How to Choose The Best Motorcycle Camping Tent For Yourself?

Money — you have always got the time to make, but adventure… you won’t always have the time or the energy to invest in. And some of the most awesome adventures happen during motorcycle camping! There are amazing stretches of roads just waiting to be explored by your motorcycle, and discovering awesome places to have fun and relax is easier when you’re on a motorcycle. Learn more about canvas tents for sale on our website Just imagine hitting the road on a long adventure, going exciting new places, camping underneath the stars at night with your trusty bike safe inside a sturdy motorcycle tent… Yes, a motorcycle tent, because you can’t just leave your precious motorcycle out in the open; what if it rains like crazy at night and your bike gets drenched super bad? You have to be keen in keeping your camping gear and motorcycle in tip-top condition and not to forget, always try to pack light. You’ll quickly realize that the normal backpacking tents don’t make the cut and instead you need a proper motorcycle camping tent. Now the dilemma of choosing the best one out of hundreds of motorcycle tents is very real and it can easily make you ditch the whole idea of going on an adventure altogether. But hey, you don’t have to worry anymore because we have come up with the best guideline to follow for choosing the perfect motorcycle camping tent for yourself. Here goes everything:


Size matters a lot when you’re choosing a motorcycle tent. You have to keep these few important elements in mind:
  • Motorcycle size: You have to store your motorcycle in a covered area which fully surrounds your bike and protects it from getting damaged. So you’ll need to measure out the inside area of the motorcycle tent to make sure your bike fits perfectly.
  • Storage space: You also have to keep check of how much storage space you’ll be left with once your motorcycle is safely stored inside. You can always keep your other belongings on the bike or even the space between the two wheels on the ground.
  • Sleeping arrangements: The third most important thing to consider while checking over the size is the space you will need to sleep in. Unless you want to sleep jam-packed with no room to even wiggle your toes, you better choose double the size of what you actually need to sleep comfortably. You might also need to carry a blanket if you’re planning to camp in a cold environment; here’s a blog you can read for more information on buying insulated blankets for your next outdoor adventure.


No matter how much cash you are carrying, you have to always have a budget so you don’t waste your money buying anything priced above average unless it’s really necessary and worth the money. The best motorcycle camping tent is the one where quality and price both are in perfect balance. Make sure you get the one with the best money value.

Weight and Size

Unless you want to carry around a bulky motorcycle tent and get tired barely halfway into your road trip, you better buy something lighter and easy to manage. It will be better for you to check your motorcycle’s load capacity and weigh in your camping gear so that you don’t overload your bike with all the camping stuff. Invest in some panniers if you do plan on packing a bit more than usual so that the load is evenly distributed.

Water and Wind Resistance

Trust us when we say that waking up in a puddle of water is not something that you’ll like to experience. Your motorcycle tent has to be water-resistant to prevent such a scene. Usually, motorcycle tents are waterproof, but to satisfy yourself, test out the tent you’re buying it. Weather can change in mere minutes and you could get soaked in rain out of nowhere. Also, storms are a pretty nasty form of nature and if you don’t want to be blown away like Dorothy from Kansas City then your motorcycle tent has to be wind protected. Strong, unruly, the chilly wind is no one’s cup of tea.


You seriously do not want to get suffocated inside the tent. Especially in a hot weather and environment, waking up all sweaty and gasping for cool and clean air is not fun. There is nothing worse than a humid tent. So if your tent has a mesh body and some carefully crafted vents then you would love to breathe and relax. On cool and clear nights even stargazing will feel great. We believe motorcycles to be an excellent and exciting way to explore the world and have a wonderful adventure. There’s something about motorcycles which gives off this freedom vibe. You can venture off with nothing to worry about and discover beautiful hidden places. Having a good motorcycle tent in your possession helps you protect your bike from any harm, store your precious stuff, and give yourself a chill place to catch the snooze train. All in all, spending a good few bucks buying a motorcycle tent is well worth it if you’re serious about going on a motorcycle “Madventure”.

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