Celebrate the American Wilderness on this year’s Independence Day

July brings the time of the year where we thank our nation for its services and its natural wonders by enjoying the American wilderness. It is the moment to appreciate the nation’s freedom by utilizing off days at the hobbies or break-giving outdoor schedules that we enjoy. As in this month, the nation gets busy in it’s another birthday to be held on the 4th of July.

Most of the people prefer to take the liberty of this midsummer opportunity and schedule outdoor trips with their friends or families. Our National Parks are the most cherished outdoor location for celebrations. Concerts are also held on a small scale. Such events, supporting celebrations and outdoor visits, also encourage family reunions and a sense of unity among the local people.

Outdoor trips and tours are preferred by the people as they provide challenging opportunities from the inspiring and proud architect of the largest wilderness of the state. The patriotic Americans believe that their values are shaped as they succeed in gaining mindfulness regarding their actions which are affecting the state. People get sanctuary to recreate and get united by connecting with other people present at a safe and non-judgmental area.

For this year, after research we have sorted out a few mesmerizing nature views which would be helpful in serving the purpose on the Independence Day:

  1. The Grand Canyon-National Park, Arizona

The Grand Canyon never fails to make us feel more American than any other park in the country. It appears to be the symbol of America’s National Parks. Devote your day for hiking and resting in the relaxing scenes of the South Rim then head towards Tusayan to join the celebration of the Big Day planned by the park. For the fireworks, make sure you don’t miss the small town parade outside the park that tends to be a real crowd-pleaser moment. A tossed candy is also served towards the crowd for which, get yourself a spot at the curb on the east side of Hwy 64.

  1. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument-St. Augustine, Florida

It is the oldest City of America. Here you can hang on to its historic masonry fort located at Castillo de San Marcos National Monument. It will also serve one of the finest firework celebrations on the East Coast. Pick up your sleeping sets and other necessary supplies and drive towards the monument as you can also avail free parking at the nearby streets or city garages on 4th July. Besides all of the stated, you can also explore moat, monument’s thick walls (some up to 19 feet), prison rooms, courtyard, turrets and gun deck on a tour by ranger to observe cannon demonstrations all of which, comes in the admission charges ($10 per adult and free for children aged 15 and younger).

  1. Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Their special summer rates are being charged currently by the campgrounds. They possess two types of campgrounds which have both; a group site as well as many standard sites. You can camp with horses in its group site. Discover the Theodore Roosevelt Park which would be honoring the services and greater impact practiced for it by our 26th president. Its Wild West Town of Medora will be serving the homemade Ice-cream. They will also provide kids bicycle parade and the Medora Music. Alongside, it will also be celebrating the 50th year to the history of Western North Dakota. To consider staying, the Rough Riders Hotel would be the best option there. Firework displays would also take place along with free ice-creams. Learn more about outdoor tents on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.

  1. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park- Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Gatlinburg would offer its midnight parade on this Independence Day where, the patriotic night owls would perform the Independence Day parade, which is taking place for more than 40 years. The paraders would continue their match for more than a mile in the Smoky Mountains town, which is to be started promptly at 12:01 a.m. on 4th July following. The fireworks show at downtown would be executed too. Vacationers can also celebrate their enthusiasm at the Pigeon Forge where the Patriot Festival would be going on. From the U.S. Route No. 321, it is located at a drive of 7 miles towards the North. Shuttle services would be offered which would drive the guests to the festival in Patriot Park. Accompanying with the Tester Lane for the event parking, both of the commuting ideas would be serviced free of cost for the visitors. Its Grand Fireworks time would light up the skies with a lot of bright colors increasing the patriotic passion among its viewers.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado:

The continental divide’s stand atop is must plan a visit for, as, the Rocky Mountain National Park would be marking its 100th year anniversary. Spent your day fishing in more than 50 lakes and observe the wildlife i.e. the peaceful sights of elk, bighorn and sheep. Estes Park, which is a resort town, presents itself as the “headquarter” of the park. As it deals in the most breath-taking firework scenes as well as in the professional bull-riding, the adventurous car shows, and a patriotic evening concert. Besides which, you can also plan a stay and have a ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel or for the kid-friendly environment, look up for the Jellystone Park of Estes.

We hope you enjoy camping with these Independence Day celebration themes and ideas at the wilderness of the National Parks. And in the end of the day, may we indulge ourselves to the main perspective of this Treasured day by making an oath to ourselves to stay united and to serve back our mother nation in the possible ways by remembering the sacrifices of our soldiers for this day providing us carefree days and the freedom to live up to our culture.

Note: Due to construction, no special events will be held for Independence Day at Mount Rushmore.

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