Living in a Glamping Tent: 7 Essential Packing Tips for a Memorable Experience

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Living in a glamping tent is definitely a growing trend around the US. According to a 2021 report from GlampingHub, people are looking to glamping as an alternative local way to travel. The report mentions that “bookings for highly secluded accommodations increased 91% compared to 2019.”In line with this trend, people are investing more in luxury tents to create their own glamping experiences and also looking to glamping resorts as a way to get away from their daily stresses. Beyond glamping tents, glamping sites may also offer high end tents, air mattresses, cabins, domes, bubbles or treehouses to stay in.Generally, when you’re looking at glamping experiences, you’ll notice a range of offers to choose from, which can determine the kind of accommodation you live in, as well as the amenities on offer. If you’re new to the world of glamping, you can get information from different websites about the type of vacation you can book. There’s ample information available on the web about the best glamping sites near you, and the kind of experience you can create for yourself. Whether you’re new to the world of glamping or a seasoned glamper, there are some tips that you should always keep in mind while preparing for a glamping trip. Even if you’re not required to prepare and pack the basic necessities like a traditional camper, there are some things that can truly elevate your experience and create a memorable glamping experience that you’ll fondly look back on. EJ0A5090 1

Research your glamping site and glamping tent

The primary step before you embark on your glamping trip should always be researching your options in order to avoid any unforeseen delays or unpleasant surprises.Thorough research will ensure you choose a worthwhile glamping site and the best glamping tents. It’s a good idea to learn about the facilities provided by your chosen accommodation, which also determines what you do and don’t need to bring along with you on the getaway. Some sites will provide electricity, running water, toilets, cooked meals and good entertainment options which means you can travel very light. Other times, and especially if you’re setting up your own glamping tent, you may need to bring essentials, just as you would on a more camping-style trip. 2 girls and a dog in a glamping tent

Plan to be as comfortable as possible!

Luxury glamping tents booked at glamping resorts have their own standard furnishing just like hotels. The furniture included can range from a bed, side tables, chairs, sofas or other bonus features like a swing, hammock or rocking chair. Glamping is all about your comfort and there are few things that can make you truly feel like you’re at home (but in the outdoors) more than your own bed. Replicating that environment in your luxury tent will ensure you’re ready to hop into bed after a tiring day of outdoor activities, and also keep you well rested for the next morning’s plans. Packing and bringing along your own pillow, favorite bedding, a cozy blanket and some cushions will definitely make your experience more comfortable and luxurious.Tips for Staying Cool on Summer Camping Trips

Prepare to feast on delicious meals

Food is one something we all think about when it comes to camping outdoors and a finely cooked meal is something we can really look forward to when glamping — after all, what’s a vacation without a delicious meal? If you’re setting up your own glamping site, it might be best to plan ahead and decide what you and the family (or friends group) are going to eat beforehand. That way, you can make sure that you have the necessary ingredients and equipment to make the meals onsite.If you’re staying in a glamping tent at a resort, there’s a good chance they’ll have food services or a restaurant at the site, in which case there isn’t much preparation you need to do!A good way to prepare for your meals is to consider ingredients you can bring in cans or as frozen items so that they stay fresh until it’s time to cook or grill. When you’re back from canoeing, hiking or exploring a nearby town, you want to be excited to dig into the meals you’ve brought along. You can also view another post about best luxury tents for sale.3H5A0729

Pack your favorite snacks and drinks

An ideal vacation involves good rest, adventure, and lots of comfort food. Packing your favorite snacks and drinks is always a good idea because it means you will always have food on hand when you don’t feel like cooking. If you have a cooler, you can enjoy chilled drinks with your meals around the fire. You can also bring along packaged items to fix your own quick snacks like s’mores, nachos and popcorn. You might also want to think about healthy, energizing snacks you can carry with you during the day’s activities like hiking or kayaking. An all-natural granola or protein bar could go a long way in keeping you full until it’s lunch or dinner time.

Plan out your entertainment options

Today’s glamping sites may well be equipped with WiFi, so you can have easy access to entertainment options through your smartphones and tablets. If your glampsite provides electricity, then you should be good to go for movies or other plans you have. Glamping sites also offer onsite entertainment options like an open-air movie theatre and mini-concerts. If you want to have your own privacy, you can bring along different things which you and your family can enjoy like traditional board games, a Nintendo switch or, of course, books to read when you’re up early, sipping on your morning coffee. qtq80 j9kxCW

Don’t forget about safety and protection

Your safety and well-being should be a top priority, and if you’re prepared to be out in nature, or for unexpected circumstances, you’ll feel a lot more relaxed during your glamping getaway. Pack sunglasses, an umbrella, a first aid box, flashlights for everyone, medicines, mosquito repellents and sanitizers. Checking weather conditions before heading out for your day is also important — the last thing you want is to be halfway through an arduous hike, only for it to start pouring! qtq80 tJTNRm

Personalize the space in your glamping tent

It’s always enjoyable to add more personality to and customize your living space. A glamping tent is your home for a few days and adding a few personal accessories to it can make the ambience more appealing for you and your family. You can bring candles, tea lights, fairy lights and colorful buntings to enhance your space and create an inviting atmosphere that will make your glamping experience memorable.Tent lightingYou can also bring along your favorite bedding, books and a small speaker to make time in your luxury tent that much more enjoyable.

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