Living comfortably in a wall tent in 2021: Should you do it?

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Are you planning on moving out into the wilderness? If so, a wall tent is going to be the closest you can get to creating a functional and stable house out in the open. The four vertical walls and heigh ceiling will give you enough standing and sitting space, and also accommodate large groups of people. Compared to other canvas tents, this can be a better option if you are going to be spending a good time outside.  If you’re still trying to decide, take a look at our list of pros and cons of living in a wall tent.

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Pros of living in a wall tent 

1. Explore the world 

Stepping out of your stable and secure house, allows you to step out of your comfort zone and learn so much more about the world and around. Living in a tent on your own or with family and friends can let you experience life from a different perspective and also start relishing the basic beauties of life. 

2. Move to family based living 

Living in a wall tent, far away from the trappings of modern life can help bring you and your family closer. Fewer automated systems and technological devices help develop a stronger family culture and can help raise kids in a new, different, environment. 

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3. Spend less, save more 

Let’s face it, owning and maintaining a house is expensive. Moving into a sturdy canvas wall tent can be a good replacement for a house. You can free yourself from the responsibilities that a house owner is burdened with; you can stop paying rent and also spend less on utilities to save up and live a fuller and less anxious life.  

4. Become environmentally efficient

You will decrease your carbon footprint when you decide to go and live in a wall tent. You will use less electricity and create less non-biodegradable waste, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve done your part in making the world a cleaner place. 

5. Become a healthier individual Wall tents can be extremely functional

There’s a chance you could improve your personal well-being by moving out into an outfitter tent in the wild.  You’ll probably be spending more time outdoors, rather than cooped up in an office or apartment in the city, so you’ll get a better exposure to Vitamin D. There will be plenty of opportunities to focus on your mental health as well, as you’re away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Depending on where you set up your tent, there’s a good chance you’ll also have plenty of outdoor activities to partake in to stay physically in shape.

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6. Wall tents can be extremely functional

If you do decide to move out, you won’t be thrown back in time to the prehistoric age. Wall tents today are built with certain core functions that can allow for modern and comfortable living.  White Duck Outdoors offers the Alpha Wall tent which comes with its own stove jack, so you don’t have to worry about digging out your own stove pipe. Fire-retardant fabric is also available to make cooking far more convenient.   The Alpha Wall tent is a 4-season tent with storm doors and windows. In the summers, you can use the bug mesh and also pull up the canvas layer of the tent. In the winters, you can pull down the canvas layers and turn on the stove to heat up the inside.   If you choose to live in a caravan park you will have access to toilets and showers for daily use. Otherwise, you can invest in solar heated showers or also use chemical toilets.

7. Safari tents are spacious

Walled tents have always been popular with hunting groups who generally camp out in one location for many days.  These safari tents have enough room to hold belongings and gear in one space, allowing you to keep a good number of supplies with you. Owing to the rectangular floor space, it’s also super easy to set up the space the way you want, by laying out a bed, couches, tables and more.

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The possible downsides of living in a wall tent

1. Security risk 

You can find the best heavy duty 4 season wall tents that are stormproof and made of duck canvas but the sturdy material can only help you so far. It’s hard to lock the tent and prevent anyone from entering when you’re out and about. You can potentially be at risk if you leave behind your valuables. To resolve this issue, investing in tent locks would be best. 

2. Bugs and Wild Animals 

Summertime bugs can be a nuisance but you will have to use the provided bug mesh and supplies to prevent bugs from coming inside your space. You will also have to deal with wild animals that will be attracted by the smell of food. If you have young children in the tent you want to be particularly careful that they are well taken care of, and that you dispose of your food appropriately. 

3. Wear and Tear 

When you’re looking at investing in a tent with walls, ideally it should come with a limited lifetime warranty but there will be times when you will have to mend certain parts of the canvas tent in cases of emergency – this can be exceptionally hard if the weather is unforgiving. Despite the difficulty, you can find various mending kits and if you buy one of the best canvas wall tents, hopefully the damage won’t be irreparable! 

4. Connection difficulties 

Remember that in the case of an emergency it will be hard to connect with people easily. You have to be prepared to communicate with ease and have back up options when living in a canvas outfitter tent.

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5. Food Management 

You’ll likely have to plan your meals if you’re living off-grid. There are very few items that can be packed and stored for very long periods of time, so sometimes you have to make do with what you can get at the time. Carry a slingshot and a fishing kit to catch your meals wherever you choose to be. If you live close to urban localities or in a caravan park, it can be easier to get food supplies from surrounding areas.

6. Less space 

Wall tents have the most room, but if you’re living in them for long periods of time, the space can start to feel smaller, compared to if and when you used to live in a house. The Alpha Wall Tent at White Duck Outdoors come with pocket organizers, helping you organize your belongings and especially your electronic devices.



So, living in a wall tent can be a highly rewarding experience and it could be an exciting lifestyle change for you. It will, however, require preparation, planning and commitment and you have to be ready for the challenges that come with it. A canvas wall tent can be the perfect choice for this experience, giving you the space and quality materials you need to survive.

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