Festival Camping Tents

As a child I had always fancied a gathering outdoors where one could be in the lap of nature with greenery and colorful flowers all around. Well we didn’t really have a ceremony or anything similar outdoors, but my dream did come true when I attended an annual festival with a couple of friends and had an after party in our tent. The tent must say was quite spacious and had a dark fabric that didn’t allow light to pass through our wall tent. Our Community Head mentioned that it was made of Canvas, and the tent is called Canvas Tent.

Regardless of the type of hobby enthusiast, music lover, sports person, or outdoor-activity lover you are, there’s always a chance that your favorite festival is being hosted somewhere in your visit able location.So if you are planning on getting yourself a festival camping tent kit for your next outing, without a doubt you’d be looking for something that’s comfortable, cozy and gives you the privacy you want in a public space.

Buying A Festival Camping Tent

Few things you should consider when buying a festival camping tent:

  • Duration of the outing

If you are a hard-core music or sports lover, or belong to a Bikers’ Brotherhood you are most likely to use your tent at least twice in a year. If you intend to use the canvas wall tent only for a festival or outing that happens once a year investing in something that’s expensive won’t make sense. Nonetheless you should consider something that gives you comfort and yet isn’t out of your budget.

  • Climate of the camping location

For someone who is planning to be a part of all the festivals or outings nearby, in the coming year, you may want to invest in a tent that is sturdy, durable, allows waterproofing and can be used in all-weather conditions.A canvas cotton tent makes the best option for winter and summer outings, thanks to their temperature-regulating fabric. White Duck Outdoors offers a wide range of Canvas Bell Tents and Wall Tents suitable for all your outing-needs.

  • Campsite’s pitch spacing

Unlike an Easter Brunch or Thanksgiving dinner in your own backyard, campsites go a li’l tight when it comes to proper pitch spacing. While most music or outdoor festivals specify a maximum tent size that can be used at the spot, it’s best to be on a safer side and have a porch space in the front. A porch doesn’t just allow you to be near your temporary home, but also helps you stay put when everything around you seems to be chaotic.

  • Light or Heavy Weight of Festival Tent

The characteristics of a good festival tent may be known to you or not, in either case we all want to put money into something that guarantees to suit all our requirements for that part of the year. The right tent helps you avoid bugs, torrential rains, warm summers, and chilly winters. But it is also important that you carry a light load when traveling to a space expecting a good attendance. Analyse the space you would need by counting the number of heads for your tent and go for the best available option. A portable tent that is light-weight and durablekeeps rains, dust and bugs away, without going big on your pocket sounds perfect here.

Need a High-Quality Canvas Wall Tents for Eco-Tourism and Glamping and unsure where to start from? White Duck Outdoors is just the right place for you with a wide range of Canvas Wall tents and Bell tents available in all shapes and sizes.