How to Choose the Best Military Tent for Camping?

Army or military tents have been around for quite some time, and they have been the ultimate choice for the military from Biblical times. But it is wonderful to see how the design and the features evolved as per the growing needs of the customer.The technological innovations not only have a great impact on the design but also the material of the military tent making it the sturdiest, most reliable tent. The innovation didn’t alter the basic purpose why campers and adventurers still look out for military tents even today.

What Makes Military Tents Different?

If you are a first-time camper and looking through your options for a tent, a military tent can surprise you. The fact that the military used them in the olden days says quite a lot about what you are looking at. At first glance, they may not appear different from the regular tents. However, the differences are huge.

water proof tent

Previously, they were designed using leather as it was considered the most durable material for a military tent. Today, you can find these in a variety of durable materials including vinyl, hemp canvas, and linen.Despite the way these tents have evolved, what still gives them the same recognition is the manner in which they were designed. The military tent offers maximum shelter from extreme conditions.As far as the size is concerned, they are roomy but still smaller than large canvas tents and therefore made the perfect choice for soldiers to carry them to different locations as required. These portable yet heavy-duty tents are for any camper who wishes to have a great time out on an adventurous camping journey.

How to Choose the Best Military Tent?

When looking for the best test for camping, you will be surprised with an impressive array of choices. From minimalist, lightweight models to durable shelters that can accommodate several people, you can consider various factors when picking up the right tent for camping in the harshest conditions.Here we have listed the top factors to help you make the right choice:

Tent Size

As mentioned above, most military tents are smaller than the regular family tents, but you can definitely look for a customized size that could offer room for gear, sleeping cots, pets, and many more.Decide on the right size based on the sleeping capacity you require. Keep the number of people and the level of comfort you are looking for in a military tent. The size also lets you decide the right shape of the tent. This affects the interior space. Generous peak heights and vertical walls will give a roomier feel to your tent as compared to the sloped walls.However, it is important that you consider the weather and other elements of the camping area to make a wiser choice. For instance, tents with sloped walls will be more resistant to snow loading and wind and offer you greater protection.

The Type of Camping

Naturally, if you are looking for a military tent, it is easier to guess that you are looking forward to a challenging camping experience and will land on a tough piece of land to begin your journey. However, the more you know about the camping you are planning, the better.This will enable you to pay attention to the details. If you are up for a hiking experience, picking a featherweight military tent that can be easily carried is definitely a plus. You may give up a few amenities to get the benefit of portability.If the location has sharp winds and cold temperatures, choose a tent with features that could protect you without fearing the additional pounds it could add.

Pick the Right Material

Unlike before, military tents are now available in a variety of sturdy materials to offer maximum protection to suit the climate.Ventilation and mesh are key in humid and warm places if you planning to camp on the southeast side. On the contrary, if you are camping in winter, a four-season military tent is perfect for extra resistance to cold, wind, and snow.However, if you are a big hunter and camp with a large group, you may look for similar features in more spacious tent options like canvas tents or family tents.Regardless of the temperature, make sure the material you pick keeps your tent dry. So pay special attention to the floor construction and the roof. The right material will also decide the maintenance and care your military tent requires.


If privacy is a major concern, you can look for cabin-style military tents. These are based on a different structure and may even take longer to set up on the location. However, it has the room to offer six to eight separate sleeping areas for each person. The rooms can be closed for additional privacy.It may even include a separate sitting area for socializing and preparing meals. Such military tents are an excellent choice for family camping and camping with large groups.

Why Military Tents Are a Great Choice?

If you keep all the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can pick the most suitable military tent to begin your camping adventure. These tents suitable for withstanding extreme weather can withstand winds up to 40miles/hour and offer substantial waterproofing features. It’s a great choice as the tent offers maximum protection in cold conditions and make it an ideal tent for winter camping, hiking, and mountain climbing.A military tent can ensure a great outdoor experience despite extreme conditions – thanks to its sturdy design and tough material. Earlier, these were only available with military surplus providers but keeping the growing demand in mind, these are now available to common consumers too.So if you are on a hunt for these hardy styles of tents, do your research and pick the best style. If you want to check out the perfect balance between style and sturdiness, we have a variety you can check out!

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