How to Organize Camping Stuff – A Guide for First-Time Campers

So we heard that it is your first shot at camping. We must say that you have made a great plan, now let us help you carry that plan out in a fun and organized way.

While camping is a very suitable idea for a nice happening picnic, one cannot deny that it can be quite stressing with all the packing and organizing involved. Everyone wants to be a happy camper, but not everyone knows how to be one.

There are many ideas that can be helpful to you, but if they’re applied at the last minute, things can things can get really messy. We see that many people do not consider organizing their trip and gear or perhaps, as first-timers, they are not aware of the importance of planning beforehand. Hence, we suggest the ideas and hacks are applied beforehand so as to avoid the mess and yes, the headaches too!

Poorly stored gear makes it prone to deterioration and, as a result, it ends up getting worn and torn at a faster rate than its designated shelf life.

That’s why we say that a little planning is recommended to make your experience pleasant and easy on the pocket in the long run. Following is a little guide for you to take help from when you sit down for the planning and organization of your stuff.

Use Storage Bins For The Gear:

We perfectly understand how tempting it must be to just chuck everything in a bag. Let us tell you that not only is it an unorganized way to go about things, but it can also cost you your gear.

Therefore, use plastic storage bins as they will keep your gear protected and in place. We recommend plastic storage bins due to the fact that they are weather resistant as well as extremely durable.

The Duffle Bags:

These bags are ideal for organizing your personal belongings. The fun part is that if you plan to take your children on the trip with you, you can hand each one their own colored duffle bag. Not only should the children love the colors, they will also feel responsible for their own things. Train and teach them how to organize and store their own stuff, such as toys, play cards or any other item they wish to bring along on the trip. This way, you will not have to keep a check on your children’s items and micromanage every little thing on the trip.

Do It the Smarter Way – Keep Your Essentials Accessible:

There are some items like sunscreen, flashlights, mosquito and bug repellents, and toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc., that you will need to access frequently; store them in a compartment easily accessible to at any given time, possibly an outer pocket or get a separate cabinet organizer for these items so you don’t have to rummage through your whole luggage every time you feel like washing your face or brushing your teeth. In addition to this, choose your clothing wisely as you surely do not want your campsite all cluttered. Also, do not resort to folding your clothes as they will occupy a lot of space which you might need at a later point in your trip. Instead, roll your garments; this practice will not only save you space but it will also make it easier for you to pick and choose what to wear.

The Canvas Tool Bags:

Trust us when we say that the canvas tool bags are your truest, best friends when you’re going camping. They come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, which makes them an ideal storage choice. You can organize the kitchen utensils, toiletries or even your first aid in them very conveniently. Other than this, one really smart way is to pack your items in small bags and nest them into one larger bag.

The Labeling Game:

Keep this game strong and on point! Once you have everything sorted and set in place, start labeling each of your storage containers. Just grab some tape and write on it. This will help prevent nasty panic attacks from showing up, as you will be mentally clear about where everything goes even after you take it out of the spot and storage. For example, label the container in which your make-up is packed as cosmetics and the one with towels and toothpaste etc. as toiletries. This way not only packing, but unpacking will also be easier for you.

The Tic-Tac Box:

Yes, you read it right! This is also a cool way to organize your items. You definitely will not require spices in a huge amount, hence there is no need to carry them in their original bulky containers. However, you will still need something to store a small, useable quantity of spices, for which tic-tac candy boxes will prove to be handy. They shall be easier to pack in, thanks to their small size, and can also be used as sprinklers.

Kill Two With One:

You obviously will need a lot of water to drink and you would also want to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. Both of the things can be achieved by simply freezing gallon jugs of water and placing them inside your cooler. This way, it will keep your food items cold and later, you will have sufficient amount of water to drink too.

As cumbersome as it may all sound, you will definitely heave a sigh of relief in the future and will thank us, and even yourself, for all the time and effort you spent in the organization of your stuff. Remember, planning is half the part of the art of living – and also traveling, of course. Taking some time out before the trip will save you from wasting time during the trip; instead of getting caught up in sorting and worrying while camping you will be able to enjoy your experience to the max. It’s better to get things right the first time and sparing yourself the horror of doing twice the work. Good luck, happy camper!