Salmon River Campground – the ideal Site for Nature Lovers

There is nothing better than a camping trip to refresh your mind. If you love greenery, Salmon River Campground is one of the best sites you can camp at, with the assurance of a great experience. The campgrounds have around eleven camping sites scattered all around, and the grounds are covered in pine trees that offer necessary shade. The view itself is absolutely breathtaking. There are a number of activities you can plan around your trip! But first and foremost, let’s talk about the kind of tent you will need for wall tent camping at Salmon River campground:

What kind of tent would I need?

To make the most out of your experience at the campgrounds, you need a tent that fits your need. Luckily, White Duck has the perfect tents for your camping adventures! Out of the several options you can pick from, we would suggest the Wall Tents, available on this site for just $1,400. It will leave you with enough room to house your entire family and to plan indoor activities as well. Another good option is the Family Explorer Basic tent, available at an affordable $600. If you are traveling in smaller groups, we would suggest the Family Explorer Deluxe tent. However, if you are a solo camper, you might want to try out our Explorer Swag Bag! Now that you have two kinds of tents to choose from, let us get onto the various activities nature lovers can do to enjoy their camping trip at Salmon River Campground!


Greenery lovers can camp in this beautiful marvel of nature while having the several streams and freshwater ponds nearby. It opens up the option for very entertaining fishing sessions. Plan a family fishing excursion, or come with your friends and have a great time fishing for rainbow trout, bull trout, and lake and cutthroat fishes. If you are a hiker, you can find several fishing sites on your way up to the trails. There are several fishing spots there as well. Warm Lake is nearby which will also provide you with options for fishing. The Salmon River trail runs parallel to the river for around eight miles. You can fish here as well.

Relaxing in Nature

The campgrounds are abundant in all sorts of greenery, but that’s not all. A variety of wildflowers grow in abundance here, and there are several kinds of butterflies and birds to be found. Like a scene straight out from a fairy tale, this is a nature lover’s heaven. Picnic tables are in place too so you can pack up lunch and have a complete forest picnic. If you are the more adventurous kind, you can find a great number of activities to take part in while being there. However, if you are more of a peace and quiet enthusiast, this will be the perfect place for you to bring a favorite book, brew a mug of tea, and become one with nature.  It is also a birdwatcher’s paradise. Grouse, eagles and whooping birds are common in this area.


Nothing says experiencing nature like a good old hike! Get those hiking boots and follow the several trails available for hikers in the campgrounds. The entire area is full of wild flora and fauna, so be prepared to catch sight of an occasional otter, fox or deer! You can plan other outdoor activities too to make your camping experience memorable. The best thing about hiking here is the pine tree canopy that stays overhead. Almost all the trails are lined with wildflowers in the summer. Seasoned hikers can go straight up to the main viewing points, while those who aren’t inhabit or are beginners can make day trips and still have fun. Several hiking trails also have other smaller unmarked trails which normally signal fishing spots.


You heard it right! There are chipmunk creeks, beautiful deep pools and lakes of water in the area. The fork of the Salmon River is surrounded by pools for swimming. If you are a seasoned swimmer, this might just be your thing! The undulating river and countless waterfalls make for a truly breathtaking camping experience.

Warm Lake

Warm Lake is close to the campgrounds and is an area full of different recreational options. You can easily make a trip to Warm Lake and swim there or go salmon viewing. You can fish in the lake as well. If you are with family or kids, a fun day outdoors can be planned around Warm Lake. Other activities such as biking and hunting can also be planned here. Mountain biking and horseback riding options are also available, giving you a plethora of fun recreational beach camping activities to decide from. Whether it’s a solo trip, a camping excursion with friends, or a bonding experience with your family, these lush green campgrounds are totally the place for you to camp at. The scenic beauty alone is sure to make your camping trip one to remember. If you are a greenery lover and feel at peace when surrounded by nature, do make sure you plan your trip around the mentioned activities. Happy camping!

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