DIY Glamping: 7 Awesome Ways to Turn Camping into Glamping

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Glamping is a relatively new concept that’s rapidly increasing in popularity. It’s an upgrade from traditional camping by adding elements of luxury and comfort to your camping experience. As people often living in big cities with repetitive work environments, we’re drawn towards nature. Camping, however, often requires experience and preparation, which are natural barriers to entry for people looking to spend time outdoors. Traditional camping has a charm of its own but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, with the aspect of ‘roughing it’ invovled.  The primary line of thought behind glamorous camping is to make your dream of spending quality time outdoors true, without you having to compromise your comfort. Staying in a glamping tent means you can house the more than just essential elements and you can always count on a home away from home when you’re out glamping.There are plenty of resort style glamp grounds that offer safari tent to book and enjoy a memorable glamping weekend. In addition to glamping tents, you may have the option of yurts, cabins and treehouses to stay in for the duration of your glamping trip.Glam resorts also tend to have all-inclusive options for stays, so you can enjoy a relaxing, stress-free experience. That said, staying at a glamping resort can definitely be more expensive than traditional camping.For that reason, you may want to explore the idea of a DIY glamping site, where you turn your own camping experience into a glamping one. You can readily find new or used glamping tents for sale online.For example, at White Duck Outdoors we have a complete range of canvas glamping tents to choose from. Once you’ve made the investment, you can follow a few simple steps to create a unique, stand-out glamping setup.IMG 3965

Add some essential furniture

Once you’ve set up your glamping tent, it’s time to start thinking about glamping essentials like where you’re going to sleep and hang out.Your glam camping tent should be large enough to house a bed or, at the very least, an air mattress that you can do up nicely. Furniture like chairs, tables and lamps also create a more homey feel inside the glamping tent.You could argue that setting up furniture in your glamping site is the largest departure from camping, when you’re probably used to sleeping in a sleeping bag without much else inside the glamping tent.2 girls and a dog in a glamping tent

Light up your glamping tent with electricity

Setting up a source of electricity inside your luxury tent is almost as crucial as having furniture, since this is the way you’re going to be able to power lights, your smart devices, a microwave or prepare for a movie night.One option is to invest in a lightweight portable generator that can accompany you on your trip to upgrade your overall experience. Alternatively, if you’re backyard camping, you could make use of extension cords to ensure you’re always plugged in when you need to be.Being connected also means you’ll have to spend less time, say, waiting for a campfire to cook on, so you can allocate more time towards other activities like hiking or playing games.If you’ve booked a stay at a glamping resort, access to electricity should be no problem since the entire glamping site should be equipped with the necessary infrastructure to keep you connected. You can also view another post best glamping tents.DSC04903

Personalize and cozy up your glamping tent

Adding some personal touches to your living space will not only glam up the atmosphere but also make it more cozy and inviting. Placing a soft rug on the floor, using comfortable bedding and colorful cushions on the chairs are some tiny additions that can make your camping experience luxurious and memorable. It’s the equivalent of having a little piece of home with you when you’re away from it, so you never feel completely disconnected. 3H5A0702

Take advantage of comfortable bedding

One of the biggest benefits of glamping is the comfortable sleeping situation you get to enjoy when you’re out for a weekend. Instead of sleeping on a mat or in a sleeping bag, you get to make use of an air mattress or a legitimate bed.This means that if you’re a couple, you can share the bed with your partner instead of sleeping in solo sleeping bags. You can also do up your bed the way you would at home, with a blanket, duvet or pillows. This is a great way to feel like you’re not too far removed from home and also ensures you’re well rested for any activities you have going on the following day.

Make use of lighting

The ambiance of any space can leave an impression and lift your mood. Lamps, candles and lights can instantly brighten up a place and also add that touch of glamour to an otherwise mostly dull, dark tent. Solar lamps and twinkling fairy lights are good investments because they are energy efficient and can add a personal touch to your glamping experience. Aside from the aesthetic value of lights, they’re extremely useful when you want to stay up late reading to the kids and if you’re returning from an outdoor activity after dark and need the navigation to successfully locate your glamping tent.EJ0A5851

Use mealtime to create memories

Make your mealtimes count when away from home by cooking on a proper grill or hot plate. Glamping makes this experience easier than the traditional activity of starting a fire to cook. When you’re glamping, you’d probably have access to a grill or barbecue set up, so your meals are only limited to your creativity. Set up a table with a table cloth and real cutlery to make it feel more glamorous. Enjoying a proper meal, surrounded by nature, is the true definition of glamorous camping. Nothing can beat the experience of eating food from real plates and drinking wine from real glasses out in the wild.3H5A0696

Bring entertainment along

On days when the weather isn’t cooperating or you need a break, or after returning to your glamping tent after dark, you want to be sure you have entertainment options. This could include board games, your laptop with movies, cards or video games like on a Nintendo Switch.You can also create a mini sports arena around your luxury tent and have quick games of soccer, tennis, volleyball or parliament 1When you’re out glamping, you can enjoy virtually any form of entertainment given that you don’t have to hold back in terms of what you bring along.

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