Types Of Tents for Parties Tents

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qtq80 uhNWjrAlongside planning outdoor parties and events, it is also essential to decide what type of tents would be appropriate to provide the particular ambiance you’re looking to create. Hence why we are here to familiarize you with the practical functions most of the tents for parties come with.

When it comes to parties, it mostly depends on the number of friends you want to gather in a setting, and also on your account for shade and protection. Here is a variety of tents for you to choose from. Let the party begin!

Pole Tent

5 1If the party you’re planning is more of a formal sophistication, where beauty and elegance are the top priority, then a pole tent is what you need. It is supported by poles and guy-ropes or tensioned cables to stabilize a free-standing structure, that too with one or more peaks. However, the stakes can only be driven into the ground (grass), making it unsuitable for concrete and hard surfaces. But rest assured, a pole tent is easy to set up and take down. A party- a wedding party- a lakeside wedding party is what longs for this tent.

Frame Tent

Frame tents are comparatively less appealing pertaining to the idea of sophistication. However, these are more common than pole tents because of their adaptability- they are free-standing and can be set up on solid as well as soft surfaces. Their metal frame supports the tent conjoined with the blocks that allow them to endure heavy winds. Besides, the fact that they have no center poles is best for when you want the seating arrangement to be smooth- with no obstruction (Also because you won’t have to require extra hands on the decoration.)

Marquee Tent

When sophistication is combined with grandeur, marquee tents make their way in. These are a fusion of the pole tent and the frame tent- with the fixture versatility of the frame tent, and the high-peaked splendor of a pole tent. These are best for accommodating large gatherings, and also for you to make a cut in the field of poise and finesse.

Clear Tent

It becomes very unfortunate when your perfectly planned party is most conveniently ruined by unforeseen weather conditions. It is thereby safe to opt for the clear tent, where you can practically dance under the sky and enjoy the outdoors, even when you are in cover. Its transparent canopy (clear vinyl top), combined with a frame tent base is what does the magic.

Tropical Style Tent

The beach or tropical-style tent is what works best for when your party has no bounds- when you are willing to take the risk of not having protection against elements. It is purely aesthetic and would add to your little adventure with friends on a beach, or even to a wedding party (but only when you are certain it won’t rain.) As for its apparel, it primarily consists of a wooden or a bamboo frame with a translucent fabric swiftly draped over it.

Sailcloth Tent

For a more dramatic effect, a sailcloth tent would be your go-to tent. Its semi-translucent material gives a very natural look to the whole event, allowing daylight in and out in a rather contained manner. Also, the sailcloth material naturally glows at night, projecting an aesthetic atmosphere, and the added curved lines make it befitting for any party. It is more or less a type of pole tent with wooden poles as the base, and sailcloth as the canopy. It is, therefore, suitable only for surfaces where it can be staked firmly into the ground.

Stretch Tent

This gives more of a vintage vibe but is contemporary at the same time. The different colors it comes in give more versatility and a modern look to your party. It is also quite flexible with respect to its installment, considering that the poles can be configured in many different ways, and on a variety of surfaces. Thus, if you want to plan more of a rustic wedding party, you know what tent to get.

Bell Tent

bell tent for campingA bell tent is suitable for small and cozy parties, perfect for intimate gatherings and celebrations. They can also be set up in a variety of ways for festival-inspired weddings and for accommodating guests.

They often come with a groundsheet and allow for the exterior and the interior to be decorated with LED lights and with anything that suits your taste. Moreover, they can be made more convenient, provided they allow a double bed or two single beds to fit in, that too with a view of the outside.

Pop-up Tents

These are rendered best for outdoor parties, where you have the leverage of utilizing large spaces, thereby creating little sections. Whilst they may be commonly used for daytime parties- providing shade and protection to the guests- they can also be used for small get-away parties in the middle of nowhere, or even for a bonfire party with friends.


Besides all the other choices for tents, if you are looking for something unconventional yet traditional, a yurt would serve you well. Their circular form would give a candidly royal touch to the small and intimate party you are most likely to plan. They have lattice or bamboo walls, and a wood ribbed roof, with felt or fabric covering its exterior. These are also portable and reliable and can be used as dwellings, as wedding lounges, or even as bridal suites.

It is after you figure out the type of tent for your type of party, that you start planning for how you can make it all worthwhile. And more importantly, how you can make memories with the mere idea of choosing the right tent.