How You Can Find The Best Camping Equipment For Dogs?

Dogs are the most adventurous companions to take on camping. Their energy is contagious and the fact that dogs love outdoors adds to the fun.

Providing your pup a chance to experience new sounds, smells and sights will make camping memorable for both of you. But taking your furry friend camping takes a lot more preparation than just keeping an extra blanket in the car. It is your responsibility to make sure they remain safe, healthy and well-fed besides having fun.

If you follow our recommendations, your pup will enjoy as much as you- if not more. So, read on and be prepared to head out into the wilderness with a list of some of the best camping equipment for dogs:

1 – Leash

Most of the camping grounds have strict rules regarding dogs. So, keep a long cable tie-out in hand or let your dog play with a leash tied around, so you can grab it whenever necessary.

Or you can even try using hands-free dog leash. It’s great for times when you need to take a break and drink some water or consult your map.

2 – ID tags

Digital ID tags can help trace your pet via your phone. It also contains all the important links such as the owner’s contact information, alternate contacts, health-related info and the pet’s veterinarian contact information. To be on the safe side, make your pet wear engraved tags with your vehicle name, model, and license plate number. This way, the finder can try to locate your car in the campground in case they cannot contact you via phone.

3 – First aid kit

If you are a seasoned camper, then you may have experienced small injuries and minor accidents along the way. You can’t leave the house without keeping a first aid kit for yourself and one for your pup too. While some items in the human first aid kit can be used in case of emergency, it is better to keep a separate box for your pet.

For example, human bandage tape won’t stick to them because of the fur. This is why you should invest in a pre-made first aid kit for your dog. Make sure it has paw friendly bandages, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and a tick remover.

4 – Portable food and water containers

Invest in a portable food and water container for your pup. They’re a great invention because they are collapsible and can be stored in your dog’s backpack too. Plus, they prevent leakage and come in a variety of sizes to satiate all the dogs in your party. It is recommended that you use a camping organizer to store your pup’s essentials in one place.

If you have planned a long day ahead, then keep some power packed snacks for your pup too. A high-quality treat can keep your dog’s energy up for hours. Also, if you are unsure about the unavailability of clean drinking water on the campsite, then keep a portable water filter handy. This way your pet can enjoy water that is clean and safe.

5 – Poop Bags

This one goes without saying. Represent yourself as a good ambassador for other dog owners. You can buy a roll of plastic bags and keep it handy anytime you are out and about with your fur buddy.

6 – Dog Towel

After a day of running about in the mud, your dog will get dirty. Dog towels are a must-have in this case. Just wipe off the extra dirt before they sit in your lap or step into your tent. Microfiber towels for dogs are a great investment because they dry quickly and feel like an actual towel. Buy a different colored towel for yourself and the pooch as you don’t want them to mix up!

7 – Sleeping bags

Every dog owner knows dogs hate sleeping on a cold and hard surface. Packing up your dog’s regular bed can take up a lot of space. This is where a sleeping bag specially designed for dogs can serve the purpose. They are similar to the sleeping bags used by us but sized appropriately for dogs. Plus, sleeping on their own bed can make your dog feel in control and relaxed, which a great way to help them adjust in a new environment.

8 – Clip-on LED collar light

Starlit nights are always the best parts of camping. It’s exciting to walk around in the wilderness during the wee hours but be wary of the darkness. Keep a clip-on LED collar light handy that can be attached to your pup’s collar. There are some great ones in the market that are durable, water-resistant and have great battery life too.

9 – Dog backpack

Doggy backpacks are a great investment, especially if you like to hike with your dog. It’s a useful tool that helps keep your dog active and visible on the campsite. Store your dog’s poop bags and treats in the accessible storage space. Also, you can also use it as a dog harness by using the leash attachment.

10 – Pet camper

If you’re a fan of glamping rather than camping, then go for an all-out luxury dog trailer. There are many pet campers and trailers on the market that serve as a miniature home for your dog and will not only make the trip memorable for you but your dog too.

Camping with dogs

Camping with dogs can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. Give your pup a lot of time to adjust to the new surroundings. If you feel that the new smells and sights are sending your pup into a tizzy, deactivate them in a pet playpen.

Make sure you invest in the aforementioned dog camping equipment so you are well-prepared for your trip. If you have all the necessary things in your doggy camp kit, it’ll be a safe and fun trip for both of you.