Tips for Staying Cool on Summer Camping Trips

Tips for Staying Cool on Summer Camping Trips

As children we would always wait for our summer vacations to spend time at Home, doing science projects that were fun and engaging. With the temperatures soaring every day, we can make out the right time for camping during summers is now, for the pool will have enough water to swim in, frisbees and family fun is guaranteed, especially if you own a canvas tent for its convenient set up and durability is no-doubt, the best.

With summers setting in well and goodit is time you packed a mini cooler full of food, grabbed some clothes and hit the road for your mini vacation away from the normal. Here’s how you can make the most of your camping trip in hot and humid weather.

  1. Setup location

Needless to say, if you set up a tent right under the sky during summers, it is only going to add heat to your temporary indoors. Nylon and Polyester tents would feel like stepping into a sauna, even canvas cotton tents should be avoided for setting up in direct sunlight. Not only will it save you from extreme heat, but also increase the life of your tent. So, always set up your tent in shade, a strong tree branch would also do. You could also go for setting up a tarp so the breeze is not blocked.

Tent setup location

  1. Disassemble wisely

Know when your tent needs to be disassembled. Until the temperature is cool it would feel lovely inside, but once it starts getting higher, your tent may start absorbing all the heat. Same goes for a humid weather condition. Step out of your tent to experience a cooler temperature during the day. Keep your activities within the small canvas tent limited.

  1. Close to a water body

While you consider choosing a shade as your base, don’t forget to keep camping near a water body on the top of your list. Afterall, the whole point of camping in summers is about lying next to a water body- that could be a river, stream, lake or even a pond, and splashing some whenever you want to. If it’s not close by, carry an inflatable pool on your camping trip, so you can at least enjoy summer camping to the core.

  1. Vent your tent

Canvas tents allow a lot of floor space and windows to aid your summer camping. Make sure you ventilate your tent well while also using a mesh om the windows to keep the mosquitoes and bugs away.

Tent interior

  1. Tent fan

Always carry a portable fan when you plan to go camping in summers. These portable fans are battery operated, light weight and can easily be hooked on your ceiling or just put on your dinner table. Tent fans are a must for camping in humid weather condition.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated in one of the most important things during summers and it doesn’t change when you are camping. In fact, your water consumption should be higher than usual considering you are probably putting more effort into chores like cooking or setting up a grill than you would at Home. Drink from an insulated water bottle, that way you’d want to have it more. Also, as much as you like to believe that you’re on a vacation and camping deserves some Beer near the campfire, make sure you keep the alcohol levels low. They can dehydrate you easily.

  1. Food preferences

Eat more of salads and cold food- like a no-grill veg sandwich or just grilled veggies without much chilli. Including lots of fruits and veggies in your camping diet will ensure proper heat regulation in your body.

Apart from following these tips, don’t forget to carry a hammock, your favourite hat, an umbrella, and a sunscreen to protect yourself from the heat while camping in summers. To get yourself the best quality canvas tent, visit