Creating an unforgettable DIY glamping tent experience in 2021

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Living in a glamping tent is synonymous with luxury camping and is a relatively new concept which involves spending quality time outdoors without compromising on many of the comforts you’d enjoy at home.  While going on a classic camping trip requires experience and the right gear to keep you warm, protected from nature, to cook and to take part in other activities, staying in a glamping tent offers many of the same benefits of camping, without the aspect of ‘roughing it’.  The word glamping is a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”, and it means spending time in nature in a more, well, glamorous way than you would when camping. This could include anything from staying in a luxury tent, to taking your bedding with you, to having access to electricity and hot water.  For this reason, glamping is a lot more accessible for the wider community and is a growing trend across the country.  There are glamping sites that can arrange high end tents and basic amenities for your comfort that are often comparable to top rated hosts on Airbnb or hotels. These, however, can also come with a more than ideal cost, especially if you’re a larger group.  In this case, you may consider setting up your own glamping tent at home or at a campsite and creating an unforgettable experience in a more DIY kind of way. If your house has a backyard or a front lawn then you can plan out your personal DIY glamping adventure with your family or friends. This also means you’ll be stressing less about packing and loading up the car for a weekend several hours from home.  Alternatively, if you identify a campsite you like, you can always take your glamping tent and comforts of home with you and create a unique glamping experience there. In either case, if you’re looking to set up your own glamping experience, we’ve put together a few ways to do this so you have a fun, memorable time that you’ll want to recreate time and time again. glamping tent dogs dog bed canvas tent desert outdoors

Make sure your space is fit for your glamping tent

A luxury tent may take up more space than a compact, traditional synthetic camping tent. You also want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable while staying in your glamping tent. For this reason, it’s a good idea to see that the space where you’re going to be setting up is cleared of any dirt or debris, the lawn is mowed and there aren’t any bugs nearby. Having a flat bit of land to sleep on will make your trip more comfortable, and the more usable space you have outside the tent, the more opportunity you have for other activities like a movie night with a projector, games and a campfire.

The weather forecast is your friend

Weather plays a very important role in making your glamping staycation a success or a failure. You need to keep an eye on the forecast and plan your adventures accordingly. The upside to glamping at home is that in case of an unforeseen change in weather, you can always postpone your plans to any other day when the weather is clear. Even if you’re in the midst of glamping and it starts to rain, you can take shelter in the house until the clouds clear.  That said, if you have a durable canvas tent, rain shouldn’t be an issue! DSC08651

Invest in a luxury glamping tent

When you’re glamping, you want to make sure you have the best glamping tent to create a memorable experience. Usually, canvas glamping tents are the way to go because of how durable, functional and spacious they are. You can also check another post like best glamping tents. Ideally, your canvas tent will be made from 100% cotton canvas and be treated to be water repellent, mold and UV resistant. That way, whether you’ve set up your tent under sunlight or it starts to rain, the canvas fabric will keep you protected. Pitching the glamping tent is also a fun activity for the entire family and will especially make the little ones feel more involved in the entire experience. The great best part about a canvas glamping tent is that you can easily carry furniture and other gear in and out of the spacious doors, and set it up any way you like on the inside. If your luxury tent is stove jack compatible, like all tents from White Duck Outdoors are, you can even have a wooden stove to make it really cosy inside. 3H5A0702

Furnish your glamping tent

Glamping means adding elements of luxury and comfort to your living space. Glamping in your own backyard gives you the advantage of furnishing it with items from your home. Your bed is arguably what you miss most when you’re away from home and if the space allows, you can replicate that comfort by shifting your mattress and pillows, or even your whole bed, to the tent. Other essentials like a rug, reclining chairs, side tables and cushions will create a space for you to relax and unwind.

Decorate your living space

A glamping tent is usually furnished with a standard bed, chairs and tables but you can make it more appealing by decorating it. You can add character to it by customizing the inside of the tent according to your own taste. Placing fresh flowers, candles, tea lights and vibrant throws around the tent can make it more cozy and appealing for you and your family. If your backyard isn’t brightly lit, you can string fairy lights around your tent and even hang them on trees or a fence. These will add a magical touch to your backyard and will create an inviting, intimate atmosphere. You can also view another post safari tents for sale. Tent lighting

Have fun with mealtimes

With glamping, especially at home, a lot of stress around cooking and meal time can be avoided. In fact, you can dine outside with style by preparing and serving a gourmet meal on a properly laid out table under the stars. Backyard glamping means you don’t have to resort to canned or frozen foods, and can use fresh ingredients for tasty meals. You can even get the kids involved by setting up, say, a burger station and delegating responsibilities. After mealtime comes dessert, and there are few better ways to enjoy this than roasting marshmallows or preparing s’mores around a campfire. There’s an entire range of desserts you can prepare when glamping, that don’t take too much time or prior preparation. people cooking while glamping

Plan your entertainment options

A successful glamping adventure means having the right entertainment to keep family and friends having fun the entire time!  You can keep your favorite book to read under candle light. Playing traditional games like cards, Jenga and monopoly are also a good way to spend time with each other. You can relax and have a movie night outside with a projector and a screen. Sitting around a fire is also a classic example of having a good time with the group.

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