Why Bell Tents are the Best Glamping Tents for 2021

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Spending a weekend in a glamping tent is a bit of a departure from traditional camping, where one might be used to living in a synthetic, lightweight, inexpensive tent.Traditional camping has its own appeal because it allows you to experience nature in the rawest form. That said, glamping has been growing in popularity because of the way it offers the opportunity to spend time outdoors, while still staying comfortable with bedding, furniture, access to electricity and other amenities. Glamping is another word for ‘luxury camping’ or ‘posh camping’ and it entails creature comforts and amenities which were never a part of traditional camping. A good quality, spacious glamping tent, furniture, electric facility, a portable toilet and other personal embellishments will certainly make your glamping experience a memorable one.jess shaw utah

Choosing a glamping tent for your trip

Glamping is generally flexible in that you aren’t limited to the kind of trip you take on; you could be staying in a glamping tent, a yurt, bubbles, domes, or even cabins and treehouses. The most common form of accommodation for glamping is a glamping tent. The reason for this is that they’re more portable than, say, a cabin, which means you can set up your own glamping site wherever you would otherwise go camping.In addition to this, a luxury tent provides a closer experience to camping than staying in a treehouse might. That means you’re still camping in many senses, just with a lot more comforts than you’d otherwise enjoy.Before investing in a bell tent, safari tent or other glamping tents, it’s worth doing a bit of research into what makes the most sense for your trip. You may also find that you’d rather rent one instead of purchasing a glamping tent for sale. Things you want to look out for are the fabric or make of the glamping tent, capacity, shape, windows, a glamping tent stove, and other features and add-ons that might be crucial to a successful glamping outing.All that said, bell tents are an extremely popular choice as a glamping tent, the reasons for which we’ll dive into in this post.WD 15

Features of bell tents for glamping

Bell tents are easily recognizable because of their traditional pyramid-like shape.  The best glamping tents are traditionally made of a heavy-duty, 100% cotton canvas. Bell tents are supported by a single center pole that gives the bell tent its shape, with stakes and guylines used to extent the bell tent and maintain its straight sidewalls.Bell tents have an A-shaped entrance and the door may be supported by an A-frame, or it could have a pole down the middle as well. Ideally, the bell tent you invest in already comes with windows and vents, so you don’t have to pay extra for these. A well-constructed groundsheet is also important, since this helps protect you from the cold, damp ground and plays a part in keeping pests out of the tent.While glamping is generally a warmer weather activity, a canvas tent gives you the option of glamping in colder temperatures as well. This is made possible by the stove jack inside glamping tents, which you can fit with a stovepipe from a wood stove. This way, you can stay warm inside your glamping bell tent and still feel right at home.Canvas bell tents are generally available in a range of sizes, so the one you opt for should be dictated by the size of your group, as well as how you plan to set it up on the inside. The Regatta Bell Tent from White Duck Outdoors, for example, has sizes of 8′, 10′, 13′ and 16′, while the Avalon Bell Tent starts at 13′ and goes up to 23′, which makes for a really awesome size for glamping!avalon snow

Are bell tents good as glamping tents?

Given all the features of a bell tent, there are a few reasons why they’re awesome choices as glamping tents as well, for example, their price point, easy of use and versatility, among many more. Let’s have a look at what makes bell tents such great glamping tents. You can also check another post about best luxury tents.
  • Bell tents are considered as one of the less expensive options among luxury glamping tents if you are planning on buying one.  The prices may vary with the size and the level of protection offered. It could also be dependent on whether you opt for a water repellent, or fire and water repellent fabric for the luxury tent. 
  • They are generally simple in structure, quite comfortable and present a strong connection to traditional camping styles and other tents like yurts and teepees. 
  • Canvas bell tents are generally lighter than canvas wall tents and are extremely easy to pitch and take down. Generally, even if you’re on your own, a glamping tent shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes to set up. 
  • Bell tents, when made from cotton canvas, are especially suitable for warm weather because of the natural, breathable nature of the cotton fabric. It helps maintain an ambient temperature inside the tent so you don’t feel too warm. 
  • Bell tents are staked using tough guylines, so even if you’re facing strong winds, you can be sure your luxury canvas tent will do well to stay up.
  • The best glamping tents should already have treatments applied to make them water repellent, mold and mildew resistant and UV resistant. If this is the case, your bell tent should perform well in rain or shine, which can help extend the lifespan of the bell tent. 
  • Canvas bell tents are usually equipped with a stove jack, which means they have stove compatibility. This is especially useful in winters when you want a way to keep your glamping tent warm and maintain a liveable temperature inside. Often, you’ll have the option to go with a fire retardant fabric for the tent, which provides that bit of extra security and comfort if you plan on using a stove inside the glamping tent. 
  • With the proper care and maintenance, the best glamping tents will last for years. A canvas bell tent, for example, can easily be used repeatedly for the better part of a decade (and more!). 
  • If you’re looking to buy a glamping tent, bell tents have a range of sizes available, so it really is possible to find the one that’s just right for the kind of trip you have in mind.

Upgrade your bell tent glamping experience

If you’re pitching up your own bell tent or staying in one at a glamping resort, you can always upgrade your experience by decorating and enhancing the living space according to your own personal taste and preference. After all, glamping is nothing but glamorous camping, and you’re totally allowed to experiment with different textures and colors to brighten up your space!Try and utilize the space smartly and don’t clutter your tent with your suitcases or backpacks. You can also ake a designated space beneath your bed or chairs, which will make your tent look spacious.If you don’t own a colored tent, you can use colorful buntings, tea lights, candles and fairy lights to personalize and create a more homey, intimate feel. Adding some comfy throws on your bedding and cushions on your furniture will also make the space look bright and inviting.

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