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A wall tent is typically a tent with four vertical walls, which are what lend the tent its name. Wall tents, because of the space and durability they offer, are usually used for hunting groups or in more recent times, for glamping. For this reason, wall tents are also known as outfitter tents or safari tents.

Cotton canvas tends to be the fabric most often used for wall tents because of its breathability, durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. White Duck’s canvas wall tents also have built-in stove jacks, which makes them suitable for use as 4 season tents. Buy your tent online at WhiteDuck.

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8 Best Camp Cocktail Recipes for Your Next Camping Trip

What’s better than lounging beneath the stars in your favorite camping chair? Doing it while you sip on a delicious cocktail. There’s nothing like a …

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How to choose a tarp for your tent?

The term “tarp” itself might be alien to people camping for the first time. Tarp is more commonly known as a tarpaulin sheet or cover …

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10 Fun Winter Activities to Start the New Year Right With

Winter is the best time to enjoy the outdoors with a fresh perspective. Rather than shutting yourself indoors to binge the latest Netflix series, grab …

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wall tent

Wall Tents: Step-by-step set up and take down guide

Here at White Duck Outdoors, our wall tents are some of our fan-favorite tents. Wall tents, also known as safari tents, outfitter tents, or hunting …

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camping food storage cooking

Cooking and Food Storage When Camping – A Complete Guide

There’s something special about joining together with friends and family around a campfire or even having a solo meal under a sky full of stars. …

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The 5 Best Ways to Enjoy Tent Camping

Tent camping is the best way to immerse yourself in the outdoors. Whether you’re a brand new camper or an experienced explorer, you can build …

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people making deserts while camping

Our 7 Favorite Desserts for a Complete Glamping Experience

Quick, Simple Desserts to Prepare When Glamping Are you currently planning out your next glamping trip? As you may already be aware, a glamping trip …

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7 Creative Ways to Use a Glamping Tent in 2021

Glamping is becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate special occasions. Why book a hall or venue for a regular event when you can pitch …

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Why Bell Tents are the Best Glamping Tents for 2021

Spending a weekend in a glamping tent is a bit of a departure from traditional camping, where one might be used to living in a …

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Camping Tent

The Beauty of Camping Revisited

Imagine the night cascading into a magic ride with sparks of fire-spitting out of the halo of a bonfire with a sky full of stars …

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Thinking about Living in a Wall Tent? This Is What You Need to Keep in Mind

Things to Consider When Living in a Wall Tent Living in a tent for an extended period of time, or even permanently, seems unrealistic and …

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Canvas Wall Tent Fabric: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the Use of Cotton Canvas for Wall Tents The fabric used in wall tents makes all the difference in terms of weather resistance, durability, breathability, …

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Tent For Hiking On Mountains min

The Pros and Cons of Wall Tents (When Compared With Other Types of Tents)

While canvas wall tents are often viewed as the go-to shelter for hunting trips in cold weather (which they’re definitely great for!), their durability, spaciousness …

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Salmon River Campground – the ideal Site for Nature Lovers

There is nothing better than a camping trip to refresh your mind. If you love greenery, Salmon River Campground is one of the best sites …

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Are Canvas Tents Any Good?

No matter whether you are a pro at camping or are just starting your journey in outdoor activities, I am sure you have found yourself …

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