How to choose a tarp for your tent?

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19 0638b642 0f27 48cc acc9 c0622a5636e9 medium.progressiveThe term “tarp” itself might be alien to people camping for the first time. Tarp is more commonly known as a tarpaulin sheet or cover which is used to stay dry and safe from rain and other casualties during camping. P

itching tarp under your tent enforces a clean tent bottom when you are ready to put your tent away. The tarp can also be used to build an outdoor shelter outside the tent where you can cook and eat. You can even buildup a campfire under the tarp when it’s raining outside.

When choosing a tarp for your tent, one ought to take into consideration the requirements of the tarp itself. Choosing a tarp according to the requirements it poses is ideal before the actual purchase. Tarp made from cotton canvas provides a variety of functions. Tarps are usually made from pure cotton. They are waterproof and serve quite well on exclusive camping trips.

What is a cotton tarp used for?

tarp Collections Banner Size 1500x1500 1e57c3fa 41b6 42e6 89f0 2ae36b79a248 1500x1500Just as a waterproof tent provides protection from harsh weather conditions, the tarp is also used to keep the tent dry and protected. The tarp can be set up with poles in the form of a shed or extra area for cooking or keeping luggage. It can even be used to set up a fire when it is raining outside. It can be set up as a strong canvas fort for children to play in.

Tarp keeps firewood and other belongings dry because of its waterproof nature. It can protect your vehicle from harsh weather as well. Other fun uses of tarp can be for building a hammock or even a picnic blanket.

Reason to use tarp shelter

  • Waterproof
  • Cheap
  • Light in weight
  • Compact
  • Easy to set up

How to choose the right tarp for a tent?

7 medium.progressiveChoosing the right quality tarp is essential for your tent. When going on a camping trip, one does not want to be overburdened with a lot of weight. A light tarp that does not compromise durability is an ideal choice as it can easily withstand versatile climate conditions.

In order to check for durability, the thickness and type of material used in the tarp should be carefully analyzed before making a purchase. Depending on your use, a light tarp of 5 mils is suitable for covering your vehicle or luggage. For other purposes like an outer tent covering or shelter, a heavy-duty tarp is the best choice.

Canvas tarp: Made from pure woven canvas threads. It is highly durable and breathable. Canvas tarp entertains waterproof properties and is ideal for camping purposes. They are more on the expensive side but last much longer because of their exceptional quality. They are tougher, sturdier, heat-resistant, and can withstand tears. Canvas tents are therefore a great choice for ground covering, rain protection as well as shelter formulation.

Poly tarp: A cheaper form of tarp is a poly tarp. It is the most commonly purchased kind. The tarp is made of polyethylene which is a heavy-duty plastic. This material is usually used for camping and even the construction of homes. The material behaves like a temporary roof cover and shelter. The material is lightweight and 100% waterproof making it perfect for outdoor occasions.

PVC tarp: Extremely durable and flexible, this kind of tarp is used for industrial motives such as floor coverings.
Vinyl tarp: Vinyl tarp is extremely strong in nature but expensive at the same time. The material is fabricated from ethylene molecules. This is a far more durable material compared to poly tarps, an upgraded version even. Vinyl tarp can be utilized as a roof cover for continued use. They can also be used for covering other equipment during camping or as ground covering.

Size – Tarp comes in different sizes and dimensions to facilitate one’s needs. When getting a tarp, remember a large piece would be needed to form a shelter but maybe a smaller one for luggage. When buying a piece of tarp, measure the base of your tent and match it with the tarp size

Ease of use – Try keeping things easy for yourself when selecting a tarp for your tent. One ought to look for a tarp that has grommets. Such tarp allows quick and easy installation and attachment to wherever it will be used. When using the tarp for a shelter or even as a tent, the tarp should have smooth functionality and easy securing so that it doesn’t fall and collapse.

Color – Tarps come in a variety of colors. But color may not seem so important to people when purchasing tarp but it is important to remember that color doesn’t just determine the design and look. The color of the tarp reflects the type, strength, and quality of the tarp itself.

Silver-colored heavy-duty tarp is very common. It serves as a blockage from sunlight. The white tarp almost acts translucent. It blocks most light and allows some in at the same time. Yellow, orange, and red tarps are used wherever high visibility is in need. Green, brown and blue tarps are utilized for landscape maintenance as well as construction sites