How to Choose the Perfect Drop Cloth in 2021

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A drop cloth can be quite useful while painting, constructing, and protecting job-sites. It’s a protective sheet to help cover your furniture, floors, and anything else that needs to be saved and kept clean during the job. While there are various types of materials available, a canvas drop cloth can be exceptionally helpful and a great material to use. 

What is a drop cloth made of? 

These kinds of covers can be made of various materials. These can be plastic, nylon, polyester, paper and most importantly, canvas. Ultimately, the one that you opt for relies heavily on what you’re going to be using it for and how long you want it to last.For example, a plastic one may be better suited to act as a protective cover, whereas the super-absorbent canvas cloths are generally better for painting or DIY jobs.

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Plastic Drop Cloth 

A plastic drop cloth is generally thicker and resistant to tears. It can also be reused however, keep in mind that it won’t be the best at absorbing paint splatters. Some liquid paint can run on the plastic drop cloth, which is why the cotton canvas fabric can be a better option. It’s best to use a plastic cover in the outdoors when covering grass or any other land surface.  

Paper Drop Cloth  

Paper drop cloths are convenient to use and can easily cover up your furniture or any items while you go about painting. You can also simply fold and throw away a paper one however, keep in mind that this makes them a very unsustainable option. You also don’t want to use a paper cover on floors since they can tear easily. 

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Why canvas drop cloths are a better option 

Canvas drops are environmentally friendly. You can wash the cloth after every use without the fear of it tearing or fraying. A painter’s canvas drop cloth is widely popular. The reusable and durable nature of the material makes it the first choice for professionals, who can avoid paint splatters to save furniture, floors, and etc.  It also helps that the canvas fabric covers are extremely absorbent, so generally, you don’t need to be worrying about spills. If you’ve used it to cover your floors and paint splashes on it, you probably won’t see it seep through, they’re that good!A canvas cloth tends to have a better grip as a slipcover for sofas and as a floor cover – you can avoid any slips or movements while doing your work. You can also use a canvas one for multiple home décor needs. Apart from a painter’s cover, you can use it as a cloth shower curtain, a scenery backdrop cloth, and even as an outdoor movie screen. 

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Drop Cloths from White Duck Outdoors 

White Duck Outdoors offers the KLOMO Canvas Drop Cloth. It’s made of sturdy, durable, and tightly woven 100 % cotton canvas, which absorbs all paint splatters from your paint job. It’s a heavy-duty canvas cloth, which is made of regenerated cotton fiber that can be recycled and reused. It’s also unbleached and undyed, making it a convenient piece of cloth to keep in your house. The seams and edges of our cloth fabric are double stitched, which prevents tearing and fraying, and you can use this water proof drop cloth multiple times. It also comes in various sizes; you can pick anything between the 9 by 12 canvas to the 12 by 15 one or a size as large as 20 by 20, for whatever purpose you deem fit. You can further choose between a lighter 8 oz or a heavier 10 oz. size. As with all products from White Duck, this one comes with free shipping, a limited lifetime warranty and consistent support. We separate ourselves on product design and durability, so you can be sure this is going to be the one you use for years to come. 

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