6 Awesome Ways to Use a Canvas Tarp

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A canvas tarp has various purposes – the sturdy and breathable fabric is ideal for covering items and also popular to use for outdoor adventures. Canvas duck tarps are heavy duty tarps, and are made of 100% cotton canvas and produced in a variety of colours and sizes. You can use them for your work in: agriculture, construction, industrial, commercial, home, outdoor applications and so much more.

If you need to convince yourself to buy a canvas tarp, read below for some ideas:

Use it while constructing, painting, & trucking

Canvas tarps are the first pick for construction workers, painters, and truckers. 

While reconstructing your house, you can use a canvas tarp to cover up construction material and prevent it from getting damaged. Some tarps come with inbuilt grommets which keep the tarp in place, especially when it’s being used on a construction site. 

Professional painters use canvas tarps to protect floors from paint stains. Canvas tarps are also easier to manage and environmentally friendly, making them an increasingly popular option.

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Outdoor camping during rain and snow

Going outside? Pick a heavier canvas tarp as a camping tarp for better protection. We recommend a tarp that weighs 18 oz. for better water resistance in the case of light rain showers. Keep in mind, the heavier you go, the more protection and water resistance the tarp will offer.

If you are camping in the snow, camping tarps can be spread out on the ground for extra warmth and protection in your camp set up. White Duck Outdoors has a range of options and we can help you pick out the best canvas tarps for snow camping.

Cover your wood

Wood shavers and carpenters can also find good use with canvas tarpaulins. Wood absorbs moisture while kept outside and it can get wet in the rain.This can lead to mold and mildew if you don’t take precautionary measures. Canvas tarps offer protection without locking in moisture and dampness under the covers – saving your wood from damage.

If you’re in a place where you cut trees down often for woodworking or for firewood, for example on a homestead or a farm, this is a great way to keep piles of wood protected from damage from the elements.

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Protect the plants

You can also protect your plants and shrubs from damage. If you’re worried that heavy snowfall will damage the shrubs you grew out last summer, then cover them up with a canvas tarp. The canvas will allow the plants to breathe and also protect them.

Covering your pool

A canvas duck tarp can be used to cover the inground of your pool when it’s not in use. This pool tarp helps prevent any dirt or debris from getting in and keeps your pool well-maintained for when you do want to fill it with water in the right seasons. 

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Art for art’s sake

A canvas tarp is an ideal choice for people interested in painting. The tarpaulin fabric can serve as the base for your artwork, helping you create a scenic painting.

You can also come up with numerous craft ideas with a canvas tarp. From hammocks to patio rugs and even murals, the possibilities are endless. 

Canvas tarps from White Duck Outdoors

At White Duck Outdoors, tarps are made to size. Our tarps for sale have a wide range of colors and sizes available to help you get the best canvas tarp.

You can opt for a tarp that’s either olive, brown, or tan colored. These are offered in a wide range of lengths, ranging from 6’x8’ to 20’x30’, which come in 2 different weights: 10 and 18 oz. 

The material is exemplary because it’s made of premium double filled numbered duck fabric, making it stiffer and denser as compared to other canvas tarps. Our heavy duty tarps are great for everyday use; they provide protection against rain, snow, UV rays and so much more.