Buying the best dog bed in 2021: All the essential factors to consider

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If you’re a dog owner, invested in an outdoor dog bed is an essential part of providing your dog with the premium treatment it deserves.

Since sleeping is such a big part of a dog’s life, investing in a high-quality and heavy-duty dog bed can help uplift that experience and improve your dog’s lifestyle enormously.

Outdoor Dog Bed Buying Criteria

With so many options in the market it is hard to decide what type of dog bed would work for you. Here is a list of things to consider before you set off to pamper your dog with a new dog bed. 

outdoor dog bed

1. Figure out how your dog likes to sleep

Observe how your dog sleeps and then pick a dog bed that won’t bother their sleeping posture. 

If you’re dog likes to sleep curled up in a ball then look for something that’s donut shaped or a round dog bed. These beds are comfortable and great if your dog likes to move in a round circle before going off to sleep.  

2. Think about size

How big is your dog? Does your dog like to stretch out while sleeping? These are questions to ask when picking the right dog bed.  

Measure your dog from head to tail and make sure that the size of the dog bed is large enough to accommodate your dog.   

3. Raised or flat surfaces

Some dogs like to rest above the ground surface while others prefer low-lying flat mattresses. Figure out which one will make your dog the most comfortable. 

If your dog gets hot easily then an elevated dog bed is a better option since it will allow air to flow underneath, keeping your dog cool while sleeping.  

Some large, hairy dogs will find comfort on a mat like large dog beds that can provide ample space to stretch out while sleeping.  

canvas dog bed

4. What material to choose?

This depends on how you will be using the bed. If you’re thinking of using it outside while camping then consider a sturdy material that can quite easily be a waterproof and washable dog bed.   

If your dog is getting old and struggles with arthritic and orthopedic pain then consider getting a padded foam bed which helps with aches and joint pains.

Some beds come with gel lining and this new technology is working well for older dogs. 

A younger dog on the other hand would generally be happy with a hard surfaced dog bed.    

5. Covered dog bed

Some dogs are shy and like to be alone in their private space. For them, an igloo bed will keep them comfortable and protected. 

Such beds are also good for smaller dogs that get cold easily. They can stay warm in a covered dog bed.  

6. Does your dog chew?

Some dogs like to chew. It can be because of teething or old-age tooth pain. If this is the case, then go for a more robust material to make sure parts of the dog bed don’t end up in the dog’s stomach by the end of the meal.

A chew proof dog bed made of PVC pipes or aluminum and lined with canvas can work well if your dog faces such problems.  

outside dog bed

7. Keeping it clean

 Observing your dog is important to help you decide which dog bed to buy but you also need to think about how you will be cleaning this dog bed. If you’re looking for something easy and simple, buy one with a removable and washable cover so your cleaning can be hassle-free. 

White Duck Outdoors Offerings

The Canvas Dog Bed at White Duck Outdoors can work for various dogs. Made of robust canvas, the dog bed cover is removable and washable. It’s also resistant to tears thanks to the tight weave construction of the canvas material.  

The dog bed is perfect for outdoor use since the cover is made of water-repellant fabric that can be easily washed. The inner shell is made from high quality non-woven fabric, stuffed with polyester fill made from recycled PVC bottles.  

The open flat design of the canvas dog bed works for all dog breeds and can give your dog ample space to stretch out and sleep in various positions.

As with all products from White Duck Outdoors, the bed comes with free shipping, returns and a limited lifetime warranty. If you’re unsure about the best bed for your pup, you can also chat with us on the website.