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A wall tent is typically a tent with four vertical walls, which are what lend the tent its name. Wall tents, because of the space and durability they offer, are usually used for hunting groups or in more recent times, for glamping. For this reason, wall tents are also known as outfitter tents or safari tents.

Cotton canvas tends to be the fabric most often used for wall tents because of its breathability, durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. White Duck’s canvas wall tents also have built-in stove jacks, which makes them suitable for use as 4 season tents. Buy your tent online at WhiteDuck.

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11 Easy 5-Ingredient Camping Recipes for Every Meal of the Day

You don’t need to be a master chef to enjoy a good camping meal. No matter where you’re camping, these recipes will keep you satisfied …

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solo camping road trip

7 Essential Tips for Planning the Perfect Solo Camping Trip

Camping is the perfect way to unplug and connect with nature on every level. But anyone who has been camping knows how hard it can …

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The Best Camping Gear for Dogs: 6 Must-Have Products for Your Canine Companion

If there’s anyone in your family that enjoys camping more than you, it’s your dog. Camping with your canine companion can be an enriching experience. …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Camping Comfortably in the Rain

Camping in the rain can be a beautiful, unforgettable experience. The rain brings a rare beauty you can only appreciate in wet conditions. Vibrant colors, …

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Ultimate Wall Tent Wood Stoves Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Tent Stove

One of the best features of wall tents is that you can safely heat them with a wood stove. You no longer have to worry …

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glamping tent outdoors canvas tent wall tent

5 Best Types of Glamping Tents

Every year, millions of Americans set out to rest, play, and recharge in the great outdoors. And more than ever, they’re turning to glamping for …

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Camping Blogs

Glamping Blogs

How to Setup a Glamping Business?

What is Glamping? Glamping is basically camping in the luxurious manner. Glamping most suits on Bell Tents. Glamping is now becoming a trend as a …

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Starting a Glamping Business: Insider Secrets From Industry Experts

If you’ve been thinking about starting a glamping business, you’re probably on the right track: the popularity of glamping has been sharply increasing across the …

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Glamping for Beginners: Going from Camping to Glamping

How to Turn Your Camping Trip into a Glamping One? Glamping is still a relatively new concept, not yet in the mainstream as a viable …

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Tent Blogs

Can you Live in a Wall Tent?

As children we have always wanted to live in a tent with our secret weapons where there is nobody to disturb us. Once looked upon …

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7 Essential Tips for Camping With Kids

It’s often not an easy task to get children away from their screens or toys and convince them of the joys and enjoyment of spending …

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Canvas Wall Tent Fabric: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the Use of Cotton Canvas for Wall Tents The fabric used in wall tents makes all the difference in terms of weather resistance, durability, breathability, …

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Hunting in Idaho: A Quick Guide To Hunting in the Gem State

Things to Know About Hunting in Idaho With more than 500 species of wildlife, Idaho is a great state for hunting. Even better, over half …

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The Perfect Wall Tent Accessories For Your Next Trip

Accessories to Elevate Your Wall Tent Experience One of the best things about wall tents is how versatile they are. Ranging in sizes anywhere from …

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Salmon River Campground – the ideal Site for Nature Lovers

There is nothing better than a camping trip to refresh your mind. If you love greenery, Salmon River Campground is one of the best sites …

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