Camping Tips with Girl in the Woods – A Professional Guide

Camping is great fun, but its a daunting task. One of the biggest things keeping people back from #reconnecting with the outdoors is the fear that something may go wrong. Get tips from Brooke Whipple (Girl in the Woods), an industry trendsetter. Our cotton canvas tents, bell tents and wall tents are 4 season and sturdy, and hold up well in the woods, but its always good to get some professional opinion!White Duck Outdoors is proud to have used Brooke Whipple on an overnight to test out our hot tent; Regatta Bell Tent. Brooke cooks, spends reflecting in solitude, cooking and hanging out with her dog (Da Woof). Learn more about wall tents for sale on our website following is our little conversation with Brooke, where we ask her about how she does the outdoors so well, her interests and how she found her experience in a White Duck Outdoors Bell Tent as her camping tent!
1) We’ve all seen you on Youtube and the great series that you are on in the History Channel, but what we wanted to know was a little bit more about Brooke Whipple. What are you like what are your dislikes, what turned Brooke Whipple into the Girl in the Woods?Brooke: I’ve always been an outdoor girl- from my earliest memory. I grew up in rural Michigan hunting, fishing, trapping, exploring. I knew when I got older I wanted to live someplace wild. That’s what brought me to many adventures in the West and then to Alaska where I’ve spent most of my adult life.regatta bell tent cotton canvas glamping hunting camping family tent 2) At White Duck Outdoors, our mission is get people to reconnect. #Reconnect is our mission to to get people to reconnect with the outdoors, reconnect with the loved ones and reconnect with themselves away in the wilderness. You obviously don’t need any persuasion to #reconnect ; what drives you?Brooke: I just really love the feeling I get when I’m outdoors, in nature, sitting around a campfire either alone or with others. I love to be challenged and the outdoors can give you as much or more than you can handle. It’s invigorating to have to rely on yourself and your skills to survive or endure a challenge. You will find out you’re stronger than you think you are!f94de6ea 3cb5 4b75 a213 856673cfefbe large3) We’ve seen you outdoors in “Alone” and countless other videos. You know exactly what you are doing. What would be your advice to new White Duck Outdoor customers planning on going out for the first time, or just starting off their outdoor adventures?Brooke: Research where you are going, what kind of weather and wild animals are in the area, and bring appropriate gear and skills to be prepared. The best advice I can give is just GO. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by TOO many details or get hung up on convincing yourself you don’t have all the right answers or all the right skills. It’s most important to just GO and DO IT and get some experience, learning as you go. Always tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Always put stuff in your pockets- on your person, that could help you survive if you got separated from your gear. Always carry a lighter in your pocket and know how to start a fire in all conditions.bb76c668 9f43 49f0 b89f 7cb254f88868 large4) Whats the hardest part about filming outside? What are some of Brooke’s essentials that you wouldn’t go camping outdoors in a tent without?Brooke: Filming outdoors is very rewarding but the weather can be a challenge for your gear. When it’s raining or snowing, dark or foggy- you name it, it’s hard to film in conditions other than perfect. But that’s the kind of filming that will make people feel they’re right there with you. So you have to protect your equipment and still get the shot. I wouldn’t go outdoors without some sort of first aid kit, an emergency communication device (maybe 2) and a lighter.b996a558 fee4 46fd a18f 494beac5cc82 large5) What do you enjoy the most?Brooke: I enjoy the quiet and solitude of being in the wilderness, taking in the sight of mountains all around me and staring at a fire!67092a92 f75a 4e25 93e1 d850f2b9bdaf large6) Now, you took a bell tent to … well not a very warm area in Michigan.. How was your trip? Any highlights from your trip with your camping tent?Brooke: The bell tent worked out really well! It was very easy to set up alone, and was very warm with my little stove. It was about 20F outside and I got the tent to 55F and cooked my breakfast the next morning very comfortably! There was plenty of room for my gear and my dog and me. I like the light fabric- I’d never buy a dark canvas tent. It kept me warm and dry- loved it!74bb439d d557 4aef ad81 0b786c756537 large7) Finally… We know we have a couple more videos coming via your channel with our White Duck Outdoors regatta bell tent?.How did you decide on a Regatta? How would you rate your trip?Brooke: I wanted a tent I could deal with alone, and one that could be loaded into a sled and pulled across the snow. This tent is big and spacious but still light enough to do that. It’s 8.5 oz cotton which is breathable- a big deal in winter camping to keep condensation away. I liked the design and the 10 ft. model fit the bill. It was also essential that the tent I use have a stove jack for a wood stove. The regatta fit the bill! Here is another good camping article by White Duck Outdoors – Your Guide to Enjoying Burning Man.Find our White Duck Products below! We have Canvas Tents both in the Bell Tents variety, the Wall Variety and all our other tents for sale!

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