Backpacking Guide For Digital Nomads

Being away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the perfect way to unwind especially if you need that ‘new perspective’ for your dream business. But, like most people you believe that camping is not for you because you have a business to run.

Well, but that’s not how we roll.

You are a digital nomad, and we know that you are tech savvy enough to pursue your passion for traveling without disrupting your venture. You love to work while on the go without missing your daily dose of adventure. Although it sounds like a lot of fun and thrilling experience, we understand that living a life of a digital nomad is not that easy.

While there could be a lot of challenges to face, packing for every trip and stay has to be the most tedious among the other tasks. Packing, in general, is not easy on its own, but the job evidently requires some skills. Here’s what we recommend taking along.

Travel Light!

There are tips and tricks to follow that can make the whole business of packing a lot easier and your traveling experience more enjoyable. We are here to elaborate the basics of backpacking in detail under different headings, but the first rule that you must follow is ‘stick to light packing.’

Whether it is a packing job for a vacation or your ultimate nomad backpacking list to stay in an outdoor tent, minimalism will save your day. Light packing will not only lighten the burden you will be carrying on our shoulders, but it will also save you money and time.

Here is an ultimate list of the items you will need in your digital nomad backpack:

1. The Backpack

First thing first, you need to get a sturdy backpack to hold your belongings and keep them safe. Look for the size that suits you with an adequate number of pockets. Since you will be carrying a laptop, a backpack with a laptop compartment will work the best.

You can also go for rolling duffel bags as they offer enough space for everything you need to carry. Just because backpacks are spacious, doesn’t mean you fill them with useless stuff.

A safety lock

To keep your belongings secure, you will have to invest in a good lock. A combination lock, for example, will keep your valuables safe in case you choose to roam around the camping site. You will obviously need one if you plan to reach your destination via bus or plane.

Compression sacks for clothes

It is always great to invest in a backpack with compression sacks. They will save a lot of space and keep your clothes from crumbling.

2. The Gadgets

Now that you have chosen the ideal backpack, it is time to decide which gadgets will be accompanying you on your traveling spree. Here is a list:

Your Laptop

You are not exactly going on a vacation where you could have skipped the laptop. You will be working, and no work can be done without a computer system. Also, technology has progressed enough that you can live and work from anywhere with a fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection.


If you work only involves typing or checking your email, then perhaps, a mouse will be not of much use to you. However, if your job requires you to edit videos/photos and other similar tasks, then we recommend you pack a mouse too.

A Hard Drive

If there is one item you must pack as a digital nomad, it is a portable hard drive. There will always be a lot of data not only for work purposes but from the road as well. Don’t forget you are a traveler too and all those precious videos and photos need space! External hard drive with up to 1 TB of space is a safe bet.

A Travel Adapter

You will be traveling the world. Therefore a travel adapter or universal adapter is an essential accessory to carry.

Your Cellphone

Your cell phone works as your second computer and as such is a vital working as well as traveling tool. From finding locations to checking your urgent emails, and messages, you need an excellent handset for that so don’t forget it!


Think about all the important Skype calls related to work.


You are traveling, and there is no point of it if you don’t have a high-quality camera to help you capture all those precious adventures. Before we move on, don’t forget to travel with a set of extra batteries.

3. The Traveling Garb

When it comes to packing clothes, we suggest you should always run a check on the weather your next location beforehand. However, as a rule, you should always stock on comfortable undergarments and a pair of reliable traveling footwear. Also, there is no need to pack all of your favorite clothing. Remember our aim is to traveling light. Just stick to the necessities and plan your garb according to your destination and the amount of time you will be spending there.

4. The Toiletries

Here is a list of toiletries you should pack:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Face wash
  • Aspirin
  • Hair Brush

5. The Essentials

Following are some of the essential items:

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit cards
  • IDs
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Water Bottle: Carrying your own water bottle can help you stay hydrated without going through too many disposable plastic bottles.

Remember, a lot of what you bring will be related to your lifestyle and your line of work. And once you get into the groove, you won’t need the list anymore.

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