Why Bell Tents Are the Perfect Glamping Accommodation?

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Glamping is still growing in popularity around the United States. You might be wondering, “what is glamping?” Glamping, just like it sounds, is made up of the words, “glamorous” and “camping”. It’s a more luxurious form of camping without having to rough it out in nature. You still get many of the same benefits of camping like disconnecting from your daily routine spending time outside but you get to do it with most of the comforts of home like furniture, access to your devices and bathrooms. When it comes to glamping accommodation, bell tents are often one of the best choices. They are many times referred to glamping tents. Living in a tent still allows you to feel close to camping, but a canvas bell tent is a lot more comfortable, spacious and durable than traditional synthetic camping tents.EJ0A5851

What is a bell tent?

A bell tent is arguably one of the more recognized tent shapes, with a center pole giving it the cone-like shape. The bell tent may or may not have a center pole in the door, and this depends on whether or not the door has an A-frame. The best bell tents, like the kind we have at White Duck Outdoors, should be constructed with a heavy-duty cotton canvas fabric that’s designed to last a lifetime. This army duck cotton canvas is what makes bell tents suitable for glamping, as the tent can be set up for extended periods of time outdoors. If you’re investing in a bell tent for glamping, you should look to ensure that your glamping tent has a stove jack, windows and bug mesh on the doors on windows. This is especially essential if you plan to use your tent through the winter, while still being able to enjoy outside views without having to worry about critters. Glamping tents come in different sizes, usually ranging from 10’ to 20’. Whether you’re planning a glamping trip with close friends or extended family, you can find the perfect bell tent at White Duck Outdoors. Mold and Mildew in tent

The benefits of bell tents as glamping tents 

There are a few different reasons why bell tents make for the ideal glamping tent and tend to be the more common shape you see when looking at glamping sites. Bell tents are quick and easy to put up and take down. Most of them can be fully set up within 15 minutes, not including the amenities inside. The smaller size of tents can be pitched by one person, which makes it especially easy to work with a bell tent. Usually, the more nuanced aspect is setting the center pole up inside the tent. The rest, usually, is a breeze. One of the best things about bell tents is that they’re spacious, with room to stand up straight and add all the amenities to make your stay comfortable. Most of them will hold queen size beds along with other furniture. The high ceiling makes it feel as though it’s light and airy inside, while also being comfortable to sleep in. Glamping tents for sale like these from White Duck, for example, have a standard 3’ height, which is more than the industry standard. The best glamping bell tents will often have additional features that make them particularly suited for glamping. A stove jack, for example, makes it easy to keep a stove inside, which gives you the option of using the tent through the winter. Windows maintain ventilation inside and allow you to enjoy outside views while hanging out inside the glamping tent. If your canvas glamping tent has a bug mesh, you can even fold back the canvas layer and let in natural light without having to worry about bugs. If your canvas glamping tent is made from 100% army duck cotton canvas, it should stand up well to almost any kind of weather. All our bell tents are also treated with a PFC-free water repellent, mold and UV resistant finish, which helps increase their lifespan.fceedd06e5b82849c3b40cae07b59c24

The downsides of bell tents as glamping tents 

As with most things, bell tents also have some downsides that may make you reconsider bell tents as your glamping tent of choice. Bell tents don’t come without a center pole, so depending on the kind of set up you’re going for inside the tent, this may not be the best option for you. While there’s often space for a queen bed and some other furniture inside, the center pole makes it a little difficult to make the most optimal use of space. While the ceiling of bell tents are high, the doors are not, and this can be problematic when moving furniture in and out of the tent. The smaller frame may mean you need to find creative ways to carry larger pieces of furniture like a bed in and out of your glamping tent! Bell tents also have a lower wall height than other canvas tents, like wall tents. Wall tents should have a standard 5’ wall height, whereas the wall height of bell tents is 3’. Wall tents also have vertical walls, which makes them more suitable for standing up, moving around and setting up furniture. Finally, not all bell tents are designed to be used through winter. If the bell tent is made from a suitable cotton canvas with the appropriate weight, this shouldn’t be a problem but occasionally you’ll encounter a bell tent that can, at most, tolerate light snow. Our team is available 24/7 over the phone, website chat and through email to walk you through your glamping tent purchase. Tent lighting


Glamping is gaining popularity, especially while many borders are closed and travel restrictions are in place. With more people vacationing close to home and looking for unique, creative ways to spend weekends, glamping is becoming an increasingly attractive option for weekend getaways. There are many different accommodations when it comes to glamping but there’s a reason that the bell tent is the face of glamping. Bell tents can be done up to look like magical getaways, with queen-sized beds, living room furniture, and stoves. Just like with anything, bell tents have pros and cons, and you really need to look at not only the pros and cons but also different types of bell tents to see what will work for you and your family. A great recommendation is to rent a bell tent glamping site or opt for a vacation at a glamping resort before deciding if you want to purchase one for yourself.With backyard glamping becoming so accessible now, investing in a glamping tent is easier and a better idea than ever.

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