The Perfect Wall Tent Accessories For Your Next Trip

One of the best things about wall tents is how versatile they are. Ranging in sizes anywhere from 8’x10’ to 16’x24’, they’re perfect for quick camping getaways with the family or even for setting up on a longer-term basis on a glamping resort.
Ideally, your wall tent will be constructed with double-fill army duck cotton canvas and should be treated to be water repellent, mold & mildew resistant and UV resistant. With the right treatment, the wall tent can be used as a semi-permanent shelter outside, be it as a glamping setup or a second home.Our Alpha wall tents are also available in fire retardant options, which is helpful if you plan to have a stove set up inside the tent.
Adding some quality accessories to your wall tent can make your stay exponentially more enjoyable. While a wall tent may come with most of the functionality you need for a successful trip, like a stove jack, windows and free-floating groundsheet, there are some other accessories that could elevate your entire experience.

Canvas Porch

If you want to extend your living space outside your wall tent, a canvas porch is a great way to do this. The canvas porch attaches to the frame of your tent and gives you an area to hang out in, which you could use to set up your cooking space, dry damp clothes or place chairs and kick back to enjoy the breeze.The great thing about canvas porches is that they’re modular, which means you can attach them to each other to increase your living area, well, endlessly.Whereas most porches imply an overhead extension from the roof of your tent, the advantage of White Duck’s canvas porches is that they’re already equipped with a stove jack, side walls and detachable windows. That means your porch can be more than just an area to sit in and you can make full use of it, almost like another tent.

Fly Sheet

Fly sheets are the ideal add-on to your wall tent if you plan to use it for an extended period of time outdoors. PE fly sheets are used over the roof of your canvas wall tent to protect the canvas fabric from excessive snowfall, UV radiation, dirt or potential leaks in the event of intense rain.If you’re looking to take your wall tent out on a week-long hunting trip or use it as glamping accommodation, a fly sheet could go a long way in ensuring the integrity of your canvas fabric remains intact.One thing to keep in mind with your fly sheet is that it doesn’t cover the stove jack in the canvas fabric of your tent. Our fly sheets, for example, have a hole that would be positioned exactly above the stove jack in your tent, so your stovepipe wouldn’t be obstructed. When you’re not using a stove, there’s a flap you can roll down to keep the area covered.

Solar-Powered Awning

The best way to make your tent feel like a home away from home is to add a little electricity. Solar powered awnings are a great way to power your campsite and give you access to some amenities that you would normally have to go without. You can use the power from a solar powered awning to charge your cell phone, run lighting, or even power a fan.You can purchase solar powered awnings in multiple different wattage capabilities depending on the amount of power you will need. If you decide to use a solar powered awning, you will have to be more aware of where you set up your tent. Obviously, the awning will need to be situated in the sun in order for there to be power.
Solar LED Lights
If a solar powered awning seems like too much of a hassle, you can always go a little smaller with solar powered LED lights. Solar powered lights can be strung up in your tent to increase visibility at night but also improve the aesthetics of the outside of your wall tent.They also have the capability of charging small devices, like a cell phone or headlamp, if necessary. Many of these types of lights also have a USB port so that they can be charged in your car on the way to the campsite. This way, you don’t have to wait for them to charge by the sun. Like the solar powered awning, you have to consider the placement of your tent carefully if you plan to use solar powered LED lights.

Hanging Tent Organizer

A large tent generally means plenty of camping supplies. If you’re a neat and tidy person in your daily life, having piles of your things laying around on the ground may be a bit difficult to deal with. It’s also not the most efficient way to go about your day if you need to be up early for a hike or hunt and need your things organized.Generally, there are three types of organizers you can opt for in your wall tent: pocket organizers, cabinet organizers and roof organizers. All three types are available in our online store.Adding a hanging organizer to the wall of your tent can help sort out some of the things you bring along and make it easier to find what you need. A hanging organizer attaches easily to the side of your tent and offers pockets for you to place your things in. This is a great accessory to organize your tent and make your stay less chaotic.

Coat Rack

On the topic of staying organized, you could also consider purchasing a coat rack for your tent. A coat rack gives you multiple places to hang your clothes and jackets. It’s especially handy if your clothes get wet or muddy and you need to dry them off when you get back to the tent.It’s worth keeping in mind that drying clothes or shoes inside the tent overnight can lead to condensation on the tent fabric, so leaving your clothes to dry outside under the canvas porch is probably a better idea.The coat rack is also useful for unpacking and hanging your clothes when you first get to the tent, so you don’t have to leave things sprawled on the ground or packed up inside your duffel, like you’re living out of a suitcase.

Pole Bags

While pole bags are not the most glamorous accessory for your wall tent, they are one of the most useful. Pole bags come in different sizes to fit each type of pole for your tent perfectly. For example, the roof poles will have their own bag, separate from the wall poles.Carrying different sizes of poles in one large bag leaves room for the poles to shift frequently while transporting, causing the bag to wear prematurely and possibly tear.If each size of pole has its own transporting bag, both the poles and the bags will be properly protected and last longer. Also, set up and take down will be easier because your pieces will be better organized and you won’t have to struggle to fit everything into one bag.Naturally, if your tent comes with bags for the poles as ours do, this isn’t something you’d need to worry about!

Tent Cleaner

If you’re investing in a wall tent, you may want to consider purchasing a tent cleaner as well. Both the outside and inside of your canvas tent can get dirty quickly from even a day of use. Ash from the fire, food stains, mud, bird droppings and many other factors can contribute to a dirty tent.Mold or mildew can grow on the canvas in damp conditions as well, which can affect the structure of the fabric as well as the aesthetics of the tent. Preventing and cleaning mold & mildew from your best canvas wall tent will help prolong its lifespan, which is why it’s especially important to pack and store your tent away completely dry.If you’re not able to put it away dry when you first leave your campsite, be sure to get home and lay the tent out to allow it to dry.Many tent cleaners come in powder form that can be mixed with water when it’s time to use. Simply rub down the outside and inside of your tent with the cleaner, taking special care on stained areas. Then, let dry before disassembling and storing the tent. Proper maintenance of your tent can add years of use to its lifespan.If you’re looking at options for tent cleaners, two popular ones are the IOSSO Mold & Mildew Stain Remover, and the Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water Repellent.

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