Comfortable tents & Camping Gear – 6 Ideas to make Outdoors Comfy

Did you know there is a term known as ‘glamping’? You heard it right, ‘glamping’ aka ‘glamor camping with comfortable tents’ is a thing. It means to camp with so much comfort that it feels like sleeping at home. However, the difference is that you are sleeping under a canvas roof.Though many campers may not agree with the glamping trend but today, caveman camping makes little sense. Thanks to technology and advanced camping gear, family camping tents, you can make your next outdoor adventure comfortable and enjoyable.Most of us want to experience outdoors in its raw beauty but still want comfort and convenience. So, here are some tips and tricks that will have you covered on your next camping trip:

1 – Set up a cozy kitchen

The first thing you should do after finding the perfect camping spot, is to establish your own personal space. You can do that by setting up your kitchen as setting up a tent might take some time. Plus, having food at hand is enough to comfort oneself.If you are traveling during hot weather, then pack along a cooler filled with stuff you like to eat at home. There are many professional coolers available for camping that can hold ice for days. Another neat trick is to freeze water bottles with drinking water and stash them away in the cooler. They’ll act as ice to keep your food fresh and once they melt, you can use them to hydrate yourself after a long ‘sweaty’ walk.The size of your camp kitchen also depends on the fact whether or not you are a food-lover. If you can’t de-stress without good food, it is necessary to find a good cooking space in your camp so you and your camping partners are always happily fed.The food doesn’t have to be gourmet, even a simple home-style cooked meal can make you feel like a king during camping. This is why you should invest in the right camping kitchen essentials so that your trip goes smoothly. Research online and find the best camping stove that falls within your budget and also keeps your food supply organized.Don’t forget to pack a set of utensils that include plates, cups, pots, pans and a kitchen knife. If you’re against using plastic cutlery, then opt for stainless steel utensils and eating set, as they will last for a long while.Besides these kitchen essentials, you can also take along some camping must-haves like a waterproof lantern, Bluetooth speakers, solar charger, portable coffee machine and camp chairs to make your trip even more comfortable and memorable.

2 – Prepare a spot to chill

Ideally, you’ll want to spend maximum time outdoors to soak in the surrounding beauty. This is why it is necessary to have a spot outside your comfortable tent where you can relax. There are loads of camping chair designs you can select from. Just lounge around near the fire and eat s’mores as you share stories with your camping buddies.

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A hammock is also a great place to relax and sneak in a quick nap. You’ll find a variety of camp hammocks that are foldable and can be set up in minutes. The swaying rhythm of a hammock is perfect to unwind after a long and tiresome day.

3 – Find the perfect tent

You can’t expect a comfortable camping trip unless you invest in a comfortable canvas camping tents. There are three season tents that are great for seasons such as spring, summer, and fall. They have mesh panels that allow air flow and are lightweight, portable and perfect for beginners. Three-plus season tents offer options for warmth retention and are a little sturdier than your basic camping tent. Four season tents or mountaineering tents, are toughest in the lot as they include sturdy poles and heavy fabrics to save you from snow and chilly winds.Make sure you know how many people will occupy one tent before you choose one for your next trip. To be on the safe side, invest in a tent suited for one more person than the total number of people in your camping group.Set your tent on flat land and don’t forget to place a tarp before your pitch the tent. The tarp underneath your tent will keep the excess moisture at bay.

4 – Make your tent comfortable

Once you’ve pitched in your tent, look for ways to make it even more inviting. While most of the space will be taken up by a camp bed, there is no reason you shouldn’t add a thing or two to make it feel like home. You can take small measures like adding a yoga mat underneath your tent to make it even more comfortable. Or you can place a small LED lantern inside your tent for a gentle glow.Bring in portable speakers and put on some music to sing along. You can even bring your smartphones, tablets or any other gadget to help you pass time on a rainy day. Also, nothing beats a board game when you’re camping with the family.

5 – Get a comfortable camp bed

Nothing turns out to be more annoying than an uncomfortable sleeping spot. It kills out the fun out of an otherwise great camp. So, take out a moment to check the spot where you plan to sleep. Lie down on your camping mat and make sure there are no bumps bothering you underneath it.Don’t forget to invest in other sleep accessories to help you sleep well. Bring a pillow from home or use an inflatable camp pillow if you’re not very finicky about it being just the right size. Some sleeping bags include built-in pillows too. Also, if you are a light sleeper, then it is advised to keep eye masks that can help you sleep in after sunrise. Earplugs can help dampen the noises coming in from the tent next to you.

6 – Pay attention to the small details

All camp members should gather around a fire each night to make the trip even more memorable. It provides an unspeakable sense of comfort, community, and warmth that cannot match any other feeling in the world. Learn how to make a proper fire beforehand!Also make it a point to sleep under the stars if the weather allows you to do so. There is nothing more peaceful than sleeping with no barrier between you and the sky and waking up to the chirping of the birds near you.


End the camping trip on a positive note. Leave the campsite in a better state than you found it in. Why? So that the next person who plans to camp there can have an even better experience.Breaking camp should be done with complete dedication. Don’t leave litter or charred pieces of wood in the fire-pit. Make sure you clean up the entire campsite so that there remains no trace of you ever being there.Camping is a great way to learn so much about life! In fact, there are countless benefits of camping such as de-stressing, strengthening family bonds, soaking in nature and so much more. So what are you waiting for? Plan an outdoor adventure with your family ASAP.

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