The Beauty of Camping Revisited

Camping Tent

Imagine the night cascading into a magic ride with sparks of fire-spitting out of the halo of a bonfire with a sky full of stars mixed with the rustling of leaves and the melody of the free-flowing streams that sing their happy note. Camping can indeed help you steal glances of nature’s majesty. Full of panoramic views, uninterrupted valleys, nature can be enticing you decide to camp. Enthralling yourself with a range of camping activities sounds like a great idea. But the first step to camping is choosing a durable and comfortable tent. Be it, camping, long trips, exhibitions or any other event, the wall tent remains the most popular mode of getting some shade.

Wall Tent For Evening

Every reason as to why you need to own a wall tent:

  •  Comfort and style laced up in one.

After a hectic schedule of camping or a long journey all the soul seeks for is comfort. Sure enough, the car seat never gave one much comfort and neither did the sleeping bags. So save yourself from a claustrophobic experience while you dive into a spacious escape anywhere via the wall tents.

Taller than a typical dome tent, these tents are higher at height and provide a good range of vertical space when compared to the conventional dome tents. With a spacious compartment, it ensures that you do not have to hunch over again and again. Also crafted with 100% durable and breathable cotton, comfort at its best is what wall tents have to offer.

  • Come rain, come sun, come bugs you shall always have a joyous bait.

Protection is invariably important for a fun-filled adventure. Water repellent and UV protected, these wall tents ensure that you always stay protected when on the run. Drizzled by rain, scorched by the sun or peppered by hail, the thick walls of the wall tent shall always provide you with utmost protection and comfort.

Alpha Wall Tent

Also, these tents are often articulated with standard bug mesh in doors and windows that provide added protection against the entry of bugs, mosquitoes and so on. Moreover, canvas wall tents being waterproof and tear-resistant are worthy of not only keeping you dry in the rain but also is hard enough to provide resistance to the ongoing hailstorm.

  • Versatility in its usability.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the use of canvas wall tents isn’t limited to being home in the middle of the woods. There are a plethora of options according to which these strong, durable and reliable tents can be put to use.

From being a camping partner to being the main character of attraction in a food fest or book and art exhibition to being a hangout escape to the most romantic valentine or birthday themed decoration, these wall tents are incredibly versatile and have endless possibilities in their usage options. Unlike conventional tents that are just limited to camping, these tents give a larger scope of usage and a greater room for some out of the box, unconventional usage.

  • Unbeatable strength :

Strength is an important facet when it comes to choosing tents. With seams that are double stitched and reinforced corners, you are sure to get tents that are full of unbeatable strength. Not only does the fabric owes to the tremendous strength of these canvas wall tents but it also does its framework that holds the tent tightly onto its exact position.


With aluminum frames, you are sure to have tents that are stronger and better. No matter the intensity of snow, wind or rain outside, the tent’s unbeatable shield will have you all protected.

  • Let’s talk about the budget :

While purchasing a tent what’s to be kept in mind is not just the material that it is made up of but also the cost. With an affordable price, these canvas wall tents come in real handy for camping to experimental functions.

  • Convenience before everything:

Talking about every reason as to why you should opt for a wall tent can not come without a list of convenience. Not only do these tents provide you with the ultimate outdoor protection, but they also give you the ease of portability.

Lightweight yet durable, these tents can be taken anywhere, anytime, be it rain, sunshine or snow. Also, they can be set up pretty easily. Sometimes only via one person. Available in various sizes and varieties, these tents are a treat to the heart that loves to wonder.

Evening With Canvas Wall Tent

Your step by step guide to prep a wall tent

  • Prep the poles– propping up the poles as per their requirements and size specification is a fun task.
  • Finish the poles– sometimes some slight modifications may be needed given the various reasons for which the tent is to be used.
  • Check the content of your tent package thoroughly. That sure is a step that needs to be taken the moment one receives the package. Anything that goes missing would be bad news.
  • Set up the tent. – Though at times cumbersome, follow manuals to set up the tent step by step. The end product is sure beautiful.
  • Lifting up the tent– after the hard work, all that is left to do is uplifting the tent and there you go! Camp ready as ever.

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