Tent Care, Maintenance & Common Repairs

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There’s nothing more awful than arriving at your campsite and setting up your tent while finding a damaged part which could have been repaired easily.

Buying a camping tent is one of the most frequent initial problems faced by beginners. So before begin to tell you about the tips for tent care, maintenance and repairs, you must know that while there are a number of tents available in the market in different shapes, sizes and materials, Canvas Tents are comfortable, highly durable, easy to set up, and suitable for all-weather conditions.

  1. Fixing a tear in your tent

One of the most commonly faced problems by campers. If the rip is small or just as big as a tear, a tent repair tape may work as a quick fix. Apply it on the rip from inside and outside and cover it with a seam sealer.

  1. Fixing a large tear in your tent

If you have a large tear in your tent, there’s nothing that can help except pulling both sides of tear closer to sew it. Once you have sewed it, seal it with the tape and put in seam sealer near the edges.

Tent Care, Maintenance & Common Repairs

  1. Repair a Leaking Tent

While most tents are quality-checked leakproof, if you happen to be in a situation where your heavy duty camping tent starts leaking, use a tape and waterproof seal to pull the seam closer and seal it finally. Make sure you have the right kind of tape for your tent material while shopping for your camping gear.

  1. Maintaining and Caring for your tent

To be honest, Canvas Tents are known to have provided the best camping experience given their breathability and durability.

  • Always open and use your tent once before you leave for camping. This allows you to check for any rips or pole damages.
  • Once you are back, don’t simply pack your tent and put it in the store, rather keep it in the sunlight or just some open air till the moisture dies away. Else the tent might end up developing mosses later.
  • The tent material is durable and V-protected, sure, but too much exposure to sunlight affects the cloth strength. So, try setting up a camp in partial receiving sunlit areas.
  • If the tent’s zippers get stuck, clean them with water. Use grease only when at Home or when urgent, as it may attract more dust and grime.
    Tips to keep Tent Zippers Safe
  1. Storing your tent

When you put away your tent, it should be as dry as your cloth. Hang it up to dry. If it’s dirty, wash it gently with cold water, avoid any solution or scrubbing. Scrubbing may destroy the waterproof coat on your tent.

If you love to camp, and are regular at it, you already know what goes behind maintaining a tent. If you are someone who’s a beginner at camping and are looking for tips to maintain and repair your tent, we’ve have got your back. Check out our wide range of Canvas Wall and Bell Tents at whiteduckoutdoors.com.