Let’s Embark on a Journey in the Lap of Mother Nature

The fresh air filling the lungs with the glazing sky that renders such beauty that the heart wants to stand and savor the magnificence inch by inch. While you pump those muscles out, shed some unwanted calories and dive into the adventures of a lifetime. Camping can surely turn out to be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. But what’s important in this tiresome journey is timely rest without any whatsoever hindrance.A sweet escape with the calmness of the still night sky above and the cascading streams at the sides in the lap of nature’s paradise is everything the body needs to heal. But the rest in-between hikes or long journeys are the real challenges. Worry no more as resting has been made super easy no matter if there are heavy winds outside or an unpredictable downpour, the most durable and the best tents of 2020 like the wall tents shall have you covered and protected wherever you go.

Not just confined to camping, say hello to the miracle tents

Bell tents have been some of the most popular and easiest to put up tents. A circular tent with support in the middle, bell tents are majestically gorgeous. A super solution, these tents can accommodate as many people as possible. Full of comfort and aesthetic pleasure, bell tents have enough vertical space for you to walk around, making them the perfect camping partner.The feel of canvas and the pristine nature of the tent’s interior shall leave you satisfied at comfort’s den. Being waterproof and extremely durable, these tents are water repellent meaning come snow, come rain, you can have a tension-free stay outdoors.A reliable tent, these bell tents surely provide more security, privacy, and comfort than car camping. Their versatility also lets bell tents to be used for housing exhibitions, parties, surprises and much more.All-purpose bell tents have been popular for ages and shall continue to do so given their ease of accessibility. Bell tents can also be customized to suit one’s needs varying from the likes of housing an exhibition to hosting marriage and so on.

Reasons why you should include wall tents in your bucket list

If large is your go-to favorite then this is the tent for you. Wall tents are immensely popular among camping groups given the gigantic stature and ease of accommodation. Here listed below are some reasons as to why wall tents are garnering unmatched popularity these days :
  • Comfort: car camping surely isn’t a comfortable stay. What makes it worse is the body craves more comfort once it has been drained of any energy given the rigorous camping, trekking or journey. Wall tents provide an unmatched amount of comfort as it also can help you combat the outside environment while being all cozy on the inside. Also, wall tents mostly come with windows that are laced with bug meshes that not only give you access to being inside and keeping a watch outside but also prevents any sort of bugs or insects entering the tent so you have a pleasant sleep. Learn more about wall tents for sale on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.
  • Protection and versatility: Protection is very important when it comes to having a great outdoor experience. Be it drizzle, hail or rain, the thick walls of wall tent and canvas tent and their waterproof nature account to unmatched protection and versatility.

Why prefer tents crafted from canvas?

A woven fabric originally made of hemp fiber, and also for cotton with polyester, the canvas has a really pleasant and natural feel to it. Not just that, the canvas also insulates against cold air. They also are breathable making the airflow happen easily and ensuring a good sleep after a tiring day of camping.Also securing you with high tensile strength these wall tents and canvas tents provide an immense amount of confidence. While the canvas retracts the sunlight, provides a good amount of space and unmatched tranquility in the midst of nature they also take care not to make flapping sounds in case of wind.The canvas tents also provide a plethora of advantages. Some of them are listed below :
  • Sun protection
  • Water repellent hence defense against rain and snow.
  • Durable and hence can be hugely beneficial in case of the hailstorm and gushing winds or storms.
  • Canvas tents also stay cooler providing an amicable resting environment.
  • In the case of colder areas canvas tents can also retain a good amount of heat making it an idle camping partner.
  • Blessed with immense longevity, wall tents, and canvas tents are definitely the camping favorite.
Convenience is the ultimate goal. Every reason to buy the most profitable tent needs to be scanned before you actually purchase one. Pen down your list of convenience as you choose the best light weight tent full of durability as convenience is the ultimate goal. Easy to set and highly portable these tents are a boon for the heart that is fond of adventure and travel. Lighting up your wall tent will make your camping trip most memorable! So go ahead and have the trip of your life.

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