attach the stick brush with your vacuum cleaner and proceed to thoroughly vacuum the tent, paying special attention to any exceptionally dust-laden areas, corners, and storage pockets, as there are very high chances for bugs to be there. In case you don’t have vacuum cleaner or forgot to take it you can use a Dust buster, or a broom and dustpan in its place.

Step 2 – Remove Mold and Mildew from Your Tent

Once you are done with cleaning dust from the tent, separate the canvas tent canopy from the floor of the tent. You will wash the floor separately. You can leave the guy-lines on if they are dirty, just remember they must also be retreated in the end to prevent UV damage. If there are mold or mildew deposits on your canvas tent, you can effectively clean it with an easy-to-make homemade cleaning solution. To make this solution, combine ¼ cup of white wine vinegar and 1 cup of water. Combine the elements inside an empty spray bottle and jiggel it thoroughly.Spray your cleaning solution onto any mold or mildew-infested areas and allow it to sit for few minutes. Then you can wipe away any mold and mildew deposits with a sponge, paper towel, scrub brush, or washcloth. Continue to repeat this process until your canvas tent has been completely purged of mold and mildew.

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Once you are done with removing all the traces of growth from the floor of tent, take a second empty spray bottle and fill it with warm water, which is healthy for cleaning the tent, and use it to rinse off your cleaning solution. Immediately use dry cloth or paper towel to dry the freshly cleaned area.

Step 3 – Remove Stains from Your Tent

You need to give your canvas camping tent a full wash, if it is exceptionally filthy and covered in stains. To perform this, fill a very large container with about 1 foot (30cm) of warm water. Add various cups of Ox clean and use your best judgment on how much to use vs. how dirty the tent is and reference the suggestions on the box. Stir thoroughly until the solution is dissolved completely. Warm water dissolves the solution better than cold water. Place the tent canvas (not the floor) in the container and fill it with water until the tent is submerged. Stir and agitate thoroughly so the solution is well mixed and the canvas is soaking evenly.Allow the tent to marinate for 4-10 hours, stirring occasionally. It’s ok to leave it soaking overnight if you need to. Place your tent on to clean surface to allow it to get dry and then clean it like a kitchen floor. Sweep it, mop it and rinse it. Repeat the process of soaking several times to make sure it’s completely clean then spread the canvas out on top of your clean tent floor and pitch it. You can also pitch the floor on top of your car, then place the canvas on top of that to assist with run off. Don’t put the canvas directly on your car because Ox clean can strip clear coat.Always allow your tent to dry completely after a camping trip and any cleaning. If you let the water stay for too long, the moisture could cause more mold and mildew to form. The best way to dry every area of your canvas tent is to set it up and allow it to air dry.With a little TLC and a few basic ingredients, your clean tent will allow you years of camping enjoyment.

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