The Best Gear for a Glamping Trip

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Nature lovers, if you have been looking for a break in the woods, you are in the right place. The pleasant-feeling of being around everything green and a feeling of exploring the woods right by staying amidst them is absolute peace. But with a feel-good factor also comes a risk of venturing into an unexplored area and any wildlife element lurking around the place, which is why you need to be sure of having a low maintenance, easy to set up, tent which is durable – canvas tent tops the list.Glamping or glamorous camping involves camping without compromising on the comfort of what you felt at Home, and taking unnecessary risks.So if you are considering spending a good lot on your accessories, understand that a glamping gear is meant to make you feel at Home.Here’s what makes the best glamping gear…
  • Comfortable Tent
Your glamping tent is going to be your Home for the nest two or few days. It should act just like your room back Home. Canvas Tents from White Duck Outdoors is waterproof, durable, temperature-regulating and suitable for all weather conditions. These tents suit your budget and offer space and comfort with all the extra accessories you need to carry for glamping.Features of Wall Tents
  • Air Mattress and Blanket
Just because you chose to spend sometime with the nature doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your comfort. An air mattress is inflatable and you can choose to pump air in till it reaches your level of comfort. A good number of inflatable air mattresses are available on the internet, so when you look for one make sure they are treated with antimicrobial solutions to prevent mold and sour odour. Also, don’t forget to pack in your favorite blanket to beat the chill.
  • Culinary accessories
Luxury camping is not worth it if you don’t carry your favorite kitchen tools and accessories with you. From tools we do not mean something heavy or bigger in size, but those pretty little cutlery and crockery you need to sip wine, and dine on grilled sausages. This can also be your portable coffee maker especially if you can’t do without your morning cuppa, and a stove for which a stove jack is pre-installed in Canvas Tents from White Duck Outdoors.
  • Light and Sound
You’d be missing in action without proper light and sound, no? Make sure you have packed in an LED Camping light and a Bluetooth speaker, along with a charging station. Also, if you plan to go glamping in a humid weather condition, a battery-operated table fan could help fight the heat. You can also check another post like glamping tents for sale. Tent lighting
  • Camping chair
A luxury camping chair just doubles the amount of peace and happiness you feel when camping. Make sure you bring a portable chair or a hammock to truly enjoy your glamping trip.Outdoors - Tent and chairLuxury camping is a good to escape into wilderness without compromising on your comfort. So if you are excited about your next camping trip, don’t forget to pack these glamping essentials with you.

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