Why Winter Living in a Glamping Tent is Essential (and Fun) in 2021

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Living in a glamping tent often entails staying in comfort and luxury. Glamping is an outdoor experience that caters to non-traditional campers interested in getting outside and living in nature, without having to sleep in a small tent, under a tarp or in sleeping bags. Traditional camping generally implies a true communion with nature by giving up what you’re used to at home and getting your hands dirty, in a very literal sense!Nowadays, many people looking to reap many of the benefits of the camping without necessarily having the experience or desire to do so in a strict sense may look to staying in a glamping tent as a viable option. Canvas glamping tents are generally luxury tents made from a heavy-duty, durable fabric that can be set up for weeks on end. They’re more spacious than your average synthetic camping tent and allow for the installation of furniture and other comforts inside. One of the major upsides of a canvas safari tent used for glamping is that, often, you can use them all year round (except, perhaps, in extremely harsh snowy conditions). This means you may get to experience winter glamping in a way you otherwise might not have! Winter glamping presents a unique getaway opportunity with family or friends and might be a unique experience, quite different from the typical winter holidays you’re used to, like flying south towards a beach destination. Many glamp grounds offer high end tents, yurts or wooden cabins with accompanying facilities like electricity, heating systems, toilets, cooked meals and entertainment. These resort style campgrounds are becoming very popular and promise to make your experience as glamorous as possible. The amenities offered can vary and mostly depend on your budget. Ultimately, your glamping experience depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.glamping tent winter snow canvas wall tent

The Perks of Winter Glamping

Glamping during winters has its upsides that can truly make the trip worth getting out in the cold. The cold weather is usually a reason to avoid living in a canvas glamping tent for most people, which also means you get to avoid crowds and possibly enjoy acres of natural grounds for yourself. The best glamping tents can survive colder weather conditions and if you take your canvas tent out to, say, a desert, you may find that it’s just your group that decided to get out for a glamping trip. In addition to this, cooler days mean you can go out on lengthy, challenging hikes without facing hot or humid conditions. The only downside is that you may have to wake up earlier, owing to earlier sunsets. Glamping in winter also presents unique photo opportunities. It’s common to see landscapes in summer or fall shots, but not everyone is able to capture snowy winter pictures, which can be just as (if not more) stunning than other kinds. best tent stoves

What Sets Winter Glamping Apart?

Glamping in winters can be a uniquely memorable experience if you have a good grasp of what you’ll need to take with you and prepare well. With the right research and a little bit of creativity, you’re sure to find ways to make your glamping tent stay not only a successful one but also a trip you’ll look back on fondly a few years down the line. Here are some aspects of winter glamping that make it a worthwhile getaway:
  • If you’re staying at a glamping resort, you’re going to enjoy the luxury of having a bathroom or toilet not too far away. This also means you’ll get to enjoy hot showers after an arduous day of hiking or other outdoor activities. 
  • Heated floors or insulation is also a feature necessary to have a comfortable time indoors in your chosen accommodation. Some glamping tents may provide radiators if they have electricity available or a wood-burning stove which will keep you cozy and warm. The best canvas glamping tents have stove jacks and are easily fitted with a stove for heating. 
  • When you’re glamping, you’re also likely to have access to electricity. If it’s too cold outside, you’ll have a way to stay entertained or watch movies on your tablet or laptop. Lights mean you’re going to be able to read long into the night. Also, if you have an electric kettle with you, you can use that to make hot chocolate or tea to stay comfortable inside the glamping tent.  
  • A proper bed with comfortable bedding and extra quilts is also an essential luxury that will provide you with an amazing night of rest. Traditional camping usually implies sleeping on a cold ground and quite possibly restless nights. A good night’s sleep ensures a fresh start the next day and is more of a certainty with glamping! 
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Upgrade your Winter Glamping Experience

Whether you’re setting up your own glamping tent or staying at a resort, there are a few ways you can upgrade your glamping setup to make it feel a little bit more like home, and turn it into much more than a regular campsite:
  • A dull and dry ambiance adds to the chill during colder months. Make yourself cozy inside your glamping tent by adding elements that provide warmth to the aesthetic as well. Bright throws, rugs, candles, LED lights and solar-powered lanterns can brighten up any space and bring an instant glow to your surroundings and uplift your mood. 
  • Bring your favorite winter snacks like homemade brownies, cookies, pretzels, chocolates and popcorn or prepare some classic camping meals on the stove or grill you have with you or is available on the glamping grounds. 
  • There’s no better way to enjoy a cold winter night than by watching your favorite movie or playing a stressful game of cards with your partner, friends or kids. Most glamp-grounds offer you some form of entertainment but it’s always a good idea to bring your own preferred games and movies along, so your options aren’t restricted. You can enjoy them inside your own glamping tent with your favorite snacks! You can also view another post glamping tents for sale.
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DIY Winter Glamping Tent

Staying at a glamping resort may mean incurring a cost not too far from what you’d pay for a night at a hotel. DIY winter glamping is fairly straightforward with a canvas glamping tent. White Duck Outdoors, for example, offers glamping tents for sale in a variety of shapes and sizes, which include canvas wall tents, bell tents and cabin tents. Once you have a new or used glamping tent, all you need is to set it up the way you’d like, with bedding, furniture, lights, a projector, grill and anything else you’re keen on.

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