High-Quality Canvas Wall Tents for Eco-Tourism and Glamping

Are you tired of the city and are trying to find a place for your ultimate escape? Are you ready for an adventure or want to focus on your hobby for a few days without external distractions? If yes, then camping is probably the most evident solution for that. Apart from the fresh air and the natural vide, you will be surprised to find out that glamping has dozens of significant health benefits as well. So grab your camping gear, pick your canvas wall tent and get ready for your next camping trip!

The quest for the perfect canvas wall tent

Cots can always be a great idea if you are moving a lot, but they aren’t much resistant to environmental extremities, which makes tents the best possible options. Among the tents, wall tents tend to be the best because they give you more headroom and they are more durable and easy to install. Canvas Wall Tents are incredible for an extended stay in the woods, and if you are looking for the ultimate or of lodging in the wilderness, then these wall tents stand to be unparalleled.

The sturdiness and durability that the canvas wall tents provide are still unrivalled, and you can personalize the tents as you wish. It’s just like a second home that you will be experiencing on the edge of the woods. But to enjoy the wall tents in their full-fledged aspect, all you need is a material that could be nothing less than perfect. Canvas wall tents are perfect for glamping because they are sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about bees or bugs digging in them, and they look good, of course!

How to choose the right tent for you?

Well, selecting a tent is no child’s play. You need to be sure about what you are getting yourself into. While picking up a tent, you need to be very careful about the quality along with the cost and of course there are other factors as well. If you are new into the whole tent shopping thing and you want a tent of a great wave, then here is some information for you. Consider the below-mentioned tips, and you might get some help in your overall eco-adventure!

1. Great weave and quality
Your material of the tent needs to protect you from adverse weather conditions just like the sun, wind, rain, snow and even bugs and animals. This is why you need the material to be rough enough to resist claws and stings and waterproof enough to protect you from the rain and snow.

2. Sturdy and breathable
You need to keep in mind that you don’t suffocate inside your shelter and your tent is breathable enough to let you live. If not, there should be some kind of window made up of mesh or something that lets the air and sunlight in.

3. Personalized choice
While choosing your glamping tent, personalization should also be a concept that you should be emphasizing on. The more you like your tent, the more you will be fond of your trip. Every memory matters and so you need to select a tent that is a ten on ten on looks as well as performance.

4. Ease of maintenance and installation
Although camping isn’t a one-man thing, even with a group why would you need to spend all your time on tent installation? Choose a tent that is easy to pitch and store so that you can save your time and energy.

5. Resistance to tension
You need to pitch your strength while stretching the fabric, so make sure that the tent is strong enough to withstand enough tension. Apart from the resistance of the fabric, you also need to keep in mind that you are provided with ropes that are tensile enough to keep your tent standing.

6. Economic
There is no dissenting from the fact that an outdoor trip is a whole lot of expense which makes saving money absolutely important on usability expenses like that of tents. Keeping all of the above-mentioned criteria into consideration, you need to find a tent that won’t cost you all of your money.

The bottom line
Whether you are new to the camping game or getting back into it after a long hiatus, a classic wall tent can always give you the gusto to venture out for a single night or an extended trip. Make some room for friends in your next glamping adventure, or go alone, wall tents can always make you feel like you are carrying your home in your backpack. The benefits of eco-tourism are endless, and so are the benefits of Canvas wall tents.

The material of our tent is made from 100% breathable army duck canvas, and our tents are UV resistant along with being waterproof. Get your very own wall tent now from White duck outdoors and create ever-lasting memories for yourself and your camping squad in the tranquility of nature.