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A wall tent is typically a tent with four vertical walls, which are what lend the tent its name. Wall tents, because of the space and durability they offer, are usually used for hunting groups or in more recent times, for glamping. For this reason, wall tents are also known as outfitter tents or safari tents.

Cotton canvas tends to be the fabric most often used for wall tents because of its breathability, durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. White Duck’s canvas wall tents also have built-in stove jacks, which makes them suitable for use as 4 season tents. Buy your tent online at WhiteDuck.

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How To Buy A Tent

Camping calls whenever you want to reach out to nature, and to pour the essence of it within you. But the perfect connection with nature …

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How to Choose a Camping Tent

Camping has quickly become a favorite pastime of many. There is something uniquely rustic about spending a few nights under the starlit sky, on the …

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Types of Camping Tents

While the origins of tents still remain unknown to experts, it is safe to assume that since their inception, tents have been providing shelter and …

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Types Of Tents for Parties Tents

Alongside planning outdoor parties and events, it is also essential to decide what type of tents would be appropriate to provide the particular ambiance you’re …

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Different Types of Wedding Tents

Weddings are usually deemed as the start of a whole new chapter in the bride and groom’s life. They signify the unification of two individuals …

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How to Choose a Good Tent

The precursor to choosing a good tent would be knowing what qualifies a tent as ‘good’. It is not merely the quality or brand that …

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Tent and camping accessories

Our Top Three Places to Go Glamping on the East Coast

Three Top Glamping Sites on the East Coast of the US The East Coast of the United States offers a wide range of environments with …

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Wall Tents & Glamping: Why Wall Tents Are the Perfect Choice for a Glamping Trip

What Makes Wall Tents the Ideal Glamping Tent? Packing the bare minimum and “roughing it” may be an essential part of the experience of camping …

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Glamping Tent Party: 8 Tips for a Fun Glamping-Themed Event

There’s always an occasion to celebrate something; a birthday bash, graduation party, long weekend or just a unique sleepover for the kids. It’s possible, though, …

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Full Floor Wall tent (With Stove Cut-Out)

Hunting in Montana: A Quick Guide to Hunting in Big Sky Country

Read This Overview Before Going Hunting in Montana From majestic landscapes to an array of hunting possibilities, Montana has a lot to offer. Hunters can …

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Different Types of Tents

The camping experience etches itself into memory. Something about being encapsulated in the abyss of nature – nothing except the sounds of birds chirping early …

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Buying the perfect wall tent for glamping: 5 essential things to consider

Are you thinking of celebrating your next big day with a glamping event in a wall tent? If yes, make sure you plan smartly to …

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Choosing the Best Wall Tent for an Awesome Camping Experience (4 Things to Consider)

Choosing the perfect accommodation for your camping trip is arguably the most important aspect of your experience outdoors. Without the right tent to keep you …

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How to Choose The Best Motorcycle Camping Tent For Yourself?

Money — you have always got the time to make, but adventure… you won’t always have the time or the energy to invest in. And …

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How to Clean Mold from Canvas Tents?

Canvas tents are an excellent option for any camping trip. But a common problem that arises with most campers, is mold! Even though mold can …

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