The Best Camping Gear for Dogs: 6 Must-Have Products for Your Canine Companion

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If there’s anyone in your family that enjoys camping more than you, it’s your dog. Camping with your canine companion can be an enriching experience. It gives you a chance to bond with your best friend over nature’s bounties.


Level up your adventure by ensuring you have the right camping gear for your furry friend. Don’t leave home without these essential camping products for your four-legged pal.


These six must-have products will ensure your dog stays comfortable, safe, and happy throughout your camping trip.

1. Outdoor Dog Bed

Humans aren’t the only campers who deserve a comfortable night’s sleep. Your canine companion needs plenty of rest, too, so they can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the day’s adventures. There are a few essential components to look for in a dog bed to make sure it fits your dog’s preferences in the outdoors.


There are three primary considerations when choosing a material for your dog’s bed. It should be comfortable, damage-resistant, and easy to clean. 


If you’re camping in the winter, opt for a bed that envelops your dog to keep them warm through the cold nights. If you’re camping in the summer, consider a flatbed that keeps them cool at night. 


To minimize damage and prolong the life of your dog’s camping bed, look for a water-resistant exterior that’s easy to wash. A waterproof cover keeps moisture and debris from seeping into the bed’s precious loft. Plus, they’re usually better at withstanding chewing and pulling. Many water-resistant beds are easy to wipe clean. If the exterior can’t be wiped clean, opt for a bed with a removable cover you can toss into the washer and dryer. 


The size of your dog’s bed is essential for a few reasons. The bed needs to be large enough to comfortably fit your dog, with room to roll over or change positions. Some dogs like to stretch out when they sleep, while others prefer to curl up into a cute little ball.


Your dog’s camping bed should reflect their size—with room to grow if they’re young—and their sleeping preferences. A large dog who likes to stretch out will need a sizable rectangular bed with ample space. A small pup who curls up while sleeping can get by with a smaller, oval bed. 


You may also consider the bed’s portability, especially if you’re carrying it in your backpack. If you and your buddy are backpacking together, consider a lightweight bed that rolls up into a compact size. If portability isn’t an issue, aim for a spacious bed that gives your dog a plush surface to sleep through the night.

Best Outdoor Dog Bed

For a luxurious bed that will keep your pup comfortable for years, check out White Duck’s canvas outdoor dog bed. It comes in two spacious sizes, making it an excellent choice for large dogs who like to roll around in their sleep. It features a removable 10-ounce cotton-polyester ripstop cover that’s water-resistant, chew-proof, and easy to clean.


The plush polyester fiberfill interior loft is made with recycled materials. The loft is four inches thick, ensuring warmth and insulation throughout the night. This premium dog bed will keep your four-legged friend comfy in any environment. 

2. Dog Sleeping Bag

To complete your buddy’s slumber system, pair their bed with a dog sleeping bag (or “pooch pouch,” as I like to call it). Dog sleeping bags are a great way to keep your pal warm and comfortable through the night in any season. But they’re particularly effective if you’re camping in the winter or your dog runs on the cold side. When choosing a dog sleeping bag, the most important considerations are material, size, and shape.


Look for a sleeping bag that offers insulation without being weighty or bulky. Most dog sleeping bags are made with lightweight synthetic fibers that compress into a small stuff sack. 


The outer shell of the sleeping bag should be a durable synthetic fabric, like nylon or polyester. And you want a bag that’s treated with a water-resistant coating, like Durable Water Repellent (DWR). Some dog sleeping bags come with removable outer shells you can zip off and toss in the washer for easy cleaning. 


The bag’s interior needs to have enough loft to keep your pup warm at any temperature. Some dog owners prefer natural down insulation, while others lean towards synthetic polyfill insulation. They’re both practical, each option offering unique advantages and disadvantages


For maximum comfort, choose a bag that’s roughly the same size or slightly larger than your dog’s outdoor bed. If your pup is still developing, size up so they have room to grow into the bag.


Ideally, the shape of your dog’s sleeping bag will match the shape of their bed. You can find dog sleeping bags in almost any shape. Rectangular and square bags are great for dogs who like to stretch out or move around in their sleep.


Round or mummy-shaped bags are better for smaller dogs or dogs who like to curl up in their sleep. You may have to try a few options until you find the right shape for your dog’s size and preferences.

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Best Dog Sleeping Bag

For a lightweight, water-resistant sleeping bag that will keep your dog warm all night, check out Ruffwear’s Highlands dog sleeping bag. This fully-synthetic bag comes in two sizes that align with White Duck’s outdoor dog beds. The Highlands sleeping bag is water-resistant and durable, with plenty of loft for insulation.


It folds down into a compression sack, making it easy to transport. The bag also features a half-zipper opening for easy entry and exit, a neck baffle to lock in heat, and an integrated sleeve for their compatible Highlands camping dog pad.


If you don’t want to go full-sleeping bag, you can drape a comfy blanket over your dog’s bed. We recommend White Duck’s polyester fleece blanket

3. Canine First Aid Kit

You’d never go camping without bringing a first aid kit for yourself and your family. Your pooch is part of the family, and they deserve the same courtesy. The first aid kit is arguably the most important piece of camping gear on your list. 


