Wall Tents & Glamping: Why Wall Tents Are the Perfect Choice for a Glamping Trip

What Makes Wall Tents the Ideal Glamping Tent?
Packing the bare minimum and “roughing it” may be an essential part of the experience of camping for some but there are no rules that say we can’t have some comforts with us out in the wild. In fact, the term ‘glamping’ came from exactly this idea of combining glamour and luxury with the great outdoors.
While some glamping resorts offer shelter in the form of cabins or houses, glamping tents are really what bring you closest to the experience of camping, while still staying comfortable and not feeling too far removed. If you’re thinking about planning your next glamping trip, then a wall tent may be exactly what you need.
Glamping, as the name suggests, is basically glamorous camping, or camping in luxury. Glamping, it seems, hasn’t yet entered the mainstream but still offers a unique way to enjoy time in the outdoors. In other words, it aims to provide comfort while spending time out in nature. The idea behind glamping is that you take some of the comforts and luxuries of home with you so that you don’t feel totally disconnected from your usual life. At the same time, you get to enjoy many of the benefits of being out in nature. For someone who’s not quite ready to camp in a more traditional way, glamping can be a perfect stepping stone, especially if you glamp in a tent.

What Are Wall Tents?

Wall tents provide security as well as comfort. The highest quality wall tents are made from a durable and weather-resistant double fill army duck cotton canvas that is draped over an aluminum tent frame, which ensures longevity and an ability to remain outdoors for extended periods of time. Wall tents allow airflow while providing insulation in warm and cooler temperatures, as well as ample room to store and shelter you and your belongings. The benefit of cotton canvas is that the fabric provides natural breathability, so whether you’re glamping in the summer or winter months, it won’t feel claustrophobic or uncomfortable inside the tent. These kinds of tents, also known as safari tents or outfitter tents, generally have four vertical tent walls, which is what lends them their name. They also come in six standard sizes, getting as large as 16’ x 24’ to comfortably accommodate up to 16 people.

What Makes Wall Tents Ideal for Glamping?

Wall tents accommodate comfort and style in a number of different ways and can create an ideal atmosphere in all types of environments, climates, and weather conditions. For those who just want to stay warm throughout the night and those who want to bring all of the comforts of home with them alike, wall tents can provide the space and the functionality that is often not found in other styles of tents, or in other kinds of accommodations.
  •  Wall tents are compatible with wood-burning tent stoves, a feature that can completely upgrade the comfort, convenience, and mood of your camping trip. Tent stoves are a necessity when camping during the winter time to keep your space warm throughout the day.
  • Tent stoves don’t only provide warmth, but they also serve as a hot plate that can be used to cook food or boil water, and can act as a heater to help dry out wet clothing and gear. The availability of a hotplate drastically increases the list of dishes that can be prepared while camping, a delicious luxury of its own, and the consistent warmth will help to keep everything dry even in snowy or rainy conditions.
  •  Wall tents have tall frames similar to canopies, so crawling in and out of your tent will be the least of your concerns. One of the biggest appeals of wall tents is the space they provide. Wall tents are made to be roomy and spacious to facilitate the storage of gear, furniture and people. White Duck’s wall tents, for example, have a standard 5’ wall height, which means whether you’re sleeping near the walls or walking around inside, you will almost never have to worry about the vertical height inside. Learn more about luxury tents on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.
  •   The aluminum frame of wall tents makes them light and easy to transport. This offers the perfect combination of being able to enjoy nature off the beaten path while still being able to bring all of your glamping necessities with you.
  • Wall tents are made to last. There are few things as frustrating as living in an inexpensive, poorly constructed tent, but you’ll never encounter this problem with canvas wall tent. Wall tents, like any investment, require care to ensure they stay in good condition, in which case they can last a lifetime. Features like three layer storm doors and windows also help the wall tent stand up to harsh weather conditions.
  • It’s fairly easy to customize your wall tent with additions such as fly sheets and porches. Fly sheets keep your wall tent protected in the event of heavy snowfall, or from the UV rays in direct sunlight. A canvas porch is an excellent, simple way to extend your outdoor living space, especially in warmer months. You can use this area to hang out or even to set up your stove for cooking.
  • The size of the doors and walls means moving furniture in and out of wall tents is usually a straightforward process. Unlike with bell tents that have a center pole, what you see is what you get with the floor space inside wall tents. This makes them perfect to equip with beds, tables, stools, and any other furniture that reminds you of home.
  • The fabric of the wall tent can (and should!) be treated to be water-repellent, mold and UV resistant and fire retardant. When canvas fabric is treated in this way, you can be sure it’s less likely to deteriorate when kept for long periods outdoors, as opposed to synthetic fabric or canvas that’s sold untreated.
There is no longer any need to bring only the bare minimum with you when you get the urge to immerse yourself in nature. Wall tents are the best glamping tents accommodation that can provide you with warmth, shelter, security, and space. Wall tents are also often used by glamping resorts, so if you’re not the kind of person to invest in one and take it with you, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for resorts that use them! Although their canvas build means they require more time and attention to care for than tents made from synthetic materials, this small effort is minimal compared to the quality, comfort, and glamour that wall tents can provide.

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