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A wall tent is typically a tent with four vertical walls, which are what lend the tent its name. Wall tents, because of the space and durability they offer, are usually used for hunting groups or in more recent times, for glamping. For this reason, wall tents are also known as outfitter tents or safari tents. Cotton canvas tends to be the fabric most often used for wall tents because of its breathability, durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. White Duck’s canvas wall tents also have built-in stove jacks, which makes them suitable for use as 4 season tents. Buy your tent online at WhiteDuck.
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winter canvas tent

Tips for Staying Cozy in a Canvas Tent this Winter | Cold Weather Camping

Winter camping is not as daunting an endeavor as it may sound. It is equally as immersive as camping during summers, and just as rewarding …

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Wall tent

How To Choose The Best Wall Tent for Winter Camping

Canvas wall tents have been a staple in the world of the great outdoors for centuries. Some architects even believe that a wall tent frame …

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Glamping Tent

Luxury Camping: Winter Glamping Tents for the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

Winter glamping is exactly as the visuals one imagines when you hear the words. An immersive outdoor experience with all the modern amenities in your …

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winter camping

Winter Camping? No Problem – Expert Tips for Setting Up a Wall Tent in Cold Weather

A camping aficionado will vouch that there really is no off-season for accessing nature. If your goal is to take a break from the traffic …

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wall tent wood stove

Ultimate Wall Tent Wood Stoves Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Tent Stove

One of the best features of wall tents is that you can safely heat them with a wood stove. You no longer have to worry …

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glamping tent outdoors canvas tent wall tent

5 Best Types of Glamping Tents

Every year, millions of Americans set out to rest, play, and recharge in the great outdoors. And more than ever, they’re turning to glamping for ...
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Camping Blogs

Glamping Blogs

Glamping for Beginners: Going from Camping to Glamping

How to Turn Your Camping Trip into a Glamping One? Glamping is still a relatively new concept, not yet in the mainstream as a viable …

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glamping tent bell tent camping outdoors lights platform

Why Bell Tents are the Best Glamping Tents for 2021

Spending a weekend in a glamping tent is a bit of a departure from traditional camping, where one might be used to living in a …

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Easy DIY Backyard Glamping – Why Backyard Yurts Make for the Easiest-to-Install Guest House!

Looking for a backyard glamping guestroom? Planning an outdoor backyard fun birthday party? Our cotton canvas tents, bell tents, yurts and wall tents are 4 …

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Tent Blogs

Your Guide to Enjoying Burning Man

You’ve probably heard about all the great experiences people have had when they went to burning man festival. And if you’re reading this, chances are …

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How to Choose the Best Vintage Canvas Tent for Backpacking?

Do you want to wake up to the mesmerizing view of sun-kissed mountains overlooking a lake right when you unzip the tent door? All you …

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How to Choose a Canvas Wall Tent for Hunting and Camping?

Long outdoor trips demand shelter, and canvas wall tent is an excellent way of getting shade. For decades, the canvas has been the material of …

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Features of Wall Tents

Features of Wall Tents: What To Know Before You Buy

The Primary Features of Wall Tents To Look Out For Adventure is an exciting world of fun and discoveries. Although it means leaving the comfort …

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What’s the difference between Bell tents and Tipis?

Learning which tent to pick for your event is a must. A lot of times we’re ready to plan every bit of our adventure but …

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camp, forest, summer

Different Types of Event Tents

Hosting an event can be a meticulous task. From guest lists to bookings and catering, any and every event requires plenty of planning and organization …

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