Different Types of Event Tents

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Types of tentsHosting an event can be a meticulous task. From guest lists to bookings and catering, any and every event requires plenty of planning and organization to make it a success. One key aspect of event planning is choosing the perfect venue, and consequently, venue accommodation.

Outdoor events particularly require hefty planning of the outdoor venue, and an appropriate tent to accommodate all the guests.

These days the tenting realm is chock-full of different types, sizes, and styles of outdoor event tents. From large memorial day services to glamourous weddings, from charity benefits to elite auctions, outdoor events always require an appropriate and suitable tent to accommodate guests. The task of choosing an outdoor event tent that not only accommodates the guest list and resonates with the aesthetics of the event, but also is operationally sound for the venue’s weather and terrain conditions is difficult and tedious. Luckily, this task is made easier by the number of different tents available in the market for an array of different outdoor events.

Party Canopies

This is a form of the traditional pole tent. Like any pole tent, Party Canopies are held taut with the help of the main shaft in the middle with smaller poles around the edges. These poles are dug into the ground, which is why these tents are suitable for events that take place on grassy terrain. The open sides and lightweight material makes these tents the perfect choice for a summer/spring evening event with the breeze flowing through.

Party canopies have a lightweight, vinyl material covering that provides adequate protection from direct sunlight. Because of their lightweight nature, these tents are usually suited for good weather. With their low cost and easy installation, this is the preferred party tent for a small gathering – perhaps an outdoor birthday party or small engagement celebration.

Party Tents

This is another form of the traditional pole tent. Party tents, unlike their counterpart, the canopy, are more heavyweight. These tents have a heavyweight covering of vinyl or heavy canvas with multiple poles holding up the tent from the middle and the edges.

These sorts of tents need to be installed in large spaces because of their large and heavy nature and as such accommodate a large number of people. Their heavy nature also allows them to provide protection against the sun, rain, and at times, torrential winds as well. Installation of these tents is time-consuming and expensive. With their versatile nature of installation on grass and cemented ground, these sorts of tents are preferred for larger gatherings like big weddings, receptions, or banquets.

Frame Tents

Unlike pole tents, Frame Tents do not have any central poles to hold them taut. Instead, the frame tent has an internal metallic structure that supports the material on top of it. As such, the frame tent is versatile and can be pitched according to various degrees of demand and requirements. These tents can vary inside and height – suitable to every occasion’s specific need.
Frame tents are difficult to install because of their heavy nature. As such they are time-consuming to book, expensive to install, and difficult to take down as well. These tents, however, provide ample protection against any harsh weather conditions. Their versatile nature allows them to be closed off from the sides to protect against any rain or gusts. Frame Tents can be adjusted for lighting, decor, and aesthetics by using the internal frame.

These sorts of tents are suitable for large auctions, wedding receptions, or large parties. They can be decorated as needed and their sizing can be adjusted to accommodate all guests. Their installation on any sort of terrain allows them to be suitable for an array of different events. Marquees and Walkway tents are types of Frame Tents

Clear Structure Tents

These are the most expensive and unique types of event tents. These are more so structures than tents. Their heavy-duty frame with the plastic side covering and roof panels makes these expensive and extremely difficult to install. These types of tents come in ready-made roof and side panels and as such, they come in only a limited number of sizes. Clear Structure tents provide ample protection against harsh weather and can be installed for long durations of time. Their installation and uninstallation usually require a team of workers and an ample amount of time which is why in order to rent such tents, bookings need to be made well in advance of the event date.

The tent’s interior can be decorated as required. Their versatile nature and installation on many different types of terrains allow them to accommodate many different types of events. High-stakes auctions, organizational workshops, and focus groups usually utilize the long-term installation of clear structure tents to hold weeklong or even month-long events.