The Most Luxurious Bell Tent in 2021: Avalon from White Duck Outdoors

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The Avalon bell tent is one of two in the canvas bell tent series from White Duck Outdoors, which also includes the Regatta. These two bells are America’s favorite bell tents because of how functional, spacious and versatile they are.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the Avalon bell tent and explore what makes it so special for bell tent glamping and camping.

In general, the wall and ceiling height, windows, fabric, and features are what really set this apart. If you’re exploring the Avalon as your next canvas bell tent, read on to find out why it’s the perfect choice.

Fabric & construction of the Avalon bell tent

The Avalon is built from 10.10 oz 100% double-fill army duck cotton canvas. This is a heavy-duty, durable canvas fabric that makes the Avalon a 4-season tent and ideal for use in all weather (save, perhaps, for extreme winter conditions).

This is also what makes the Avalon well suited to bell tent glamping; the double-weave structure and fabric allows for the tent to be set up for extended periods of time, as it performs well in warmer weather, rainfall and even light snow.

The cotton canvas is naturally breathable, which means this sibley bell tent style is comfortable to live in year-round.

All canvas tents from White Duck Outdoors are treated with a proprietary breathable PFC-free finish. This is a water repellent, mold and UV-resistant treatment. The Avalon is also the only bell tent (along with the Regatta) that’s available with a fire retardant option.

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Wall & ceiling height

The Avalon bell tent has higher than average wall  & ceiling heights, which really give you a premium, luxury feel when you’re inside.

It’s extremely spacious, providing ample stand-up-space and walk-around comfort.

The ceiling height starts at over 8 feet for the 13′ Avalon and goes higher for larger sizes, so there’s never an issue of your head hitting the ceiling in the center.

The side walls are a standard 3′ high, which is more than the average bell tent so even if you’re seated or have furniture inside, there’s never a space issue.

This also makes the Avalon particularly suited to bell tent glamping. It’s fairly easy to move furniture in and out, especially with the a-frame door, and the floor space and wall/ceiling height provide room for a bed, lamps, desks and more. So if you’re someone thinking about starting a glamping business, the Avalon is perfect for bell tent rental.

Windows on the Avalon

The Avalon is equipped with 10 windows on the 13′ and 16.5′, and 12 windows on the 20′. This means there are windows all around the walls to give you superior views and ventilation.

The windows also have a canvas flap along with premium bug mesh, so you can keep the flap open to enjoy the outside without worrying about bugs getting in.

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Features on the tent

When you purchase the Avalon, it comes with built-in premium features that you’d usually pay extra for.

The stove jack is pre-installed on every canvas bell tent. It’s a heat-resistant, silicone-coated stove jack with a 5″ and 6″ pre-cut pattern, which makes it extremely easy to cut a hole for your stove pipe.

The Avalon also has 4 roof vents for ventilation, and pocket organizers for quick access to all your portable devices.

One of the coolest things about the Avalon is that the side walls can be rolled up, allowing for canopy-style living. This is also why it has a detachable, zip-in/zip-out floor.

Clean Mold from Tents

Bell tents from White Duck Outdoors

We place emphasis on usability and product design, which is why all canvas bell tents from White Duck Outdoors are designed to be extremely functional for a wide range of uses, including glamping, camping and hunting.

All our bell tents come with free shipping, support and a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure what you’re getting is the best out there.

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