Best Camping In Washington – 5 Spots You Can’t Miss

In Washington, one of the great pleasures during summertime is the glorious recreation of camping. Even though the state is well known for its heavy rainfall, it has surprisingly a lot of campgrounds that are utilized every summer when the clouds clear away.

Choosing your very own camping destination can be at times an overwhelming experience. Just like you would like to choose the right gear for your favorite activities to get the most from them, selecting a fitting camping destination can make a huge difference to your trip.

A great campground is one with a special setting or a scenic view. You would want a unique setting, with spacious campsites and privacy but nature as well. Having a nearby attraction and places to do things at which will create new memories is the perfect campsite.

Check out these top camping destinations in Washington, highly recommended by White Duck Outdoors, to make the most of your next adventure.

1. White River

The White River campground is located at an elevation of 4400 feet. Situated at the Mount Rainier National Park, the site is perfect for trips that you plan during early August or late July. It is recommended that you reserve a site beforehand. This time of the year is when the wildflowers completely cover the subalpine meadows in bloom. The meadows are 12 miles ahead of the camp. The campground that is directly on the river is the most spacious one and lets you enjoy the views of Mount Rainier which you will constantly see to be looming overhead.

White River does not have any space for RV’s and therefore there are no hookups for large vehicles. This is the perfect place for those who really want to be one with nature and tent camp. If you decide to set up camp here you will be able to hike straight to the Wonderland Trail that passes directly from there and the Glacier Basin Trail. Day hikers will be able to travel to the Emmons Glacier snout which in time goes towards the summit.

2. Nason Creek

This is the campsite near Lake Wenatchee in Wenatchee National Forest. Allowing you to skip being in the crowded campsite of the lakeside, Nason Creek comes with portable toilets and flush toilets. The best part is that you can take a short walk to the lake from the campground whenever you feel like for a canoe rental, ice cream, and even horseback rides.

You won’t have to travel too far up, since most sites are located at the creek, and are secluded. There are a total of 73 sites, and if you are planning on camping in an RV this is the place to be. The best part is you don’t even need to reserve ahead of time, the Nason Creek offers campsite area on a first come, first serve basis.

3. Ohanapecosh

The campground Ohanapecosh in the Mount Rainier National Park is the least crowded of the three in the Mount Rainier National Park. The Ohanapecosh site is away from the hustle and bustle of summer crowds that gather there. The main attraction of the campground is the river that goes directly through the campsite. You can easily hike the nature trail from the camp towards the hot bubbling springs of Ohanapecosh. There another loop trail, the famous Grove of the Patriarchs. You get to see some of the biggest trees here.

If you plan on taking an RV this is the perfect place for it. The campground has around 32 feet of RV ground and you will find some tent-only areas as well. These include some additional walk-ins if you want privacy, which is great if you are planning on setting up activities for the group you are hiking with. You can easily reserve a site beforehand, which is recommended since this place fills up in the summers. A lot of explorers usually book a hiking guide for the area, this helps them go around all the important places at campsite Ohanapecosh. If it is your first time setting camp in Washington, you might want to look at that.

4. Ida Creek

Ida Creek is the Icicle river canyon that happens to be one of the most beautiful places in the state, east of Leavenworth. This place is a nature lover’s haven and attracts true trekkers, rock climbers and explorers every year. A road washout cut off some campgrounds, making the rest of the area a bit crowded but not any less desirable. Ida Creek was the last campsite before the washout occurred. The site is located in a quaint little spot and is wonderful to set up camp at. The Icicle Gorge trail starts on the road beside the washout. This particular trail is a favorite amongst families hiking together and beginners.

There are a total of 10 sites on Ida Creek. The place does not take reservations so you have to hope to make it before other campers to get an area to set camp at here. You can camp here if you are traveling in an RV too.

5. Orcas Island, Moran State Park

The Orcas Island Park is one of the most mesmerizing natural places in the country. You can trek up to the mountain from the campsite which offers one of the best views of the Northwest Straits. The Moran State Park has 166 campsites. All these sites are divided between five areas, four of these areas are located on two freshwater lakes.

The best place to camp is the Mountain Lake, where you will be able to get some privacy for your camp party. The best place to camp in this area is the Mountain Lake, which has some of the best freshwater lakes. All the trails around the campsite are perfect for a morning stroll and exploring the fresh area. You may hike, bike or drive to the top of the 2400 feet Mount Constitution and be able to witness the stunning view from there.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your camping tent and gear and set out on the wonderful trip with your family.