Best glamping games: our 6 favorite games and sports from sunrise to sunset

Wedding in a tent
Combine the authenticity of an outdoor experience with the comfort of ready facilities, and you have glamping. The popularity of ‘glamping’ as an activity has been on an enormous rise, with the demand for glamping tents and cabins expected to grow by over double in the following years.  What makes glamping trips so special is how easy it can be to spend time on special activities that can bring you closer than ever with your favorite people or help make the most of your solo trip. With a reliable luxury tent, you won’t have to spend energy on trying to survive outdoors. From a warm bed to a table to gather around, you will be free to set up everything you need for the ultimate bonding experience! When you’re out on your trip or weekend getaway especially if you have kids with you, you want to make sure that you have ample exciting games and sports ready to play to keep everyone entertained and having fun. Here are some ideas from daytime to bedtime for games and activities to help you make your glamping trip an unforgettable experience for the entire family or friend group.


Fishing at dawn can be a great way to enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun rising over shining waters. Grab your fishing gear, sit down on a folding chair or a rock, and indulge in this calming yet exciting activity. It isn’t uncommon for campers to take their catches back to camp with them to grill over a stove and enjoy breakfast! 

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Glamping Olympics

In the early afternoon, when energy levels are still high, consider engaging in some family or friend olympics! It’ll be as simple as setting up a few simple yet fun outdoor activities, and grouping up as teams can add an exciting competitive edge. A quick Google search for “minute to win it games” will surface many ideas for games to include in your glamping Olympics. Alternatively, here are some ideas for games you can include in your sporting event.

Traditional Sports

Just because you’re on a unique outdoor adventure, it doesn’t mean your outdoor sports have to be completely new as well. There’s always a place for sports like soccer or football, that you play at home or in your backyard. The best part is that all you really need is a ball and some space. You can draw goals or touchdown lines in the dirt and you’re good to go!

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Just like traditional sports, mark each team’s goal zones and start passing the frisbee until one team reaches the winning 17 points. If you don’t want to play with points, even throwing around the frisbee is a great way to pass the time – it’s more fun than you might think!


Kubb, also known as Viking Chess, is a Scandavian game that is thought to have been created over 1,000 years ago by Vikings in the summer months.  In this game, a team wins by knocking down the king. A team can only start trying to knock down the king after knocking down all of the opponent team’s Kubbs using the throwing batons!

Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the trees and landmarks outdoors, as well as the inside of the glamping tent, to leave clues and hide objects. Whichever team finds the most number of objects within the least amount of time, wins.

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Finish off the Olympics with a grand finale of Tug-of-war. All you need is to get a huge rope, have each team grab an opposite side, start the timer, and start pulling! 

Flaslight hide-and-seek

Sunset does not have to mean the end of the day. In fact, there are things to do that can’t be done at any other time. Flashlight hide-and-seek is a night-time twist to the all-time kids’ favorite, hide-and-seek. The person who is “it” will use a flashlight to “seek” out the others. As soon as the flashlight hits you, you’re out!


The perfect time to bring out cards is when the sun goes down. You can switch your lantern or fairly lights on inside your glamping tent and whip up a game of UNO, poker, trumps or any other game you usually love to play. If you have the deck, Monopoly Deal is a great option as well.

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Two truths and a lie

Games where everyone can sit down and talk can be a refreshing break to so much outdoor running. Gather around a table in the glamping tent with some cushions and a cup of tea and play a game like two truths and a lie. Each person will state 3 facts about themselves, but 1 of them will be a lie. It’s up to the others to guess which ones are the truths, and which one is the lie!

Scary stories

Finally, you can end the day with some scary stories. Gather around a campfire while roasting marshmallows, or sit in a circle in the tent with some comfortable cushions and a flashlight. Hopefully the stories won’t be keeping everyone awake at night! The list of potential games and activities for you to enjoy during your glamping trip is endless. You won’t need much equipment at all, but your luxury tent will definitely allow you the time and space you need to enjoy your activities to their fullest! Spending time in nature with no distractions will definitely put everyone in a headspace to have fun with each other, so if you’re looking for a way to disconnect from the business of everyday life and have a good time, glamping should definitely be at the top of your list.  So what are you waiting for? Pick the games you know you and your friends or family will enjoy, pack up your equipment, and #reconnectnow.

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