Outdoor Camping Essentials: Outfitter tent is a must-have!

Preparing supplies and tools for an outdoor camping trip can make a lot of difference in your overall experience. Keeping an essentials checklist helps you stay organized, and there is a reason they are called essentials. White Duck Outdoors offers multiple camping tents for sale round the year as their demand is high because of their very high quality products. The must-have items on your list may vary depending on the type of your trip, camping location, and duration of your trip. Some of the common items that are a must-have include: A pocketknife – this can be very handy and useful in emergencies. This versatile tool can be used to light a camping fire, fix a broken backpack and open cans when nothing else works. First aid kit is a must-have. Even a basic package containing bandages and ointment can help you tend to the scratches, blisters and minor injuries while you wait for help to arrive. Flashlight or a small pen light is vital to find your way in the dark. Make sure you carry extra batteries with you. Water helps in preventing dehydration, heatstroke and also keeps your system clean. Keep lots of water bottles in stock. Compass and a map can save you from getting lost in the wilderness. These critical tools can help you get back to your camp or locate your friends.

Why A High-Quality Outfitter Tent is A Must Have?

While searching for the best camping tents for sale, you’ll find tents of various sizes and shapes, and it’s essential to pick the right one that fits your needs. But before that, you’d have to analyze the type of camping trip you’re going for. How many people can the tent accommodate? What extra features does it possess? Is it strong enough to bear harsh winds and torrential rain etc.? Once you know what you are looking for you’ll spend your money wisely while browsing canvas tents for sale, and on the right tent. The crucial most features to look for in a camping tent are poles, durability, size, zippers, and of course, the material.

What’s The Ideal Size for An Outfitter Tent?

If you’re planning a short trip over the weekend, then a backpack or the back of your car would work just fine. But if you have a week long trip then you might need a tent that allows you to fit all of your belongings in it. The size of a tent is best measured by the number of people it can fit in. Generally, a 2- person tent will have space for two people, but you won’t be able to move or fit in the extra gear. A four people tent would be suitable for 2 people. It will have enough space for them to stretch out and store their additional material such as camping mats too. And for a family of 6, it is recommended that you buy a tent for 8. The main idea while buying a white tent is to buy one that has a capacity of two people more than the actual count. If you can afford to stretch your budget, you might want to invest in multi-room tents. Multi-room tents come in various designs too. You can buy one that has rooms separated by a zipper inside the tent if you’re camping with kids and like some privacy to yourself. There’s also another with 3 room styles. In addition to 2 close rooms, you can find one added screen room to change dirty clothes or store the chairs and other material to keep them safe during rain.

Things You Must Look For In a Perfect Tent

Tent with a durable rainfly

Rainfly acts as an umbrella for your tent. The bigger rainfly, the better. Make sure you have one that covers all the sides of your canvas rather than just the top.

Aluminum poles tent

Tent with aluminum poles are durable and can withstand harsh winds and rain. Most people end up buying fiberglass tents due to lack of knowledge. Remember that fiberglass tents are fragile and easily breakable. However, if you break a pole, some camping stores will send help or repair the poles.

A one-piece rub floor Tent

It’s crucial that your tent’s floor is made up of waterproof material and should come up a few inches from the side before it is attached to the tent walls. No extra place in the walls means there is no place for the water to leak into your tent.

Double Stitching and Folded seams Tents

Sometimes manufacturers might trick you into buying expensive tents but of low quality. If you pick up the sides and can easily see the stitches, be careful because this tent will definitely leak. You can always get a refund or use seam sealers to fix the problem.

A Tent with Guylines

Sometimes tent walls or rain-flies have various loops fixed on them. These loops are to attach guy lines that keep the tent walls intact. What you need to remember is that it is challenging to sleep in a tent that is flapping and making weird noises.

A Tent with Big Stake Loops

Before buying a tent make sure there are reasonably sized loops at the corners and center of your tent. The reason for making these loops big is so that they can easily hold plastic stakes sold in camping stores. Metal loops are preferred over plastic. Plastic stakes can easily break when subjected to hammering.

Heavy Duty Zippers

Safety is the foremost factor to consider when buying an outfitter tent that can efficiently work in the wilderness. You want a zipper that can provide support to the shelter and not get stuck in emergency situations.

More Tips to Increase the Life of Your Tent

One of the most vital tips to survive your camping trip is to never store ‘open food’ inside your tent. Well, storing food outside the container can make your tent stink. In fact, the smell of food will also attract insects and even larger animals. Always store food in airtight containers or zip-lock bags. If you’re camping in an area that is infected with pests and other critters, buy a tent with a separate screen room. When you return from a trip, set your tent and camping blanket in the yard and air it out. To keep your purchase functional for a long time, do not store your tent in moist places. Make sure you roll the tent and keep it safe in a ventilated area.

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