Must-Have Camping and Hiking Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Camping is by far the most soothing getaway from the chaotic routine of one’s life. If you are planning one, then congratulations, you are on the right track!So, now that you have decided and it is camping you are going for, we understand the panic attacks that might happen over stressing about what to pack and what not.Whether you’re a pro camper or a beginner, a few camping hacks will help you make the most of your trip. These are complicated, in fact, most of them have been extracted from our personal experiences over the past years. For example, many people realize the importance of having a canvas tent after reaching at a camping site while it would have been better if they had thought of it before leaving.We have compiled a list of hacks and camping gear that every camper can use during their trip. They are easy to use and help you make the most out of your weekend camping.We comprehend that it can be one heck of a daunting task to decode the science behind packing. Therefore, here, we have solved this dilemma of yours. Read on to know what the must-haves are when you are embarking on this beautiful journey of camping.

The Camping Stove:

Food is life! And we are sure no one wants to compromise on it and that too, on an outdoor adventure. Hence, this makes a portable stove quite an important item on your packing list.We recommend taking one with at least two burners; say, for instance, you boil the pasta on one and prepare the sauce on the other. The most commonly used fuels for two-burner stoves are propane, white gas or unleaded gasoline.

Sleeping Bags and the Tents:

Mind that you can only enjoy if your mind is sane enough to do so. And that sanity throughout the day could only go on if you have had a good sound night’s sleep. And for that, my friend, you would need canvas tents for shelter and a nice, comfy sleeping bag alongside an air mattress to rest your head on. Learn more about big tents for sale on our website sure you take into account the climatic conditions making the purchase. Do a great deal of research and read a lot of reviews online before you head out to buy a family camping tent. And yes, get one which is waterproof because the weather is an unpredictable fellow!

Tent Tips

  • A good looking tent might not be a perfect tent. Before making your purchase read a tent guide. Make sure you purchase a tent that is big enough to accommodate all the members on a trip and still have extra space for storage. A perfect tent should also be suitable for the harsh weather.
  • Investing in a tent footprint is useful. Set your tent on a groundsheet or rigid footprint. It protects the tent from the cool ground and water.
  • When packing for the trip, pack a can of silicone sealant and when setting up the tent, cover it with the sealant. Also, make sure you get zipper seams to protect your privacy. This small task will save you from a lot of hassle and miserable times during the day and night. Some sealants also include UV protection to extend the life of your tent.

Sleeping Tips While Camping

  • Purchase a durable sleeping bag. Don’t waste your money on the cheapest product. A good sleeping bag keeps you warm in winter and acts as a barrier between the rough ground and you in summer.
  • Pack a spare camping blanket if you’re going as a family. It can be spread on the ground and act as a rope when hiking.

The Sunscreen:

Camping means exposure to a lot of sunlight! We think this is enough to depict the importance of carrying a sunscreen. And this is really important for the ones who are tanned too. While the sun is a part and parcel of camping, no one, for sure wants to take it home. No matter what, everyone must wear sun protection to keep the skin problems at bay that might arise due to being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period.


In this digital age, we rely on our smartphones for directions and routes. However, it doesn’t work this way on a camping trip. We all know smartphones do not function as they do in a remote location. This is why it makes compass an essential item for a true camping experience.Speaking of this, if you are staying at a camping site, you will be provided local maps.

Waterproof Jacket:

You never know when Mother Nature turns the table. So it’s better to be prepared than sorry. Therefore, ensure that you have packed a waterproof jacket and a few camping blankets which you can use against unpredictable rainfalls when you are up on a hiking spree. Roll it in your backpack and enjoy your heart out, all tension free!

First Aid Kit:

This is needed as camping comes with a lot adventure and sometimes it gets a bit ugly. You might fall or trip and end up with a sprain. No, we do not have the intention of scaring you out, but just trying to advise you that prevention is better than cure.When you make a kit, make sure to have the following items:
  • Bandages, first aid tapes, and gauze pads,
  • Antiseptic for cuts or burns,
  • Mosquito and bug repellent.


It is dark in the woods there, so you definitely wouldn’t want to collapse in the middle. Hence, to avoid that, pack up sturdy and durable flashlights. We recommend the LEDs as they are the most suitable ones.Also, like your sleeping stuff, your flashlight should be water resistant too so that you don’t lose it on the light in case it rains.

Lighting tips:

If you’re spending the weekend camping and think you have enough light, then you could be wrong. At some point in your trip, you will require lights and lanterns. If you’re camping alone, you can easily prioritize your gear but when camping with a family, pack a flashlight, lanterns, headlamps and don’t forget the spare batteries.

Camping Gear Checklist for Beginners

  • Pack a first aid kit. Better safe than sorry. It is useful to pack a first aid kit when camping with family or even alone. One basic homemade kit includes headache pills, antiseptic creams, Band-Aids, and fever medicines. For your ease, you can also purchase a ready-made kit from your local pharmacy store.
  • Gaffer Tape if you’re camping for the first time, gaffer tape should be on the top of your list. You can repair ground sheets, splint poles and fly sheets with this magical tape.
  • Take a pocket knife the benefits of a pocket knife are infinite. With a decent knife, you’ll be able to open beer bottles, wine bottles, and food cans. Not only this, you will also have a versatile tool that can cut, sharp, screw, unscrew, and pick teeth.
  • Coolers. Pack at least two coolers if you will spend the weekend camping. The idea behind packing two coolers is that you’ll be able to store meat, frozen food and other items that you don’t frequently use in one cooler and fill the other with beers and beverages. Also, take a few freezer blocks and ice packs if in case they come useful. Last, position these freezers in a warm place inside the tent and far away from the sun for prolonging coolness.
  • Plastic bags and Garbage bags. When heading back for home, plastic bags come handy to pack dirty clothes and wet gear. Put away all the wasted food, dirty laundry and shoes in one big plastic bag and the job is done. It is also a good way to teach your kids to clear the mess and keep the environment clean.
  • Burner stoves when camping with family, I suggest you purchase a two-burner stove. Spending quality time with family while cooking and eating should be the main purpose of your trip. A two side burner will decrease the cooking time and make it less stressful. Make sure it contains an inbuilt windshield too.

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