Best Glamping Gear

Who doesn’t love nature? No matter whether you love traveling solo or with family, nature has its own way of intriguing us. Along with the pleasantness of experiencing outdoors first-hand also comes the fear of venturing into an unexplored area, and any wildlife that could be lurking around somewhere close to where you choose to go. And that’s where a spacious, comfy canvas tents come into picture.

While a good percentage of the urban lifestyle livers wish to spend some quality time in the lap of nature, what cannot be ignored is that we love the comfort of our homes as much. Glamping is one such outdoor activity that combines the two- glamourous camping is an opportunity to visit the nature without compromising on your comfort and unnecessary risks. A glamping gear should make you feel cozy and should have all the luxuries to make your outdoor stay feel like a home.

What should I bring to glamping?

Glamping is the new camping. It’s an outdoor adventure with all of the comforts of home. You can enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort and convenience. But before you go, make sure to pack these essentials for your next glamping trip!

We’ve put together this list of items that will help you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. Whether it’s your first time or not, we hope this checklist helps you prepare for your upcoming adventure! Read on to see what other essential items are needed for a successful glamping trip!

  • Spacious Tent

Your temporary abode should be lavish, and spacious with room for all the things you’d need on this trip. A glamping tent that is waterproof, temperature-regulating, and suitable for all weather conditions you are likely to go glamping in, sounds just perfect for glamping. Canvas Tents from White Duck Outdoors has proved to be the best investment for the glamping-loving folks. These canvas bell and wall tents in-budget, and suitable for all weather conditions.

  • Bed

You can only enjoy any trip glamping or otherwise, when you get proper sleep. An air mattress provides for a glamping trip. You can use a rechargeable quick pump to bring it of size and neither a queen-sized air mattress nor the air-pump goes big on your pocket.

  • Kitchen accessories

If you are that person who wants his/her cup of steaming hot coffee right after you wake up in the morning, you need to carry your stove and coffee making jar along because be assured there’s no Starbucks near any camping site. Because this is a camping trip and you need to travel light, it is important that you prioritize on what would you be cooking for meals during your stay. A BBQ griller should be just enough to fit into your glamping gear.

  • Warming your tent

If you choose to go luxury camping during winters you need to make sure that you are carrying enough warming elements with you. It would be the best to splurge a little on a 100% woolen blanket to keep you warm. You could also use the camp stove (used for cooking) to keep you warm all night. Glamping tents by White Duck Outdoors have an easy setup with stove compatibility for the best outdoor-living experience.

  • Portable Speaker

There’s no ambience without a perfect music. Tune into your favorite music an experience a retreat like never before.

Apart from these essentials you can choose to carry a couple of candles, battery-operated string lights, a hammock or fold-able furniture which you can’t do without on a vacation. While these things may not appear as important, but the whole point of going on a glamping trip is for a spiritual retreat and to paint a canvas forever in your memories.

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