Different Types of Wedding Tents

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heavy duty wall tentsWeddings are usually deemed as the start of a whole new chapter in the bride and groom’s life. They signify the unification of two individuals who wholeheartedly devote their entirety to each other.

The wedding ceremony, hence, is a symbolic representation of beautiful matrimony, an evening that will be remembered for decades to come. It is because of this vital importance that the ceremony holds in a wedding, that the location and type of service plays a key role in the success of the ceremony.

Outdoor weddings have always seemed to remain a staple in the wedding industry. There is something uniquely romantic about tying the knot under the soft, blue sky, with crinkled grass tickling feet and the aroma of floral, spring wind in the air. In order to ensure that any outdoor wedding is executed to perfection, it is essential to understand and design the most pristine tent structure to epitomize the wedding theme and serve as a shelter against the setting sun.
For any outdoor wedding hopefuls, luckily there are plenty of tenting choices to choose from, each serving its unique purpose and each suitable for its wedding aesthetic.

Pole Tent

These are the typical marquee tents that one pictures when they imagine an outdoor wedding. They get their name, the pole tent, from the large central beams that hold up the tent by providing tension to the material. The rest of the tent is held pitched by strong wiring on the outside, giving a taut, peaked look to the venue.

These tents give a rugged boho feel to the wedding venue by providing a classic, white structure. Because the poles need to be dug into the ground, these sorts of tents are only suitable for grass venues and cannot be accommodated to concrete flooring.

Frame Tent

Wedding in a tentThe frame tent is also another common outdoor tent. This type has an interior metallic frame that holds the tent material taut and firm. Frame tents are more structured than pole tents and can be shaped into different frames depending on the internal structure.

As such, their purpose can be versatile and they can be molded to suit any aesthetic of the wedding venue.

Their firm structure and put-together attributes make them the perfect fit for outdoor weddings with questionable weather conditions. Furthermore, the interior structure can be used to hang streamers or fairy lights to make the venue more delicate and magical. The frame tents usually cost slightly more than the generic pole tents – depending on their structure and capacity.

Sailcloth Tent

This type of tent is similar to the classic pole tent but uses a silky sailcloth material instead of the typical canvas material used. Sailcloth tents are made out of silky, sultry, handwoven cloth canopy that gives an illustrious, suave feel to the entire venue. These tents are increasingly becoming a trend amongst outdoor wedding fanatics.

Because of their delicate and intricate nature, these tents are generally more expensive than conventional pole tents. They are also unlikely to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain or high-speed winds. They require the same pole structure as in typical pole tents and hence, are only suitable for grassy terrain.

Clear Tent

The Clear Tent is another form of a frame tent but with a clear vinyl top rather than a cloth covering. The clear covering is the most alluring aspect of this type of tent. The appeal of watching the sky change from a dusty pink to a navy blue, with twinkling stars sprinkling its span is compared to none other. The frame can be decorated with fairy lights to provide the most picturesque wedding venue, allowing the bride and groom to dance under the stars in actuality.

Because this is a frame tent, it can be molded to whatever shame and form that suits the wedding aesthetic. Furthermore, it is suitable for rainy weather conditions with tough grit vinyl covering. This sort of tent serves a more practical purpose than an aesthetic one. It is also slightly expensive due to the covering.

Tropical Bamboo Tent

Perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing tent in the wedding business is the bamboo tent. This tent exudes a tropical style with a bamboo frame and delicate fabric draped over it. The sultry outlook of this type of tent is appealing to most destination wedding planners who wish to hold their weddings next to the beach. The flowy fabric atop the bamboo frame provides the most picturesque setting against the bright blue of the sea, with the waves crashing ashore.

While this type of tent might be the most appealing to look at, it is mostly just for aesthetics and provides no protection from wind or rain that might occur on the wedding day. These types of tents are also usually inexpensive to put together but require multiple such structures rather than just one – racking up the overall price of the venue.