Do Canvas Tents Shrink?

It’s been a while since Canvas tent was introduced to the camping market and positioned itself as the best for an outdoor activity experience. When looking for a home away from home, we usually want something that has space, is waterproof rather watertight, breathable, allows lighting a fire safely- all without compromising on the quality of the fabric a tent is made of. Canvas tents are made of Canvas- a type of cotton that allows airflow to make the inside of the tent breathable and prevent dampness. The high quality, tightly-woven threads makes waterproof and least prone to condensation, as compared to other materials. Considering Canvas Tents are the perfect solution for camping needs a good number of buyers, especially those who are new in the field of outdoor activities, are quite focused on the shrinkage- of the material and the fitment. We’ll try to help you figure out the two here.

Does Canvas Tent Shrink?

The fabric, you ask? Mostly, it does, but it depends a great deal on the manufacturer as well. Canvas is a type of cotton fabric which undergoes a weathering process to become fully waterproof. When the fabric gets watertight, the seams need to follow unless you expect the tent to leak from near the pole.So if you have been planning to go for a camping in a rainfall or snowfall-prone area or humid weather that expects rainfall in the coming days, make sure you use some water on the Canvas camping tent prior to carrying it there. Not only will the trial help you in pulling off the tent in a better way, but also ensure a leak and shrink-proof stay. Canvas Tents by White Duck Outdoors are finished with a silicone-material which boasts of waterproofing against heavy rainfall, snowfall, and protection from cold weather. Coming to shrinkage due to fitment of Canvas tent, when you are already out in the open and have no access to external help there.So you need to be well rehearsed with how to fit your tent for it to be erect and still, even when weather conditions aren’t in your favour. Here are a few things you could try…
  • Build your frame a little smaller (not more than 2%) than the actual size of the tent. This gives allowance for space.
  • A damp, wet or dirty tent or rope should never be stored in the same condition. The moisture trapped inside makes its life shorter and shrinkage is bound to happen.
  • It is recommended you fix stakes near the bottom of the walls to avoid over shrinking on one side.
Canvas tents are the most widely used tents for camping, hiking, glamping and so on as they have a wonderful durability and allow all the features you’d wish for in a comfortable stay outdoors. White Duck Outdoors has you covered for outing with family, partner or as a solo traveler.

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