Tips to Set up a Canvas Tent!

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Camping is one of the most fun and exciting activities that can be done in the outdoors although it is most preferable to be with big group of people as it becomes more exciter and a more memorable experience.

Although the Tent’s quality is also an essential part in determining the amount of enjoyment and comfortableness while camping in the outdoors.

To choose the best tent and quality relies on many different mindsets you should decide the specs and features you want to be in the canvas tent while camping there outdoors, you will need to decide the best tent for you, pick a tent type, size, and shape that meet your specific needs.

In this blog we would help you with some tips that will make is a lot easier and effective while choosing the best and most suitable tent for you.

1) The Seasonal Tent: You will need to choose a 3 season tent that maybe used in all seasons which is the best and most adaptable tent out there as it also can handle different weather conditions. These type of tents provide good ventilation in the summer heat, and includes a roof canopy that successfully keeps out rain.

2) Choosing the Size: Sometimes it becomes very hard to choose the accurate and most suitable size so that everybody can get enough space. Make sure there’s 30 square feet (2.8 square meters) of space per person. Don’t go for too big tents if you are not in need of them because it might get a lot heavier and awkward while carrying it around. A-frame tents have the most common shape and are desirable because they’re less expensive and lighter.

3) Features: Tents have a various and big range if specs in them. You may also look for a fireproof, waterproof tent it will make your camping trip a lot safer and it would also expand the tents lifetime. You will also be needing to be looking for tents with windows so that if you plan to go in the summers and you feel like opening the windows if you want to refresh the air inside. If you are a large group of people then it’s more preferable to use a bell tent and this tent comes in a more like umbrella shaped. Always focus on tents that are easy to set up. Make sure the tent provides adequate weather protection that is against the sunny and rainy weather. Buy a tent made of tightly woven, rip-resistant material.

4) Double and Single Walls: There are always pros and cons of both type of tents. Tents are divided into two categories Double and Single Wall tents, the Double have high storage place and protection while the single wall tents lacks in them bit the single wall tents outcomes the double wall tents by being a lot lighter and easier to set up.

Why Choose a Canvas Tent?

Tents are manufactured by different kinds of materials. Tents are divided into two main big groups depending on the type of material that is used.

The two types of fabric, tents are usually made up of are: Canvas or Nylon.

canvas tent have most durable fabric

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However each has its own pros and cons and in this blog we are going to discuss their distinctive feature and which one could be a better purchase option.

Some of the important points to keep-in-mind while considering which material tent to buy are:

1) Canvas material is usually the most qualified fabric for tents when going out for long outdoor trips because of its extensive strength, given their construction with high quality threads.

2) When comparing both the materials, the canvas tents tend to last longer than the Nylon ones due to the thread used. Nylon is comparatively easily tear-able whereas cotton is more durable and not tend to tear when subject to extreme weather conditions. Cotton canvas has one major advantage and that is mostly more spacious than a typical Nylon Tents. Nylon tents are good for small groups of 2–4 people. However, if you have a big family or group of people camping together out in the wild, then canvas should definitely be the preferred choice as it is most preferred by large groups going for camping. Canvas camps also can be more adaptable against hard weather conditions. The main game is that the canvas tent is still up better than the nylon one a thousand.

tent in forest











3) If you are planning to go Camping in the winters then Canvas camp would be best and most suitable shelter from the cold weather as the twist of the threads block away the coldness. But it’s not only have a winter tent but a 4 season tent that can be used in all 4 seasons around the year.

4) Little openings and wear and tear creases in a canvas tent are less demanding to fix up, than tears and harmed creases in nylon tents.

5) Cotton is comfortable and breathable from the inside than nylon. As nylon may allow condensation but cotton maintains the humidity inside the tent to be like the outside. Cotton also does no transfer heat quickly like nylon, keeping the temperature inside the tent cooler than outside.

6) Cotton and hemp are natural, renewable materials that are biodegradable, making it absolutely better for the environment.

7) If it rains and you are out there you’d want to be more secure from water dropping inside the tent so canvas tent would be a lot more safer and water proof, even after its done raining this tent will dry up faster that other tents that are not canvas.

8) On space and capacity bases canvas tents are more bigger and better to store inside as it’s more capable for storing things inside it.