Wall tents are the perfect glamping tents in 2021

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Glamping in a wall tent brings glamour to your camping experience – you get to enjoy modern-day luxuries out in the wilderness, what’s better than that?  But to create the ultimate glamping experience you have to invest in the right type of tent because that can literally make or break your experience.  Wall tents are generally considered the go-to tents for glamping adventures and are also called party tents with walls. They’re simple tents with four walls and are also called safari tents, outfitter tents, and canvas hunting tents. Initially used for hunting and long camping adventures for their versatility, spaciousness, and simplicity, they have now gained popularity with glampers for the very same reasons.  If you want to know why you should opt for a wall tent for your next glamping trip, then read on! 

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Wall tents have more space 

These classic tents are more spacious than pyramid, bell, swag, and A-frame tents hence can host a larger group of people during a celebration. Your family and friends can easily stand inside the tent, which is not something you can say for all the other tents out there. Glamping can be more fun if everyone can hang together in one space.  More space also means more furnishings. You can add in extra beds, furniture and easily work your stove in a wall tent. This works great when you’re trying to stay warm on a cold night. The rectangular or square dimensions of the walled tent also make for more usable space. The rectangular floor and straight walls mean it’s easier to set up furniture and place all your gear inside.

Easier to decorate 

Wall tents are easier to decorate because of their rectangular walls and flat roofs. There’s a lot more you can do with the exterior when you’re decorating with fairy lights, balloons, buntings, and etc. The canvas fabric also adds a mood to the glamping decorations.  

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Canvas wall tents are durable 

Canvas wall tents are better at handling extreme weather conditions. They are made of thick, heavy, and tightly woven canvas or cotton duck fabric, which makes the wall tent sturdy enough to handle tough conditions. The best wall tents also have double stitched seams with reinforced corners for added strength. Most canvas wall tents are made to be 4 season tents, so you don’t have to worry much about the weather while glamping.    Wall tents from White Duck Outdoors are made from 100% cotton canvas and are built with steel frames, so they’re designed to stand up to all kinds of weather. You can also use a rain fly over the top of your tent to protect it from heavy rains, snow fall or direct sunlight.

Canvas fabric improves ventilation 

Ventilation is essential in glamping – you need an outfitter tent that is made of a breathable fabric such as cotton canvas. Wall tents also have doors and windows which again improve the airflow inside.  Ideally, your outfitter tent should be equipped with three-layer storm windows. This means there should be a canvas layer, a PE layer and a mesh layer. This allows you to enjoy breeze and ventilation with the canvas and PE layers open, or if it starts to rain you can keep the PE layer up as well. So you really can’t go wrong with a canvas wall tent! 

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Choose the size yourself 

Whether you’re a glamping business or a regular glamper, you have a lot of size options to choose from when picking a safari tent. At White Duck, you can choose between six sizes for the tent, starting as compact as 8’x10′ and going as large as 16’x24′.

Wall tents from White Duck Outdoors

If you’re looking for tents online, at White Duck Outdoors we offer heavy duty wall tents for glamping.  Our Alpha Wall tent comes in a range of sizes; all the way from an 8’ by 10’ size to a 16’ by 24’ wall tent. It’s made of 100% army duck canvas which is weather proof and can stand pretty much anything. It also comes with a heavy-duty frame with galvanized aluminum poles, angle kits, a frame, floor and tool kit.  This canvas tent has a pre-installed stove jack and a PVC groundsheet for easy cleaning and carry. For added protection we’ve put in a storm door, three-layer storm windows, and a standard bug mesh on the doors for bug-free glamping.   You can also opt for a fire retardant fabric finish, which acts as an insurance policy if you plan to use a stove inside the tent. You can also consider buying a canvas wall tent porch – a small entrance for your tent where you and your guests can relax and cook before entering the wall tent itself.   

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