Memorable Glamping Tent Living: 7 Essential Tips for Beginners

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Glamping in a glamping tent, also known as ‘posh camping’, ‘glam camping’ or simply ‘luxury camping’ is considered a unique getaway for those looking for an experience in nature without the aspect of roughing it with camping. A modern twist to traditional camping, glamping is your chance to experience nature with all the elements of comfort you can get at home or in hotel accommodation.  The experience of glamping is unique and there are different types of glamping accommodations you can choose and book at various glamping campsites, or even rent one. The best ones will unquestionably offer you the best of glamour and comfort.  These glamping accommodations range from luxury tents, bell tents, yurts, safari tents, teepees, tree houses, bubbles and log cabins. It’s possible to find glam tent sites situated in woody areas, near a lake or in a desert setting. The amenities offered by each type of accommodation can be different and you can easily locate one according to your need and budget. The best glamping in USA gives you a way to spend time outside and in nature in a format that requires less planning and is less tiresome than traditional camping, where you’d usually need a lot of gear and experience in the outdoors to get out on a trip.  When you’re glamping in high end tents at a glamping resort, you don’t have to worry about a comfortable place to sleep, hot showers, proper heating and cooling, as well as stoves for cooking. When all these basic facilities are provided, you can then plan on how to truly unwind and connect with your natural surroundings and bring out your adventurous side. If you’re new to the world of glamping and living in a glamping tent, there are a few essential tips you can keep in mind before setting off on your trip. 

Choose a glamping tent for your trip

Each glamping experience can be different and depends on the location, type of glamping tents you choose and the facilities they are providing. All glamping sites and campgrounds offer a unique set of amenities and promise to make your experience memorable.  The bonus of opting for a glamping tent is that it brings you close to a camping experience, without having to really prepare as much as you would for a traditional camping trip. It’s a good idea to research beforehand and be very clear about the type of luxury tent which suits your requirements and the facilities you want in order to make your glamping experience a memorable one. It’s also possible that you choose to set up your own safari tent instead of staying at a resort. In this case, you will have to be a little bit more mindful about creating a true glamping experience so you don’t miss out on what resorts would otherwise provide.  glamping tent outdoors people grass table bell tent canvas tent

Travel light

Unlike traditional camping, glamping presents a unique opportunity to travel light and stress-free. Generally, we have a tendency to over-pack when we travel and are uncertain about the destination. This might especially be the case with camping, when we want to be sure we don’t leave anything behind. The great thing about glamping, whether you set up your own glamping tent or stay at a resort, is that many comforts and amenities are present at the site. This means you can afford to take just the essentials with you, with the expectation of receiving everything else during your stay.  The best glamping tents in the US usually provide things like blankets, beds, games, access to electricity and more, so you can think about just your clothes and gear, for the most part!  WD 16

Pack smartly

Aside from traveling light, it’s a good idea to check that what you do pack is things that you really need. For example, having a look at the weather forecast beforehand can help you pack the right clothes to, say, protect you from the rain and not pack more summery clothing. It’s also easy to overlook the essentials, some of which include a water bottle, prescription medications, first-aid kit, toiletries and electronics like chargers.  While your glamping resort may provide many things to make your stay a memorable one, bringing all your basics along will give you that little bit of piece of mind to enjoy a stress-free trip. 

Don’t forget your favorite snacks

Most glamping tents will offer a stove or microwave oven where you can cook or heat up anything you like. Some of you will enjoy this opportunity to test your culinary skills, but in order to save your precious time, it would be a good idea to travel with some wholesome snacks and fruits which you can enjoy on the go or when you don’t feel like cooking and washing dishes. You should also pack your favorite drinks to enjoy with your meals and snacks.  jess shaw utah

Take photos and videos! 

If it’s your first time glamping, then you definitely need to record your stay as a keepsake. Write it down in your journal, sketch a scene or just use your camera or smartphone to capture the moments of this unique experience.  You’re definitely going to want to share your trip on social media, with friends and family when you’re back home and look back on it a few years later! 

Take advantage of the outdoors

The best glamping tents are often located in serene areas with easy access to lakes or parks. While it might be tempting to stay inside your luxury tent and enjoy a relaxing weekend, you might also want to take advantage of the area around you. If you’re staying near a lake, swimming is the obvious choice but your glamping resort may also offer a kayak or canoe for you to take out.  If there are parks nearby, you’re sure to find scenic, challenging hikes to take on during the day. You can also make this a little more engaging for little ones by making a game out of spotting animals or identifying plant species.  qtq80 QavMRE

Safety first

It’s easy to get carried away if we go glamping for the first time but it’s always important to keep safety in mind.  You want to make sure that you have any bug spray or repellent to keep insects away from your glamping tent. It might also be a good idea to understand the area around you to ensure you’re not allergic to, say, any of the plants nearby.  It’s safe to say that once you embark upon this glamorous road of luxury camping; you are guaranteed to be hooked forever. Your first glamping experience can change the way you travel, enhance the way you connect to nature and bring out your adventurous side.   It is a unique way to experience what traditional campers do, without the hassle and challenges of traditional camping. You can truly enjoy the best of both worlds. 

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