Buying The Right Wall Tent For Camping In All Seasons

Wall tent is growing to be quite popular in recent times as people are opting for offbeat travel experiences more than the conventional ones. Whether it is a camping trip or some offbeat family outing, wall tents are totally in demand these days. Owing to the brilliant features like optimum comfort, versatility, protection, and convenience, these tents are being more preferred by people for their camps. Available in different sizes and materials, you can easily choose the one that fits all your camping needs. According to the experts, the wall tents that are designed for all-seasons, are best if you are a frequent camper.

White Duck Outdoors – Alpha Wall Tent

When you are looking for a wall tent to ensure an enhanced camping experience throughout all the seasons, White Duck Outdoors alpha wall tent tops the list. The multipurpose outdoor tent is full of beneficial features that make it a must-have for your next camp. The alpha wall tent is a canvas tent with synthetic flooring. The highly breathable and durable nature of this tent makes it a desirable choice for different types of camps. The tent comes with a single layer and a single room structure in which you also have the option of removing the floor material. With a ready stove jack, the alpha wall tent can perform equally well in the cold as well as warm weather conditions. The tent also comes with mildew and UV resistant, water repellent, and even fire-retardant features. While the tent may be heavy when packed, it offers an exceptional camping experience all-round the year. The breathable canvas roof of the wall tent offers it a traditional look. In addition, the color of the fabric enables sufficient light to enter your tent without making it too bright. Designed to perform best in all types of environments, these wall tents are a must-have when you are planning to go for camps all-round the year. Learn more about wall tents for sale on our website Few Things to consider If you search the internet, you will find a long list of wall tents to meet your unique requirements during the camping trips. No matter how small or large-sized tent you are looking for, you are bound to find it online within your budget. While purchasing the Wall Tents, make sure to check the various features to ensure their suitability for all-season camping. Whether you are planning to go for a camp with your family or any other group, it is important to have the right wall tent for the best camping experience.

How to know which is the right one wall tent?

Confusing, right? Well, here are some tips that might make the decision easier for you
  • The area around the ridge pole, wall corners and the storm flap go through the most tension & wear which is why all these areas require reinforced webbing.
  • In case of the tie-downs, the reinforced D rings are a much better option than the grummets.
  • For staking tent to the ground, reinforced webbing is very much important, so always keep an eye out for it.
  • A major problem during camping trips,is the creepy crawlies that can cause not only irritation but even severe disease if not kept away. The best way to do this is with a Sod cloth which is basically a canvas or vinyl flap, placed at the tent’s bottom, so that the edge can be sealed to keep out the insects as well as wind.
  • On most of the storm door flaps, you will find buckles and heavy zippers. Make sure to go for the nylon ones which are quite high on durability and don’t freeze easily like the metal zippers.
  • Velcro and heavy zippers are extremely essential on the window flaps to prevent cold wind from entering the tent.
  • There must be a flapor sleeve at the opening of the ridge pole so that it fits tightly with the pole and also covers the hole that is empty while you are using the internal frame.
The reason why most experts ask buyers to check for these basic features while buying a Wall Tent, is because not only these facilities will make your experience more fun and comfortable but will also increase the longevity of the tent. So now that you know what to look for in a tent, make sure to buy the right one for your next camping trip! Read our article about “Can you Live in a Wall Tent?” to know more about living in a wall tent. The essential accessories There are also various accessories that you can buy along with your wall tent to enhance your experience. One of those accessories is foot-pads, which are extremely common among campers who frequently use their Wall Tents. Foot pads are not only helpful for protecting the tent’s sod cloth but can also keep dirt away from the leg poles. In case you are wondering, you will find all such accessories online, right where you bought your tent. Just go online and start looking for reputed wall tent companies and you will find a wide range of tents as well as accessories for yourself at an affordable price!

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