Your Quick Guide to Great Duffle Bags in 2021

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Duffle bags are both fashionable and functional. They can upgrade your travel aesthetic and also be your gym buddy when in need. Originally designed as a top-entry, cylindrical shaped bag, today you can find canvas duffle bags in various shapes and sizes. Let’s take a closer look at the history of the duffle and how we can use them in our everyday lives. 

Where did they originate from?  

Duffle, a thick and coarse material, was originally produced in a small town in Belgium. Seamen often found it hard to protect their belongings from getting damp thus, bags were made from this coarse material to keep their possessions dry.  The military duffle bag gained popularity with the Americans during World War I, as the utilitarian design of the bag could carry a heavy load of items. However, the bag was inconvenient to carry and many soldiers often left their army duffle bags behind in the trenches. By World War II, this problem had been solved; sturdier straps and a bigger size made the duffle bag not only practical but an attractive product for civilians.

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What can you use a duffle bag for? 

Your travel companion

From being a soldier’s right hand, these stylish bags have come a long way and now come in various styles. They’re functional design makes them ideal for any type of traveling. If you’re thinking of going camping or rafting, longer canvas duffle bags can store a great number of your belongings and be easy to carry thanks to their sturdy straps. You can also find more formal and work duffle bags for business and airport travel. 

Use it as a gym bag 

Duffle bags are highly durable, spacious, and easy to carry. You can easily throw in your gym clothes and other possessions without worrying too much about the load. They also come with many pockets and slots, so you can keep everything organized in the duffle. It’s no surprise that most athletes prefer duffles to carry their possessions. 

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Tool Duffle Bag 

Canvas duffle bags at White Duck Outdoors are made of 100 % breathable cotton canvas, which makes them a great storage space for tools and other items.  

White Duck Outdoors’ Offerings 

 At White Duck Outdoors we carry the Hoplite Canvas Bag series, which consists of a top load, duffle and parachute bag. They’re versatile 4 season bags made of tightly woven and 100% canvas cloth. They’re water-repellent bags in different sizes, so you can find the perfect one. The Filios Duffle bag is the solution for all your storage woes. It has a unique rugged style for outdoor storage and traveling. It’s also extremely spacious and made of weatherproof canvas. Take it with you on your next rafting or camping trip. As with all products from White Duck, the bags come with free shipping, a limited lifetime warranty and free returns. If you’re trying to find the right duffel bag for you, you can always email us or chat on the website. 

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