8 Applications of Wall Tents: What Can They Be Used For?

You’ve heard of wall tents and have a rough image in mind when you think about them. But what are they good for? For several purposes, actually.
At White Duck Outdoors we have designed our wall tents as multipurpose structures built to suit the needs of a diverse audience. An innovative thinker can come up with several creative uses for them. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Glamping

Comfort is key. It’s one thing to enjoy the outdoors but you don’t want to fall prey to mosquitoes (or any other creepy crawly for that matter). That’s why we have a bug mesh fitted into all our wall tents. It’s also nice to not have to worry about your tent falling prey to heavy rain or strong winds, both of which we have reinforced our tents for. Wall tents, by virtue of their design, are larger and more spacious than other kinds of tents. For that reason, they afford you the luxury of being able to stand up to your full height with ease and change your clothes without contorting into odd shapes. Check out the best wall tents on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com. It’s all fun and games playing twister but wrestling with your PJs after a hard day’s hiking is the last thing that you need when all you want to do is sleep.

2. Glamping Site Reception

Receptions are typically areas where people spend time waiting while negotiating luggage, financial transactions and fellow campers simultaneously. Constructing a brick-and-mortar construction for the express purpose is often not possible, especially if the site in question is in the middle of nature. Enter the wall tent. What better way for a first impression to a glamping site than the first-hand experience of a first-rate tent as you roll into the campsite?

3. Hunting

Hunting in the Great Outdoors is an adrenaline packed experience but equally important is a hearth to return to. Not only does it provide much-needed respite, a place to put your feet up and revitalize your energy, it is also necessary to adequately handle the game you spent your sweat and blood on to capture. By virtue of their dimensions, our Alpha Tent gives you the room and peace of mind to sort, clean and preserve your hard work with a roof over your head. A heat resistant stove jack allows you the opportunity to use a stove to cook a well-earned feast and the breathable cotton canvas and presence of four windows make the tents well ventilated. Hunting trips can often mean spending an extended period of time in the wall tent and when they’re made from army duck canvas, they’re more resistant to inclement weather than regular cotton canvas. This kind of durability can go a long way in making trips more comfortable, and ensuring you get the most out of your tent.

4. Military

Wall tents are commonly used by the military as barracks for their troops as they can be efficiently set up and taken down as per the contingent’s needs. Due to their spaciousness, durability and comfort, wall tents can act as temporary sleeping quarters, field headquarters or a dining area.

5. Fair or Convention Booth

If you have the entrepreneurship bug, then you might be active in organizing or attending fairs and conventions. This would mean that exhibition space for participants is of vital importance to you. Our Alpha Wall tents are built to provide you with the space you need to exhibit your wares. They can accommodate stoves if your skill happens to be cooking and are easy to pitch and take down making them perfect for short term events. They can also weather the elements, so you don’t have to worry about running for cover if the sun is too hot or if you get an unexpected bout of rain, snow or hail. That’s a major stress that we can help remove from your shoulders!

6. Hobby Area

With COVID-19 stealing months out of 2020 from us, we’re all a little tired of being cooped up at home. Being forced to remain confined to the same space has resulted in a slew of emotions, ranging from boredom to feeling unbearably stifled. It’s no surprise that everyone could do with a change of scenery. Wall tents could help with this by becoming a safe and sanitary getaway for you to explore a new hobby. Not only is it versatile enough to suit your needs (greenhouse, art studio, meditation corner, gym), you can also get the much-needed change of location that the pandemic has robbed from us.
woodwork craft jar canvas wall tent usa

7. Storage Area In Your Backyard

Is your house bursting at the seams? No space to store the garden tools or other odds and ends? Converting your canvas tent into a storage space in the backyard could be the solution you’re looking for. They are perfectly suited to providing protection for long duration of time and they allow you to organise your space so that you don’t have to live in a cluttered environment. It’s much cheaper than constructing additional storage space and you could always use it for your camping trip.

8. Playhouse for the Kids

Kids are brimming with imagination and a playhouse is the perfect vessel from which to launch epic adventures. Who doesn’t think a tree house is cool? Don’t fear if you don’t have the time to build one for them (or have the right kind of tree). A wall tent is an easy to set up clubhouse waiting to foster your kids’ dreams. Whether they’re on a safari in Kenya or spies on a mission to save the world, a canvas wall tent could be the key to getting them outdoors while remaining protected from unpredictable weather. It also helps that you can stop worrying about stepping on a stray piece of Lego or slipping on their toys around the house. If there is one thing that we’ve learnt in 2020, it’s that human beings are a resourceful and adaptable species. Wall tents are a beautifully versatile resource that can be used in multiple ways. Tell us about how you would use one! We’d love to hear from you.

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