Staying in a glamping tent with pets: Do’s and Don’ts for a memorable weekend

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Going glamping often means spending time in a glamping tent at a resort or a self-managed glamping site away from home and, unfortunately, also away from our furry friends. It’s not uncommon, though, to think about the joys of going glamping with our pets. It means that not only would we not have to be away from them, but they would also get to reap the benefits of being in a new, mostly natural environment that they can truly relish. Whether you’re hiking, swimming or just hanging out in the great outdoors near your glamping site, your dog or other pets are sure to have a blast in the open space. 

Things to Keep in Mind for your Glamping Tent

1) Pet comfort: It’s essential that your pets are as comfortable as possible. Since this is going to be a new environment around new people in an unfamiliar setting, you need to ensure they feel right at home. This could be from driving safely so they don’t feel scared, to taking along their favorite stuffed toy so they can sleep soundly.2) Essentials: When you’re going glamping with your dog, it’s easy to forget about some essentials that may be glanced over. This starts with the water they drink; taking along water from home or using bottled water rather than tap water at the glamp site can help prevent an upset stomach. You should also keep their health records on hand, should the need arise. It’s also always a good idea to carry poo bags, so you can keep the area clean! 3) Preparation for a good night’s sleep: Given your pet is going to be running around, swimming or joining you on hikes, they’re bound to be tired by the time you get back to your glamping tent. Having a durable, comfortable pet bed with you can give them a night’s worth of much needed sleep. The canvas pet bed from White Duck Outdoors, for example, is made from a heavy-duty canvas fabric that’s not only comfortable, but also survives the rugged outdoors. 4) Socialization: Your pet is going to be seeing many new faces and also possibly be meeting other dogs or pets. For this reason, it’s important that they’re used to other animals and comfortable being around new people and things. They should be well-behaved on a leash and trained to listen to your commands. You can also view another post about the best luxury tents.glamping tent dog blanket dog bed cooking campfire canvas tent

Navigating Rules and Regulations

If you haven’t set up your own glamping tent, say, in your backyard and are instead glamping on public grounds, you may encounter different rules, depending on the kind of land you’re staying on. You can find the rules for dogs on every national park’s website. Generally, whether or not your dog can accompany you or be left alone at the campsite varies from park to park, so it’s a good idea to check online beforehand. With state and local parks, similarly to national parks, you will need to consider what exactly your activities and plans are for the day when you’re out glamping. Generally, this will determine whether or not your pets can come along and how you need to be handling them. Your location also matters; many beach destinations, for example, restrict the accompaniment of dogs. When it comes to national forests or land under the Bureau of Land Management, checking with the regional offices is usually the best way to go. You want to make sure you always have a leash with you, and your dog should also keep a collar with an ID tag on. kuma the aussie 3

5 Tips for a Successful Glamping Trip with Pets

  1. Keep your dogs on a leash: Pets, especially dogs, are extremely curious animals and may constantly be tempted to explore the local area. Especially when you’re on public glamping grounds, making use of a leash is important. 
  2. Pack essentials for your pets: When you’re packing for your glamping trip, you want to make sure you have the basic provisions for your animals. This could include their favorite bowl, water that they’re used to and food to eat. 
  3. Don’t leave their food around: If you leave kibble out at all times, this might even attract other kinds of wildlife and teach them to keep an eye out for glampers in case they might get a free meal! For this reason, you should only bring their meals out at, well, mealtime. 
  4. Keep your dogs by your side: When you’re living in your glamping tent, weather can be unpredictable and you may also be in an area with others around, who are trying to enjoy their time out in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For this reason, you should, as much as possible, take your pups with you when you leave for daytime activities and try your best not to leave them alone at camp. 
  5. Pick up after your pets: As more people get outside and spend time camping, glamping, hiking or backpacking with their dogs or other animals, it’s common to see the amount of waste increasing as well, which is something you don’t want to contribute to or be a part of. Always make sure you’re picking up after your dogs to protect the environment and keep it enjoyable for others. 

Ideas for Your Glamping Trip with Pets

There are several items you can take along with you on your glamping trip with your pets to make it a successful one. Aside from the basics that you’re probably bringing with you, there are some other dog-specific items that could make the trip worthwhile. A dog bed would probably be at the top of the list. When your pups spend all day with you on trails or running around near the glamping tent, they’re going to need a good night’s sleep. A spacious, comfortable dog bed helps make sure they’re well-rested for the next day. You can also check another post about the best safari tent.A lightweight hiking backpack could be a great addition to your own camping gear. If you plan to take your animals out with you on hiking trips, the hiking backpack is perfect for storing items like your phone, pick-up bags, snacks or keys. Depending on the kind of area you’ll be staying in, you might want to look into paw protectors. Usually, they’re water-resistant and are often designed to be reflective. This way, if your dogs are running around at night, they won’t get hurt and you can also spot them easier in the darkness! Collapsible dog bowls could also be a very useful addition to your glamping setup. They save space, they’re portable and do just as good a job as the bowls you may use at home.

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