While some items in your first aid kit may help your dog, it’s a good idea to carry a kit that caters to their unique canine needs. Avoid unnecessary accidents, injuries, and illnesses by packing a first aid kit made for your four-legged pal. You can make a DIY kit, but purchasing a pre-made first-aid kit is much easier. Make sure your kit includes bandages, gauze, antiseptics, and tick removers. It can also be helpful to add a canine first-aid manual, in case you’re unsure what to do when an emergency hits.


Best Canine First Aid Kit

Why carry two kits when you only need one? For a comprehensive kit that’s suitable for you and your adventure pal, check out Adventure Medical KitsMe & My Dog medical kit. This 48-piece kit includes first aid, emergency, and disaster relief essentials for you and your canine companion.


There’s no need to carry two kits. The kit provides supplies for just about every kind of emergency you might face, with detailed instructions and helpful tools. It also comes with a compact waterproof carrying case that’s less than two pounds, leaving you more room for dog treats and toys. 

4. Collapsible Bowl

When it comes to food, portability is essential. There’s no reason you need to haul a bunch of clunky bowls that take up precious space in your pack. You can save space while still providing your adventure buddy with all the food, water, and treats they deserve. Enter one of modern technology’s greatest inventions: the collapsible bowl. 


Collapsible bowls come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with one thing in common. They collapse down into small, lightweight, portable items you can fit anywhere. When your pup is thirsty or hungry, pull that bad boy out of your pocket, expand it to full size, and watch your dog get their campsite crunch on. The three main types (or materials) of collapsible bowls are silicone, nylon, and polyester. 


Silicone collapsible bowls are inexpensive and super light, making them great for backpackers or campers on a budget. They usually come with a carabiner attached so you can clip the bowl to your gear, clothes, or dog leash. Silicone bowls are non-toxic, waterproof, and dishwasher-friendly. You can use them for both food and water and easily clean them when you get home.

Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and polyester bowls are made with durable, lightweight materials that can withstand any condition. Since they’re made with sturdy fabrics, they’re an excellent choice for dogs who like to play and chew on their bowls. They usually come with a waterproof inner liner, tough exterior shell, and reflective trim. They fold up into themselves for convenient storage.

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Best Collapsible Bowl

For a collapsible bowl that folds down small enough to fit in your pocket, check out Ruffwear’s Quencher packable dog bowl. It comes in three convenient sizes, accommodating three to (almost) seven cups of food or water. This bowl’s exterior is made with an indestructible water-resistant polyester fabric. And it features a durable, waterproof nylon inner lining. Weighing in at only a few ounces, you’ll hardly notice the bowl in your pocket or gear bag. 


If you prefer a silicone option, check out Ruff Products’ Barkbowl. It’s a lightweight, dishwasher-safe collapsible bowl made with food-grade BPA-free silicone. 

5. Hands-Free Dog Leash

Whether you’re in a campground or the wilderness, you’re encouraged to keep your dog on a leash. There are myriad styles of leashes at your disposal. For camping, your best bet is a hands-free dog leash. A hands-free leash allows you to keep your dog within a safe distance without sacrificing functionality.


Most hands-free leashes wrap around body parts (like your arm or waist) or stationary objects (like a tree or picnic table). They keep your pup tied securely in place where you can see and hear them. 


Most hands-free leashes are made with rugged nylon webbing that can withstand chewing and pulling. They include safety features like reflective panels and multiple clips or carabiners. Some leashes are one fixed length, while others are adjustable or expanding bungee. 


For maximum safety and mobility, it’s also a good idea to pair your hands-free leash with an LED dog collar, a campsite hitch, a GPS tracking device, and ID tags

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Best Hands-Free Dog Leash

For a truly versatile leash, check out Kurgo’s Quantum 6-in-1 dog leash. This leash comes in six vibrant colors with reflective trim. It can be converted to six different types of hands-free leashes. You can use it as a traditional walking or training leash, a stationary wrap-around leash, or a multi-dog tethering system.


The leash adjusts from four to six feet, giving you plenty of length options. It features a bottle-opening carabiner, a floating padded comfort handle, and easy-to-clean webbing.

6. Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

No matter where you are with your four-legged friend, it’s your responsibility to pick up after them. Part of leaving no trace means removing, and disposing of, your dog’s poop. So you’ll need to carry dog poop bags on you at all times—because you never know when your pal will arch and drop. A good poop bag gives you a sanitary way to pick up your dog’s poop, secure it, and toss it in the appropriate receptacle.


Some dog owners prefer to reuse plastic bags as poop bags. Reuse is an essential part of the recycling process, so that’s admirable. But it’s still better for the environment to use biodegradable (or compostable) poop bags. Biodegradable bags are made with all-natural ingredients, like plant materials and vegetable oils.


They don’t contain plastics, so they leave a minimal carbon footprint and break down quickly. Biodegradable poop bags are just as tough and thick as plastic bags, so you won’t experience leakage or overwhelming smells. 


Make sure your poop bags are fully compostable per the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) international standards. Many companies falsely claim their poop bags are fully biodegradable, but they aren’t. 

Best Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

For an eco-friendly poop bag that meets ATSM international standards, check out Earth Rated’s certified compostable bags. These fully-compostable poop bags are made with biodegradable PBAT and vegetable starches—with a recycled paper inner roll—making them thick enough to be scent-proof and leak-proof. They measure nine inches by thirteen inches, so they’re large enough for even the largest dog’s waste. These environmentally friendly bags come in lavender or unscented, and you can purchase them in bulk for a lower price.