Are you ready to go out and hunt? Read this before you hit the road!

You’ve waited a long long time, but finally, hunting season is upon us. You have your tent, you have your weapons and its time to hit the road. Your time to unplug and get away from it all is finally here. But did you remember to pack? Also read more about outdoor tents for sale on our website

Baby Wipes: Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes. And so do you. Carry wipes with you. It’s also the easiest way to clean blood and mud.

Fly Sheet, Snow Poles and Porch: Your Fly Sheet will help protect you from heavy snow and rain. Even extreme weather can’t stop you now. Add Snow Poles and give yourself extra strength in case of heavy snow pour. The porch on the other hand, gives you some additional room to set up a chair or two, enjoy a beverage or your score of the day. You have your tent, but is it protect? If no protect it NOW!

Water: Sounds basic don’t it. But if I had a cent for every time a hunter mentioned that they ran out of the water, I’d be able to fund my next hunt. While cold beer and nightly whiskey is a necessity during a hunting trip, you must ensure you have an adequate amount of water.

Snacks: Even the best have an off day. Don’t go to bed hungry because your off form.

Blankets: Make sure your warm at night, carry a good blanket with you, find our personal favorite right here. Pair this with sleeping mats and your in for a great night’s rest after a great days hunt.

Clothes: Hunting is a messy business, make sure that you don’t smell like foul prey by having an adequate amount of clothes with you.

Licenses: You don’t want to get in trouble with a delicious meal right around the corner. Get your papers in order.

Headlamps: Make the most of your time by having sight 24/7. Oh, the poor hunter who loses precious hunting hours due to lack of vision.

First Aid Kit and Rain Gear: Things can go wrong. Even the best hunters can have an accident, so make sure you are prepared. You can’t predict the weather either, to make sure to have gear packed.

You can fit all these essentials easily in a White Duck Outdoor tent organizer.